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130.341, Spring 2017

Katz, Dovid, Spring 2017
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Ken Koltun-Fromm. 2006.

Koltun-Fromm, Ken.

"Abraham Geiger's Liberal Judaism explores how religious authority and personal meaning interweave to produce a liberal mosaic of Jewish practice in Geiger's religious works. Discussing Geiger's views of history, memory, text, education, ritual, gender, and the rabbinate in…
Steven M. Lowenstein. 1994.

Lowenstein, Steven M., 1945-

Pt. I. Berlin Before Modernity. 1. The Crisis of Berlin Jewry: Introduction to the Problem. 2. A Traditional Jewish Community: Berlin Jewry Before the Changes…
I. Exodus from the West -- II. Turning-Point (1570-1600) -- III. Consolidation (1600-1620) -- IV. Jewish Culture (1550-1650) -- V. Thirty Years War -- VI. High Point (I): The 'Court Jews' (1650-1713) -- VII. High Point (II): Jewish Society (1650-1713)…
by Matthias Morgenstern. 2002.

Morgenstern, Matthias, 1959-

"During the German 'Kulturkampf' in the 1870s, the Frankfurt rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch enjoined all Jews of his community to exercise a right given by Prussian law: to withdraw from the united community which was dominated by Reform forces in order to belong only to a separate…
7. The Gaon of Vilna: the man and his image Book, Print in English
Immanuel Etkes ; translated by Jeffrey M. Green. 2002.

Etkes, I.

Ha-gaon he-hasid: in his own time and for succeeding generations -- The Vilna Gaon and Haskalah -- The Vilna Gaon and the beginning of the struggle against Hasidism -- The Vilna Gaon and the mitnagdim as seen by the Hasidim -- Rabbi Ḥayyim of Volozhin's response to Hasidism…
8. German-Jewish history in modern times Book, Print in English
edited by Michael A. Meyer ; Michael Brenner, assistant editor. 1996.

v. 1. Tradition and enlightenment, 1600-1780 / Mordechai Breuer, Michael Graetz ; translated by William Templer -- v. 2. Emancipation and acculturation, 1780-1871 / Michael Brenner, Stefi Jersch-Wenzel, Michael A. Meyer…
Foreword by Rabbi Jacob K. Shankman. 1965.

Plaut, W. Gunther, 1912-

Jacob Katz ; translated by Ziporah Brody. 1998.

Katz, Jacob, 1904-1998.

"Eminent social historian Jacob Katz examines the rise and transformation of Jewish communal leadership in Central Europe. His book is a story of fragmentation and polarization that sheds light on the tensions within the nineteenth-century Jewish community in Central Europe as it…
compiled and edited by Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jehuda Reinharz. 2011.

I. HARBINGERS OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CHANGE -- 1. How Profitable the Nation of the Jews Are (1655) / Menasseh Ben Israel -- 2. Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland (1714) / John Toland…
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13. The Jews of Poland between two world wars Book, Print, Conference in English
edited by Yisrael Gutman ... [et al.]. 1989.

Shaul Stampfer ; translated by Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz. 2012.

Stampfer, Shaul.

Origins and early years of the Volozhin Yeshiva -- The Volozhin Yeshiva in the second generation -- Study at Volozhin in the time of R. Naftali Berlin -- The organization and operation of the yeshiva -- The student body -- Life at the Volozhin Yeshiva…
15. The making of Western Jewry, 1600-1819 Book, Print in English
Lionel Kochan. 2004.

Kochan, Lionel.

"In the late sixteenth century, after the expulsions of the Middle Ages, the Jews of western and central Europe came to enjoy a period of relative stability. This book describes how they set about restoring old communities and creating new centres in the Habsburg Empire, France,…
Mordechai Breuer ; translated by Elizabeth Petuchowski. 1992.

Breuer, Mordechai, 1918-

1. The Setting of Orthodoxy -- 2. Jewish Orthodoxy and German Culture -- 3. Education and Training -- 4. Literature, Art, and Science -- 5. Economy and Society -- 6. In the German Empire -- 7. New Orientation.
17. The mystical origins of Hasidism Book, Print in English
Rachel Elior ; [original translation, Shalom Carmy]. 2006.

Elior, Rachel.

1. origins of Hasidism -- 2. Hasidic library -- 3. Mystical societies and the spread of Hasidism : internalizing and reviving the Kabbalistic myth -- 4. Hasidic concept of language : the window in the word…
Ehud Luz ; translated from the Hebrew by Lenn J. Schramm. 1988.

Luz, Ehud.

Jacques Gutwirth ; translated by Sophie Leighton. 2005.

Gutwirth, Jacques.

"Jacques Gutwirth gives a vivid portrait of the major Hasidic centres - from Antwerp to New York and from Jerusalem and Bene Beraq to Paris. He describes the main characteristics of Hasidism today, as well as its spiritual and intellectual impact, recent history and global…
by Efraim Zuroff. 2000.

Zuroff, Efraim.

"When hundreds of Polish rabbis and yeshiva students were forced to flee to Lithuania in the wake of the outbreak of World War II and the Soviet invasion of Poland, Orthodox rabbis in the United States responded by establishing a special rescue committee on their behalf called…
26. The rise of Reform Judaism Book, Print in English
W. Gunther Plaut ; preface by Solomon B. Freehof. 1963.

Plaut, W. Gunther, 1912-

[v. 1]. A sourcebook of its European origins -- v. 2. American and European sources until 1948.
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Jacob Katz ; translated and with an afterword and bibliography by Bernard Dov Cooperman. 1993.

Katz, Jacob, 1904-1998.

edited by Jack Wertheimer. 1992.

Pt. I. The Confrontation of Traditionalists With Modernity. 1. German Jewish Orthodoxy: Tradition in the Context of Culture / David Ellenson. 2. The Emergence of Ultra-Orthodoxy: The Invention of a Tradition / Michael K. Silber. 3. Preserving Tradition in the Land of Revolution…
William B. Helmreich. 1982.

Helmreich, William B.

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