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MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. 1949, the first Israelis Book , Print in English , Hebrew
Tom Segev ; Arlen Neal Weinstein, English language editor. 1986 .

Segev, Tom, 1945-

Tom Segev ; translated by Jessica Cohen. 2007 .

Segev, Tom, 1945-

"Tom Segev's acclaimed One Palestine, Complete and The Seventh Million overturned accepted views of the history of Israel. Now Segev brings his skills to the watershed year when six days of war reshaped the country and the entire region." "Going far beyond a military account,…
3. 5 films by Ram Loevy Video/Film , DVD in English , Hebrew
United King Films. 2009 .

Bread: A family of a bakery-worker in a small town in the Israeli desert fights to survive.
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    PN1995.9.I72F58 2009 c. 1
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    PN1995.9.I72F58 2009 c. 2
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4. Arab Labor: the complete first season Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew , Arabic
Keshet ; Link TV ; Alive Mind ; executive producer, Daniel Paran ; writer, Sayed Kashua… 2007 .

In Fall 2008, Link TV presented the U.S. broadcast premiere of the controversial hit Israeli comedy series Arab Labor (Avoda Aravit). Created by Sayed Kashua, a 32-year-old Israeli-born Palestinian journalist, Arab Labor (translated from the Hebrew "Avoda Aravit" which…
Uri Ram. 1995 .

Ram, Uri.

Ch. 1. Introduction: Content in Context -- Ch. 2. Paradigm, Crisis, Revolution: The Trajectory of Israeli Sociology -- Ch. 3. The Nation-Building School: Functionalism -- Ch. 4. The Vicissitudes of a Paradigm: Functionalism Revised and Revisited…
6. Dolly City Book , Print in English
Orly Castel-Bloom ; translated by Dalya Bilu ; afterword by Karen Grumberg. 1992 .

Castel-Bloom, Orly, 1960-

7. Efes be-yaḥase enosh: Zero motivation Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew
July August Production present, in co-production with Haut et Court ; a film by Talya… 2015 .

  • אפס ביחסי אנוש:Zero motivation
  • יולי אוגוסט נוכחי הפקה, בהפקה משותפת עם Haut et בית משפט; הסרט של סרטו של טליה לביא; נכתב ובוים על ידי טליה לביא; המיוצר על ידי אילון רצ'קובסקי, יוסי עוזרד, גיא יקואל, יוחנן Kredo
Zero Motivation is a unique, sharply observed, sometimes dark and often hilarious portrait of everyday life for a unit of young, female soldiers in a remote Israeli desert outpost. Playing out like M*A*S*H meets Orange is the New Black, Talya Lavie's debut details the power…
8. Gett: the trial of Viviane Amsalem Video/Film , DVD in French , Hebrew , Arabic
Music Box Films, Deux Beaux Garçons Films, Elzévir & Compagnie, Riva Filmproduktion… 2014 .

"In Israel there is neither civil marriage nor civil divorce. Only rabbis can legitimate a marriage or its dissolution. But this dissolution is only possible with full consent from the husband, who in the end has more power than the judges. Viviane Amsalem has been applying for…
Sami Shalom Chetrit. 2010 .

Chetrit, Sami Shalom, 1960-

Introduction : cultural conflict or class struggle? -- The encounter : Ashkenazi Zionism and the Jews of the Muslim world, sociohistorical background -- The first decade : from shock to protest…
10. Israeli women's studies: a reader Book , Print in English
Esther Fuchs, editor. 2005 .

Introduction : Israeli women's studies / Esther Fuchs -- The Zionist women's movement in Palestine, 1911-1927 : a sociological analysis / Dafna N. Izraeli -- Manya Wilbushewitz-Shohat and the winding road to Sejera / Shulamit Reinharz…
11. Judaism, human values, and the Jewish state Book , Print in English
Yeshayahu Leibowitz ; edited by Eliezer Goldman ; translated by Eliezer Goldman and… 1992 .

Leibowitz, Yeshayahu, 1903-1994.

ntroduction / Eliezer Goldman…
12. Late summer blues Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew
Blues Productions presents ; screenplay by Doron Nesher ; produced by Ilan De-Vries,… 1987 .

Students are on summer break between their final exams and their induction into the Israeli army. When the first of their friends to be inducted is killed, the students turn their graduation play into an anti-war statement.
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13. Lebanon: Levanon Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew
a Sony Pictures Classics Release ; Metro Communications, Paralite Productions, Ariel… 2009 .

  • לבנון
  • סרטו של שמוליק מעוז
In 1982, during the First Lebanon War, a tank manned by a novice crew of Israeli soldiers is led into a town previously bombed by the air force. The situation spins out of control, testing the mental toughness of the men inside a confined space with only the lens of a periscopic…
edited by Rachel S. Harris and Ranen Omer-Sherman. 2013 .

note: I. Private and Public Spaces of Commemoration and Mourning -- 1. "Music of Peace" at a Time of War: Middle Eastern Music Amid the Second Intifada / Galeet Dardashti -- 2. Privatizing Commemoration: The Helicopter Disaster Monument and the Absent State / Michael Feige…
edited by Rachel S. Harris and Ranen Omer-Sherman. 2012 .

Introduction: zionism and the culture of dissent / Ranen Omer-Sherman -- Private and public spaces of commemoration and mourning -- "Music of peace" at a time of war : Middle Eastern music amid the second intifada / Galeet Dardashti…
16. The Sabra: the creation of the new Jew Book , Print in English
Oz Almog ; Haim Watzman, translator. 2000 .

Almog, Oz.

"The Sabras were the first Israelis - the first generation, born in the 1930s and 1940s, to grow up in the Zionist settlement in Palestine. Socialized and educated in the ethos of the Zionist labor movement and the communal ideals of the kibbutz and moshav, they turned the dream…
Tom Segev ; translated by Haim Watzman. 1993 .

Segev, Tom, 1945-

Prologue: Ka-Tzetnik's Trip -- Pt. I. Hitler: The Yekkes Are Coming. 1. "The Streets Are Paved with Money" 2. "A Son of Europe" -- Pt. II. Holocaust: It Was in the Papers. 3. "Rommel, Rommel, How Are You?" 4. "Happy Is the Match" 5. "A Warm Jewish Heart"…
edited by Tal Nitzan and Rachel Tzvia Back. 2009 .

And the land, will you possess it all? -- The arrogance of our self-destruction -- The fruit dies before the tree -- The hands, they were the hands of soldiers -- And if the dead is a child, will someone gather him up? -- He who demolishes a person's home…
19. ʻAvodah ʻArvit the complete third season Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew , Arabic
Yotser ṿe-tasriṭai, Sayed Ḳashuʻa ; yotsre ha-sidrah, Dani'el Paran, Sayed Ḳashuʻa,… 2012 .

  • עבודה ערבית
  • יוצר ותסריטאי, סייד קשוע ; יוצרי הסדרה, דניאל פארן, סייד קשוע, רוני ניניו, שי קפון ; מוסיקה, DAM ; צילום, עמוס כרמלי ; עריכה, רוני אייזמן
"Created by Sayed Kashua, an Israeli-born Palestinian journalist, Arab Labor (translated from the Hebrew "Avoda Aravit", which colloquially implies "shoddy or second-rate work") focuses on Amjad Alian, a Palestinian journalist and Israeli citizen in search of his identity. Poking…
20. ʻAvodah ʻArvit: Shughl ʻArab = Arab labor Video/Film , DVD in Hebrew , Arabic
2011 .
  • עבודה ערבית
"One decent shower in a Jewish neighborhood is enough to make Amjad decide to upgrade his and his family's life and move from the Arab village to the wealthy Jewish neighborhood in western Jerusalem. In the new neighborhood, there's a great water flow, the garbage is cleaned 3…
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1992.77 .A96 2011 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-5 in 3 containers