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211.222, Fall 2017

Di Bianco, Laura, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. L'amore molesto Video/Film , DVD in Italian
una produzione Lucky Red ; una produzione Teatri Uniti in collaborzione con RaiTre ;… 2007 .

Psychological thriller which explores the secrets and distortions of a mother-daughter relationship. In Naples, the daughter Delia begins investigating the apparent suicide of her mother Amalia. As she talks to relatives and explores her past, she must come to grips with a lie…
2. André Bazin and Italian neorealism Book , Print in English
edited by Bert Cardullo. 2011 .

Bazin, André, 1918-1958.

1. Defining the Real: The Film Theory and Criticism of Andre Bazin -- 2. What Is Neorealism? -- 3. "Cinematic Realism and the Italian School of the Liberation" -- 4. "La Terra Trema -- 5. "Germany, Year Zero" -- 6. "Bicycle Thieve? -- 7. "Vittorio De Sica: Metteur en Scene"…
Michelangelo Antonioni ; American edition by Marga Cottino-Jones. 1996 .

Antonioni, Michelangelo.

Preface to the American edition / Marga Cottino-Jones -- Preface to the first edition / Carlo di Carlo -- The Gaze and the Story / Giorgio Tinazzi -- My Experience -- Making a Film is My Way of Life -- Actors and Paradoxes -- A Talk with Antonioni on His Work…
4. Assunta Spina Video/Film , DVD in English
directed by Gustavo Serena and Francesca Bertini ; production, Caesar Film ; produced… 1914 .

An operatic tale of love and sacrifice in turn of the century Naples. After being assaulted by her jealous lover Michele, Assunta becomes the mistress of a corrupt Don so she can visit Michele while he is in prison. When Michele is unexpectedly released, he discovers Assunta's…
5. L'avventura Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Janus Films ; un film di Michelangelo Antonioni ; soggetto, Michelangelo Antonioni ;… 1960 .

Michelangelo Antonioni invented a new film grammar with this masterwork. An iconic piece of challenging 1960s cinema and a gripping narrative in its own right, concerns the enigmatic disappearance of a young woman during a yachting trip off the coast of Sicily, and the search…
6. Cabiria: visione storica del terzo secolo A.C Video/Film , DVD in English
written, produced and directed by Giovanni Pastrone ; titles by Gabriele d'Annunzio ;… 1914 .

An 8-year old Sicilian princess is kidnapped by pirates, eventually becoming a slave in Carthage. When she reaches adulthood, she attempts to win her freedom again, whatever the costs. Set in the third century B.C. during the Punic Wars.
7. The cinematic city Book , Print in English
edited by David B. Clarke. 1997 .

The role played by the city is central to a wide variety of films. In everyday experience, cities frequently seem to possess a cinematic quality. Yet the relationship between city and cinema has been neglected in both film and urban studies. The contributors to this…
Rémi Fournier Lanzoni. 2008 .

Fournier-Lanzoni, Rémi.

9. Corpo celeste Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Film Movement presents ; Rai Cinema ; tempesta ; scritto e diretta da Alice Rohrwacher ;… 2012 .

Thirteen year-old Marta, who has recently moved back to southern Italy with her mother and older sister, struggles to find her place, restlessly testing the boundaries of an unfamiliar city and the catechism of the Catholic church.
10. The Defeat of Hannibal Video/Film , DVD in English
presented by Walter Manley Enterprises ; story and screenplay, Carmine Gallone, C.… 1937 .

A Mussolini-era war epic commissioned by Italy's fascist government, meant to invoke popular support by celebrating the exploits of Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus as he successfully battled the army of Hannibal.
11. Divorzio all'italiana Video/Film , DVD in Italian
regia di Pietro Germi ; soggetto e sceneggiatura, Alfredo Giannetti, Ennio De Concini,… 1962 .

A married man who has fallen in love with a younger woman hatches an elaborate scheme to kill his wife.
12. La dolce vita Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Cineriz ; Giuseppe Amato e Angelo Rizzoli presentano una produzione Riama Film ;… 1960 .

The biggest hit from the most popular Italian filmmaker of all time, the film rocketed Federico Fellini to international mainstream success, ironically, by offering a damning critique of the culture of stardom. A look at the darkness beneath the seductive lifestyles of Rome's…
Frank Burke. 1984 .

Burke, Frank.

edited by Leo Braudy, Marshall Cohen. 1999 .

"Since publication of the first edition in 1974, Film Theory and Criticism has been the most widely used and cited anthology of critical writings about film. Extensively revised and updated, this fifth edition is ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in film theory and…
Gerald Mast, Marshall Cohen. 1985 .

Mast, Gerald, 1940-

16. Film: a montage of theories Book , Print in English
19. Fuocoammare: Fire at sea Video/Film , DVD in Italian
una produzione 21Uno Film, Stemal Entertainment ; con Istituto Luce Cinecittà e RAI… 2016 .

Samuele is twelve years old and lives on an island in the middle of the sea. He goes to school, and loves shooting his slingshot and going hunting. He likes land games, even though everything around him speaks of the sea and the men, women, and children who try to cross it to get…
Gaetana Marrone. 2000 .

Marrone, Gaetana.

Pt. 1. Labyrinth: Cognition and Tragic Imagination -- 1. Francesco di Assisi: The Medieval Chronicle and the Establishing of Physical Reality -- 2. Realism against Illusion: The Ceremonial Divestiture of Power in Galileo…
21. Gli uomini, che mascalzoni Video/Film , DVD in Italian
sceneggiatura, Mario Camerini, Aldo De Benedetti, Mario Soldati ; produzione Emilio… 1932 .

"In Milan a young chauffeur, Bruno, encounters an attractive shop-assistant, Mariuccia. Pretending that the car he drives belongs to him, he invites her on a day trip to the lakes only to be forced to abandon her without an explanation when he unexpectedly encounters his…
22. Gomorra Video/Film , DVD in Italian
IFC Films ; 01 Distribution ; Rai Cinema ; Fandango ; Martin Scorsese presents a… 2008 .

Five disparate tales of Naples' mafia underworld, known as the Camorra, centered around a housing project controlled by the mob. As adapted from the best-selling exposé by undercover Italian reporter, Roberto Saviano, the film depicts a culture that is thoroughly corrupted by…
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23. The great beauty Video/Film , DVD in Italian
produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima ; written by Paolo Sorrentino and Umberto… 2013 .

For decades, journalist Jep Gambardella has charmed and seduced his way through the glittering nightlife of Rome. Since the legendary success of his only novel, he has been a permanent fixture in the city's literary and elite social circles. But on his sixty-fifth birthday, Jep…
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1997.2.G74 2014 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in one container
24. Imprisoned lullaby Video/Film , DVD in Italian , Romani
/ Simone Catania and Carine Ruszniewski present; a film by Rossella Schillaci; produced… 2016 .

Jasmina is a strong 24 year old girl, who lives is in prison in Turin for a robbery committed four years ago. She has been awaiting her trial for several months. But Jasmina is also mother to three children, including two infants who live in prison alongside her on a daily basis.…
25. Indivisibili Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Attilio De Razza e Pierpaolo Verga presntano un film di Edoardo De Angelis. 2016 .

"Daisy and Violet are twin sisters on the verge of turning 18. They are blessed with beautiful voices and are sought after to sing at weddings, communions and baptisms. Their real draw is another trait which cloaks them in fascinating charm: they are siamese twins. They support…
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26. Io la conoscevo bene: I knew her well Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Janus Films ; La Ultra Film presenta un film di Antonio Pietrangeli ; soggetto e… 1965 .

The prismatic portrait of the days and nights of a party girl in sixties Rome is a revelation. It follows the gorgeous, seemingly liberated Adriana as she dallies with a wide variety of men, attends parties, goes to modeling gigs, and circulates among the rich and famous. Despite…
27. The Italian cinema book Book , Print in English
edited by Peter Bondanella. 2014 .

THE ITALIAN CINEMA BOOK is an essential guide to the most important historical, aesthetic and cultural aspects of Italian cinema, from 1895 to the present day. With contributions from 39 leading international scholars, the book is structured around six chronologically organised…
28. Italian film Book , Print in English
Marcia Landy. 2000 .

Landy, Marcia, 1931-

"Italian Film examines the extraordinary cinematic tradition of Italy, from the silent era to the present. Analyzing film within the framework of Italy's historical, social, political, and cultural evolution during the twentieth century, Marcia Landy traces the construction of a…
29. Italian film in the light of neorealism Book , Print in English
Millicent Marcus. 1986 .

Marcus, Millicent Joy.

edited by Giancarlo Lombardi and Christian Uva. 2016 .

This book explores these political dimensions of contemporary Italian cinema by looking at three complementary strands: the thematics of contemporary political film from a variety of perspectives; the most prominent directors currently engaged in this filone; and case studies of…
31. Ladri di biciclette: Bicycle thieves Video/Film , DVD in Italian , English
un film P.D.S. - Produzioni De Sica, S.A. ; soggetto di Cesare Zavattini ; scenaggiato… 2007 .

In post-WWII poverty-stricken Rome, a man struggles to earn a living for himself and his family. When his bicycle and main means of transport is stolen, with his young son in tow, he attempts to find the thief.
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32. Love meetings: Comizi d'amore Video/Film , DVD in Italian
un film prodotto da Alfredo Bini per la Arco Film ; regia di Pier Paolo Pasolini. 1964 .

Pier Paolo Pasolini is featured asking questions about sex, love, and morality of a variety of people all over Italy. Also featured are interviews with psychologist Cesare Musatti and author Alberto Moravia.
33. Love, mortality, and the moving image Book , Print in English
Emma Wilson. 2012 .

Wilson, Emma, 1967-

1. Love -- 2. Mother -- 3. Child -- 4. Coma -- 5. Pieta -- 6. Touch -- 7. Home -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- Moving Image Artworks.
34. Maciste in Hell Video/Film , DVD in English
produced by Itala Films, Turin ; directed by Guido Brignone. 1926 .

The virtuous Maciste descends into hell and engages in single-handed battle with demons.
35. Mamma roma Video/Film , DVD in Italian
una produzione Arco Film ; prodotto da Alfredo Bini ; scritto e diretto da Pier Paolo… 1962 .

A middle-aged prostitute attempts to extricate herself from her sordid past for the sake of her son. Mamma Roma offers an unflinching look at the struggle for survival in postwar Italy.
36. Marvelous bodies: Italy's new migrant cinema Book , Print in English
Vetri Nathan. 2017 .

Nathan, Vetri, 1980-

Introduction. Detourism: Italy's new migrant cinema -- Cultural hybridity in Italy -- Beyond neorealism: the cinematic body-as-nation -- Ambivalent geographies -- Ambivalent desires -- Ambivalent moralities -- Conclusion: inside the paradise of marvelous bodies.
37. Le Meraviglie: The wonders Video/Film , DVD in Italian , French , German
Tempesta ; RAI Cinema ; Amka Films Productions & Pola Pandora Filmproduktion ; scritto e… 2016 .

It centers on a family of beekeepers living in stark isolation in the Tuscan countryside. The dynamic of their overcrowded household is disrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a silently troubled teenage boy taken in as a farmhand and a reality TV show intent on showcasing the…
38. N-capace Video/Film , DVD in Italian
una produzione BiBi Film in collaborazione con Rai Cinema ; un film scritto e diretto da… 2017 .

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39. Notti di Cabiria Video/Film in Italian
Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica e Les Films Marceau ; un film de Federico Fellini ;… 1957 .

A young prostitute who works in the streets of Rome is continually deceived by men who claim to love her.
40. Once upon a time in the West Video/Film , DVD in English
Paramount Pictures Corporation, Rafran Cinematografia, San Marco Productions ; produced… 1968 .

A man preparing to welcome his new wife to his home is killed, along with his entire family.
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41. Pane, amore e fantasia: Bread, love and dreams Video/Film , DVD in Italian , English
una produzione Titanus ; soggetto e sceneggiatura di Ettore M. Margadonna, Luigi… 1953 .

In a small mountain village, a young military policeman is secretly in love with a beautiful girl. His newly arrived commander, anxious to marry, begins courting both the young girl and the local midwife. The print was restored in 2007.
42. La pelle Video/Film , DVD in Italian
un film di Liliana Cavani ; sceneggiatura di Robert Katz e Liliana Cavani ; prodotto da… 1981 .

The Skin is Liliana Cavani's controversial look at the aftermath of the German occupation of Italy during WWII and the equally difficult results of life during the Allied liberation.
43. Le quattro volte Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Lorber Films ; Coproduction Office ; Ouinzaine ; Vivo Film, Essential Filmproduktion,… 2010 .

With little dialogue, this film is a meditation on the mysterious cycles of life. Set in Italy's mountainous region of Calabria, it traces the path of one goatherder's soul as it passes from human to animal to vegetable to mineral. Director Michelangelo Frammartino was inspired…
44. Riso amaro Video/Film , DVD in Italian
un film Lux prodotto da Dino De Laurentiis ; diretto da Giuseppe De Santis ; soggetto di… 1949 .

During planting season in Northern Italy's Po Valley, an earthy rice-field worker falls in with a small-time criminal who is planning a daring heist of the crop, as well as his femme-fatale-ish girlfriend. Both a socially conscious look at the hardships endured by underpaid field…
45. Roberto Rossellini's War trilogy Video/Film , DVD in Italian , German
2009 .
Rome open city: When the Nazis occupied Rome, a brave few fought against it. An underground agent who is cornered by the Germans in a certain quarter of Rome, flees the Germans. In the course of his flight he imperils his resistance friends.
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46. The seduction of Mimi Video/Film , DVD in Italian
1972 .
Voting against the Mafia in what he thinks is a secret ballot costs Sicilian laborer Mimi his livelihood. He leaves his wife, flees to Turin and romances a Communist organizer but he just can't shake the Mafia. When they lure Mimi back to Sicily with a better job, he must keep…
47. Shoeshine Video/Film , Print , DVD in Italian
written by Sergio Amidei, Adolfo Franci, Cesare G. Viola, Cesare Zavattini ; directed by… 1946 .

The story of two Roman orphans abused by the state reform system.
48. Stupendous, miserable city: Pasolini's Rome Book , Print in English
John David Rhodes. 2007 .

Rhodes, John David, 1969-

Introduction : this cinema, this city -- 1. short history of the Roman periphery -- 2. "Rome, ringed by its hell of suburbs" -- 3. "Scandalous desecration" : Accattone against the neorealist city -- 4. Pasolini, the peripheral sublime, and public housing…
49. Un'ora sola ti vorrei Video/Film , DVD in Italian , English
una produzione Venerdì e Bartlebyfilm ; in coproduzione con RTSI-Televisione della… 2002 .

"Italian documentary filmmaker Alina Marazzi tries to piece together the life of her mother who passed away in 1972 when she was 7 years old. Through a patchwork of home movies, recordings and diary entries, Alina crafts a moving tribute to the universal power of love."--From…
50. Vogliamo anche le rose Video/Film , DVD in Italian
Dolmen ; Mikado ; una produzione Mir Cinematografica ; con RAI Cinema ... [et al.] ; un… 2008 .

A documentary which aims to portray the deep change brought on by the sexual revolution and the feminist movement in Italy during the 1960s and 1970s.
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    HQ1638.V644 2008D c. 1
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