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100.422, Spring 2017

Rowe, William, Spring 2017
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1. Chinese local elites and patterns of dominance Book, Online, Print, Conference in English
edited by Joseph W. Esherick and Mary Backus Rankin. 1990.

Introduction / Joseph W. Esherick and Mary Backus Rankin -- Family continuity and cultural hegemony : the gentry of Ningbo, 1368-1911 / Timothy Brook -- Success stories : lineage and elite status in Hanyang County, Hubei, c. 1368-1949 / William T. Rowe…
James Z. Lee and Wang Feng. 1999.

Lee, James Z., 1952-

"This book presents new evidence about historical and contemporary Chinese population behavior that overturns much of the received wisdom about the differences between China and the West first voiced by Malthus. Malthus described a China in which early and universal marriage…
Kai-wing Chow. 1994.

Chow, Kai-wing, 1951-

Reign Periods of the Ming and Ching Dynasties -- 1. The Crisis of the Confucian Order and Didactic Responses -- 2. Ritualist Ethics and Textual Purism in the Kang-hsi Reign -- 3. Lineage Discourse: Gentry, Local Society, and the State…