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061.389, Spring 2017

Mason, Laura, Spring 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. Agnès Varda: interviews Book, Print in English
edited by T. Jefferson Kline. 2014.

Varda, Agnès, 1928-

Over nearly sixty years, Agnès Varda (b. 1928) has given interviews that are revealing not only of her work, but of her remarkably ambiguous status. She has been called the "Mother of the New Wave" but suffered for many years for never having been completely accepted by the…
2. And still I rise Video/Film, DVD in English
a Non Aligned production for BBC Television ; produced by Kanayo S. Onwurah and Sarah… 1993.

Prominent black women comment on the history and experiences of the African slave woman in white European society. Focuses on the sexuality of black women as perceived by Western society, from the domesticity and servility of the slave era to the visual exploitation of…
3. Beau travail Video/Film, DVD in French
une coproduction La Sept Arte, Tanaïs Com, SM Films ; produit par Jérôme Minet et… 1999.

Story of a sergeant in the French Foreign Legion in Djibouti whose ordered life is turned upside down with the arrival of a new recruit who finds favor with the unit's commander. Loosely based on Herman Melville's Billy Budd.
4. La belle saison Video/Film, DVD in French
CHAZ Productions présente en coproduction avec France 3 Cinéma et Artémis Productions… 2015.

Carole and Delphine fall in love against the backdrop of early feminist activism in 1971 France. After living in the city, Delphine is called home to help with her family farm in the countryside and is forced to choose between her responsibility to them and the life of love she…
5. Black looks: race and representation Book, Print in English
Bell Hooks. 1992.

hooks, bell. 1952-

6. The body beautiful Video/Film, DVD in English
the British Film Institute presents a film by Ngozi Onwurah ; produced through… 1991.

Dramatizes a daughter's feelings toward her mother, and how a mastectomy has affected their relationship. Discusses women's body image, especially as it is affected by a mastectomy. Includes views of scarred and healthy breasts.
7. Coffee coloured children Video/Film, DVD in English
written, edited and directed by Ngozi A. Onwurah ; produced by N.A. Onwurah and S.K.… 1988.

A look at the physical and psychological stress produced by racial prejudice on the children of interracial marriage -- in this case the three children of a white mother and an absent black father living in England.
8. Cultural studies Book, Print in English Lawrence Grossberg, Cary Nelson, and Paula A. Treichler, with Linda Baughman… 1992.

10. Feminist theory: a reader Book, Print in English
[compiled by] Wendy K. Kolmar, Frances Bartkowski. 1999.

11. Feminist theory: from margin to center Book, Print in English
Bell Hooks. 2000.

hooks, bell. 1952-

Black women: shaping feminist theory -- Feminism: a movement to end sexist oppression -- The significance of feminist movement -- Sisterhood: political solidarity among women -- Men: comrades in struggle -- Changing perspectives on power -- Rethinking the nature of work…
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essays edited by Phil Powrie. 1999.

1. Heritage, History, and 'New Realism': French Cinema in the 1990s / Phil Powrie -- 2. Heritage Film and Cultural Politics: Germinal (Berri, 1993) / Russell Cousins -- 3. Identity and Alterity in Indochine (Wargnier, 1992) / Brigitte Rollet…
13. French twist Video/Film, DVD in French
Renn Productions, TFI Films Production, Les Films Flam ; Claude Berri presents a Miramax… 1994.

Suburban housewife Loli is furious when she discovers her husband has been cheating on her for years. When the van of a tough-talking, tender-hearted lesbian named Marijo breaks down in front of Loli's house, things take an unusual turn.
14. Hannah Arendt Video/Film, DVD in English, French, German
Heimatfilm ; directed by Margarethe von Trotta ; screenplay by Pam Katz, Margarethe von… 2012.

A biopic of Hannah Arendt, the influential German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist. Arendt's reporting on the 1961 trial of ex-Nazi Adolf Eichmann in The New Yorker, controversial both for her portrayal of Eichmann and the Jewish councils, introduced her now-famous…
Peter Bondanella. 2001.

Bondanella, Peter E., 1943-

16. Jane Campion: interviews Book, Print in English
edited by Virginia Wright Wexman. 1999.

Campion, Jane, 1954-

Jane Campion has gained worldwide admiration and respect for outstanding films that are sharply focused on unusual women.
17. Krylʹi͡a: Wings Video/Film, DVD in Russian
Janus Films ; Mosfilm ; "Comrade" Creative Association ; producer, V. Maslov ;… 2008.

Suffocated by modern-day living, a buttoned-down headmistress reminisces about her glory days as a World War II pilot.
18. Pasqualino settebellezze: Seven beauties Video/Film, DVD in Italian, English
producers, Lina Wertmuller, Giancarlo Giannini, Arrigo Colombo ; screenplay, Lina… 1975.

The story of a small-time crook and lady-killer who shoots his sister's pimp to save the family honor. He is caught, tried, sent to an insane asylum, volunteers for the Italian army during World War II and ends up in a Nazi concentration camp.
19. The piano Video/Film, DVD in English
LIVE Entertainment ; Miramax Films ; CIBY 2000 presents a Jan Chapman production ;… 2012.

"The Piano weaves the passionate tale of Ada, a young mute woman desired by two men. Sold into marriage to a husband who doesn't understand her, Ada finds herself drawn to her darkly intense neighbor, stirring up vengeful jealousies and violent emotions. But in the end, only one…
20. Rue Cases-Nègres: Sugar cane alley Video/Film, DVD in French
a New Yorker Films release ; NEF Diffusion ; NEF présente ; une production SU. MA. FA.… 1983.

The teenage life and adventures of young José, who lives in a shanty-town on Martinique in the mid-1930s, comprises the body of this film. José lives with his grandmother and is well aware of the French colonial presence. He gets into mischief, learns valuable lessons on living…
edited by Barbara Evans Clements, Barbara Alpern Engel, Christine D. Worobec. 1991.

Introduction : accommodation, resistance, transformation / Barbara Evans Clements -- Accommodation and resistance / Christine D. Worobec -- Women in the medieval Russian family of the tenth through fifteenth centuries / N.L. Pushkareva…
22. Sally Potter Book, Print in English
Catherine Fowler. 2009.

Fowler, Catherine, 1969-

London in the 1970s: performance on- and offscreen -- Power plays: Potter's search for a "frame of her own" -- Absent women and tales taken apart: Thriller and the Gold diggers -- Towards pleasure, developing style: Orlando and The tango lesson…
23. Sans toit ni loi: Vagabond Video/Film, DVD in French
Ciné-Tamaris ; un film de Agnès Varda. 1985.

Mona, an aimless drifter in the French countryside, deeply touches the lives of the people she meets and confronts them with her own ideas of freedom.
[interviewed by] Beti Ellerson. 2000.

"The scope of the interview-format book covers a continuum of experiences from the pioneer women to women film students who are making their debut in the film arena. The interviews probe broader political concerns of democracy and free elections, and international issues of civil…
25. The tango lesson Video/Film, DVD in English
Adventure Pictures presents ; produced by Christopher Sheppard ; written and directed by… 1997.

"The story of a filmmaker, Sally, who becomes dissatisfied with her latest screenplay (vividly illustrated in luscious color) and stumbles upon an Argentinean tango dancer. She places herself under Pablo's tutelage and together they explore their spiritual and artistic…
26. The tango lesson Book, Print in English
Sally Potter. 1997.

Potter, Sally, 1949-

27. Tomboy Video/Film, DVD in French
Rocket Releasing ; Hold Up Films présente ; en co-production avec ARTE France Cinéma ;… 2011.

"Laure is 10 years old and a tomboy. On arrival in a new neighborhood, she lets Lisa and her crowd believe that she is a boy. Summer becomes a big playground and Laure pretends to be "Mikael", a boy like the others, different enough to get the attention of Lisa, who falls in love…
28. Tomboy Video/Film, Online in French
Kathleen Rowe. 1995.

Karlyn, Kathleen Rowe, 1947-

Introduction: Feminist Film Theory and the Question of Laughter -- Pt. 1. The Unruly Woman. 1. Pig Ladies, Big Ladies, and Ladies with Big Mouths: Feminism and the Carnivalesque. 2. Roseanne: The Unruly Woman as Domestic Goddess…
30. Ways of seeing Book, Print in English
a book made by John Berger [and others] 1973.

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31. Ways of seeing Book, Print in English
a book made by John Berger ... [et al.]. 1972.

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32. White material Video/Film, DVD in French
IFC Films ; Why Not Productions présente ; un coproduction Why Not Productions, Wild… 2011.

Maria is an entitled white woman living in Africa, desperately unwilling to give up her family's crumbling coffee plantation despite the civil war closing in on her. A gripping evocation of the death throes of European colonialism and a fascinating look at a woman lost in her own…
33. Women and the cinema: a critical anthology Book, Print in English
edited by Karyn Kay and Gerald Peary. 1977.

I. Feminist perspectives -- A short manual for an aspiring scenario writer / Colette -- Dorothy Arzner's Dance girl dance / Karyn Kay and Gerald Peary -- The divided woman : Bree Daniels in Klute / Diane Giddis -- Belle de jour / Kathleen Murphy…
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