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180.219, Spring 2017

Johnson, Nicholas, Spring 2017
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2. Capital: a critique of political economy Book, Print in English, German
Karl Marx ; introduced by Ernest Mandel ; translated by Ben Fowkes. 1981.

Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.

edited by Arthur Eli Monroe. 1924.

Aristotle : Politics: Ethics -- Xenophon : On the means of improving the revenues of the state of Athens -- St. Thomas Aquinas : Summa Theologica -- Nicole Oresme : Traictie de la premiere invention des Monnoies…
edited by Arthur Eli Monroe ... 1948.

Monroe, Arthur Eli, 1885,

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    HB31 .M75 1948 c. 1
5. The fable of the bees: and other writings Book, Print in English
Bernard Mandeville ; abridged and edited with an introduction and notes, by E.J. Hundert. 1997.

Mandeville, Bernard, 1670-1733.

"Although never censored, Bernard Mandeville's anonymously published The Fable of the Bees; or Private Vices, Public Benefits came to be regarded soon after its publication in 1723 as the Enlightenment's epitome of immorality. As a naturalistic account of the mechanisms that…
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    BJ1520.M4 1997 c. 1
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Nancy Folbre. 2009.

Folbre, Nancy.

The history of Western economic ideas shows that men have given themselves more cultural permission than women for the pursuit of both economic and sexual self-interest. This book brings women's work, their sexuality, and their ideas, into the center of the dialectic between…
edited by K. William Kapp and Lore L. Kapp. 1963.

Kapp, K. William (Karl William), 1910-1976,

by Adam Smith ; edited by Edwin Cannan ; with a new preface by George J. Stigler. 1904.

Smith, Adam, 1723-1790.

11. Karl Marx: greatness and illusion Book, Print in English
Gareth Stedman Jones. 2016.

Stedman Jones, Gareth,

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    HX39.5 .S78 2016 c. 1
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Odd Langholm. 1998.

Langholm, Odd Inge, 1928-

"This book studies the development of ideas on freedom, coercion, and power in the history of economic thought. It focuses on the exchange of goods and services and on terms of exchange (interest rates, prices and wages) and examines the nature of choice - that is, the state of…
13. Marx: a very short introduction Book, Print in English
Peter Singer. 2000.

Singer, Peter, 1946-

William Clare Roberts. 2017.

Roberts, William Clare, 1974-

Rereading Capital -- Taenarus: the road to Hell -- Styx: the anarchy of the market -- Dis: capitalist exploitation as force contrary to nature -- Malebolge: the capitalist mode of production as fraud -- Cocytus: treachery and the necessity of expropriation…
15. Nicomachean ethics Book, Print in English
Aristotle ; translated, with introduction, notes, and glossary, by Terence Irwin. 1999.


Nicomachean Ethics -- Book I. [Happiness] -- 1.. [Ends and Goods] -- 2.. [The Highest Good and Political Science] -- 3.. [The Method of Political Science] -- 4.. [Common Beliefs] -- 5.. [The Three Lives] -- 6.. [The Platonic Form of the Good]…
16. Of money, and other economic essays Book, Print in English
David Hume. 1777.

Hume, David, 1711-1776,

17. Reading capital: the complete edition Book, Print in English
Louis Althusser, Etienne Balibar, Roger Establet, Jacques Ranciere and Pierre Macherey ;… 2015.

Althusser, Louis, 1918-1990.

"A classic work of Marxist analysis, available unabridged for the first time Originally published in 1965, Reading Capital is a landmark of French thought and radical theory, which sought to reconstruct Western Marxism from its foundations. Previously only available in English in…
18. Readings in economics Book, Print in English
Paul Cheney. 2010.

Cheney, Paul Burton.

Combining the intellectual history of the Enlightenment, Atlantic history, and the history of the French Revolution, Paul Cheney explores the political economy of globalization in 18th-century France.
Donald Winch. 1996.

Winch, Donald.

1. After Adam Smith: prologue -- Pt. I. Adam Smith's Science of the Legislator. 2. An excessive solicitude for posthumous reputation. 3. The secret concatenation. 4. The wisdom of Solon…
Michel Foucault ; edited by Michel Senellart ; general editors, François Ewald and… 2007.

Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.

"Marking a major development in Foucault's thinking, this book derives from the lecture course which he gave at the College de France between January and April, 1978. Taking as his starting point the notion of "bio-power," introduced both in his 1976 course Society Must be…
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    JC131.F68 2007 c. 1
22. Selected essays Book, Print in English
David Hume ; edited with an introduction by Stephen Copley and Andrew Edgar. 1993.

Hume, David, 1711-1776.

note: Of Essay Writing -- Of the Middle Station of Life -- Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passion -- That Politics may be Reduced to a Science -- Of the First Principles of Government -- Of the Origin of Government -- Of the Parties of Great Britain…
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    B1455.C65 1993 c. 1
23. The theory of moral sentiments Book, Print in English
Adam Smith ; introduction by Amartya Sen ; edited, with notes, by Ryan Patrick Hanley. 2009.

Smith, Adam, 1723-1790.

Of the propriety of action -- Of merit and demerit, or, Of the objects of reward and punishment -- Of the foundation of our judgments concerning our own sentiments and conduct, and of the sense of duty -- Of the effect of utility upon the sentiment of approbation…
Sophus A. Reinert. 2011.

Reinert, Sophus A.

1. Emulation and Translation -- 2. Cary's Essay on the State of England -- 3. Butel-Dumont's Essai sur l'Etat du Commerce d'Angleterre -- 4. Genovesi's Storia del commercio della Gran Brettagna -- 5. Wichmann's Okonomisch-politischer Commentarius.
edited by Istvan Hont and Michael Ignatieff. 1983.

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    HB103.A2 W41 1983 c. 1