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010.234, Spring 2017

Bevis, Elizabeth, Spring 2017
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Hendrik W. Dey, Hunter College, City University of New York. 2014.

Dey, Hendrik W., 1976-

"This book offers a new and surprising perspective on the evolution of cities across the Roman Empire in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages (third to ninth centuries AD). It suggests that the tenacious persistence of leading cities across most of the Roman world is due, far…
2. The archaeology of household activities Book, Print in English
edited by Penelope M. Allison. 1999.

Formation processes of house floor assemblages -- Household archaeology and cultural formation processes: examples from the Cerén site, El Salvador -- Digging houses: archaeologies of Classical and Hellenistic Greek domestic assemblages…
4. A companion to late Antiquity Book, Online in English
edited by Philip Rousseau ; with the assistance of Jutta Raithel. 2009.

'A Companion to Late Antiquity' reflects the dynamism and eclecticism of scholarship on late antiquity, providing readers with an accessible and authoritative overview of this exciting period.
5. A companion to late Antiquity Book, Print in English
edited by Philip Rousseau ; with the assistance of Jutta Raithel. 2009.

1. Approaching Late Antiquity / Wendy Mayer -- Pt. I. View from the Future -- 2. Byzantine Late Antiquity / Stratis Papaioannon -- 3. Late Antiquity in the Medieval West / Conrad Leyser…
Jaś Elsner. 1998.

Elsner, Jaś.

Ch. 1. Introduction -- Pt. I. Images and Power -- Ch. 2. Visual Culture -- Ch. 3. Art and Imperial Power -- Pt. II. Images and Society -- Ch. 4. Art and Social Life -- Ch. 5. Centre and Periphery -- Ch. 6. Art and Death -- Pt. III. Images and Transformation…
edited by Eva R. Hoffman. 2007.

The changing nature of Roman art and the art-historical problem of style / Jás Elsner -- Good and bad images from the synagogue of Dura Europos : contexts, subtexts, intertexts / Annabel Jane Wharton -- Exotic taste : the lure of Sasanian Persia / Anna Gonosová…
8. Late Antiquity: a very short introduction Book, Print in English
Gillian Clark. 2011.

Clark, Gillian (E. Gillian)

Late antiquity saw the barbarian invasions overrun the western Roman empire and Persian and Arab armies end Roman rule over the eastern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean. Was late antiquity therefore merely a time of decline? In this introduction, Gillian Clark sheds light…
edited by Frances McIntosh and Rob Collins. 2014.

1. Introduction: A wall for all / Frances McIntosh -- 2. nature and function of Roman frontiers revisited / W. S. Hanson -- 3. Roman army and the Roman smith: Some evidence from Britain / W. H. Manning -- 4. accommodation of soldiers' wives in Roman fort barracks…
edited by Clemente Marconi. 2015.

note: pt. I PICTURES FROM THE INSIDE -- 1. Greek and Roman Theories of Art / Deborah Steiner -- 2. Greek and Roman Architectural Theory / Mark Wilson Jones -- 3. Greek and Roman Specialized Writing on Art and Architecture / Francesco de Angelis…
11. The Roman Empire: a very short introduction Book, Print in English
Christopher Kelly. 2006.

Kelly, Christopher, 1964-

"The Roman empire at its peak was a remarkable achievement, a vast super-state encircling the Mediterranean, unifying and dominating the lands as far apart as Britain, North Africa, and the Middle East." "This Very Short Introduction explores that achievement. Revealing the…
edited by Lisa R. Brody and Gail L. Hoffman. 2014.

Hoffman, Gail L., 1959-,

Excavations and Identities: Art from the Roman Provinces at the Yale University Art Gallery / Lisa R. Brody -- Being Roman in the Provinces: Experiences of Empire and Investigations of Identities / Gail L. Hoffman…
13. Roman portraits in context Book, Print in English
Jane Fejfer. 2008.

Fejfer, Jane.

"No other monumental art form was so widely disseminated throughout the Roman Empire as the portrait statue, and its impact on city life was crucial. By combining a wide socio-historical perspective with a close reading of individual images, their setting, and their inscribed…
Here, David Gwynn reflects on the remarkable legacy of the Roman Republic. The rise and fall of the Republic holds a special place in the history of Western civilization; it has been presented as a model, a source of inspiration, but also a warning.
edited by Elizabeth Fentress ; with contributions by S. Alcock ... [et al.]. 2000.

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16. The Romans: an introduction Book, Print in English
Kevin M. McGeough. 2009.

McGeough, Kevin M.

"The Romans provides an accessible introduction to the history, society, and scholarship of one of the most captivating and enduring civilizations in human history. From the establishment of the monarchy and the Republican era to the decline of the Empire, this comprehensive…
17. Rome beyond its frontiers: imports, attitudes and practices Book, Print, Conference in English
edited by Peter S. Wells ; with contributions by T. Grane, F. Hunter, C.G. Schmidt, J.… 2013.

note: 1. Introduction. Rome beyond its frontiers: imports, attitudes, and practices / Peter S. Wells -- 2. lives of Roman objects beyond the frontier / Fraser Hunter -- 3. Roman imports in Scandinavia: their purpose and meaning? / Thomas Grane…
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