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150.407, Spring 2017

Moyar, Dean, Spring 2017
MSEL Reserves
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1. Alienation Book, Print in English
Rahel Jaeggi ; translated by Frederick Neuhouser and Alan E. Smith ; edited by Frederick… 2014.

Jaeggi, Rahel.

pt. 1 RELATION OF RELATIONLESSNESS: RECONSTRUCTING A CONCEPT OF SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY -- 1. “r;A Stranger in the World That He Himself Has Made”r;: The Concept and Phenomenon of Alienation -- 2. Marx and Heidegger: Two Versions of Alienation Critique…
Since Socrates, and through Descartes to the present day, the problems of self-knowledge have been central to philosophy's understanding of itself. Today the idea of ''first-person authority''--the claim of a distinctive relation each person has toward his or her own mental…
Richard Moran. 2001.

Moran, Richard, 1953-

Hegel ; edited, with introduction, notes, and commentary, by Daniel E. Shannon ;… 2001.

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831