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150.130.11, Summer 1, 20017

Ogden, Stephen, Summer 1, 2017
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[edited by] Louis P. Pojman, James Fieser. 2008 .

What is philosophy? -- Theory of knowledge -- Philosophy of religion -- Philosophy of mind -- Freedom of the will, responsibility, and punishment -- Moral philosophy.
2. Plato Book , Print in English , Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
with an English translation by Harold North Fowler. 1975 .


I. Euthyphro. Apology. Crito. Phaedo. Phaedrus -- II. Laches. Protagoras. Meno. Euthydemus. [previously v. IV] -- III. Lysis. Symposium. Gorgias. [previously v.V] -- IV. Cratylus. Parmenides. Greater Hippias. Lesser Hippias. [previously v.VI] -- V-VI. The republic…
3. Plato, Republic Book , Print in English , Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Plato ; edited and translated by Chris Emlyn-Jones and William Preddy. 2013 .


"Republic, a masterpiece of philosophical and political thought, concerns righteousness both in individuals and in communities and proposes an ideal state organized and governed on philosophical principles. This edition, which replaces the original Loeb edition by Paul Shorey,…