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010.311, Spring 2017

Tucci, Pier Luigi, Spring 2017
MSEL Reserves
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edited by Jon Coulston and Hazel Dodge. 2000.

Perface : a bird's-eye view / Peter Wiseman -- Introduction : the archaeology and topography of Rome / Jon Coulston and Hazel Dodge -- Early and archaic Rome / Christopher Smith -- The city of Rome in the Middle Republic (400-100 BC) / Tim Cornell…
4. Classical art: from Greece to Rome Book, Print in English
Mary Beard and John Henderson. 2001.

Beard, Mary, 1955-

by Maria Fabricius Hansen. 2003.

Hansen, Maria Fabricius.

The reuse of buildings and building materials from Roman antiquities into Christian Rome architecture, illustrated in cornices, pavement mosaics, columns and buildings.
Jaś Elsner. 1998.

Elsner, Jaś.

Ch. 1. Introduction -- Pt. I. Images and Power -- Ch. 2. Visual Culture -- Ch. 3. Art and Imperial Power -- Pt. II. Images and Society -- Ch. 4. Art and Social Life -- Ch. 5. Centre and Periphery -- Ch. 6. Art and Death -- Pt. III. Images and Transformation…
10. Late Roman art industry Book, Print in Italian, English
Alois Riegl ; translated from the original Viennese edition with foreword and… 1985.

Riegl, Alois, 1858-1905.

John R. Curran. 1999.

Curran, John R.

"The critical century between the arrival of Constantine and the advance of Alaric witnessed dramatic changes in the city of Rome. In this book Dr. Curran focuses on a number of new approaches to the Christianization of Rome. He surveys the political considerations which governed…
15. Religions of Rome Book, Print in English
Mary Beard, John North, Simon Price. 1998.

Beard, Mary, 1955-

v. 1. A history -- v. 2. A sourcebook.
edited by Richard Brilliant and Dale Kinney. 2011.

1. On the Reuse of Antiquity: The Perspectives of the Archaeologist and of the Historian / Arnold Esch -- 2. Reading Spolia in Late Antiquity and Contemporary Perception / Paolo Liverani…
This book offers a range of views on spolia and appropriation in art and architecture from fourth-century Rome to the late twentieth century. Using case studies from different historical moments and cultures, contributors test the limits of spolia as a critical category and seek…
Manfred Clauss ; translated by Richard Gordon. 2000.

Clauss, Manfred, 1945-

19. Roman sculpture Book, Print in English
Diana E.E. Kleiner. 1992.

Kleiner, Diana E. E.

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21. Rome: profile of a city, 312-1308 Book, Print in English
by Richard Krautheimer. 1980.

Krautheimer, Richard, 1897-1994.

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22. Rome and environs: an archaeological guide Book, Print in English
Filippo Coarelli ; translated by James J. Clauss and Daniel P. Harmon ; illustrations… 2007.

Coarelli, Filippo.

City Walls -- Capitoline -- Roman Forum -- Imperial Fora -- Palatine -- Valley of the Colosseum -- Esquiline -- Caelian -- Quirinal, Viminal, and the Via Lata -- Campus Martius -- Forum Holitorium, Forum Boarium, Circus Maximus, and the Baths of Caracalla…
23. Rome, the late Empire: Roman art, A.D. 200-400 Book, Print in English, French
Translated by Peter Green. 1971.

Bianchi Bandinelli, Ranuccio, 1900-1975.

James Cuno. 2008.

Cuno, James B.

"Whether antiquities should be returned to the countries where they were found is one of the most urgent and controversial issues in the art world today, and it has pitted museums, private collectors, and dealers against source countries, archaeologists, and academics.…
27. The world of late antiquity, AD 150-750 Book, Print in English
[by] Peter Brown. 1971.

Brown, Peter. 1935-