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150.606, Fall 2016

Bett, Richard, Fall 2017
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Sextus Empiricus ; translation, commentary, and introduction by Richard Bett. 1997 .

Sextus, Empiricus.

edited by Richard Bett. 2010 .

Introduction / Richard Bett -- I. Origins and Development -- 1. Antecedents in early Greek philosophy / Mi-Kyoung Lee -- 2. Pyrrho and early Pyrrhonism / Svavar Hrafn Svavarsson -- 3. Arcesilaus and Carneades / Harald Thorsrud…
3. The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Scepticism Book , Online in English
edited by Richard Bett. 2010 .

This volume offers a comprehensive survey of the main periods, schools, and individual proponents of scepticism in the ancient Greek and Roman world. The contributors examine the major developments chronologically and historically, ranging from the early antecedents of scepticism…
Casey Perin. 2010 .

Perin, Casey.

1. Search for Truth -- 2. Necessity and Rationality -- 3. Scope of Scepticism -- 4. Appearances and Action.
Casey Perin. 2010 .

Perin, Casey.

Casey Perin presents a new interpretation of key ideas and arguments in Sextus Empiricus' 'Outlines of Pyrrhonism', a founding text of the sceptical tradition in philosophy.
6. The Hellenistic philosophers Book , Print in English
A.A. Long, D.N. Sedley. 1987 .

Long, A. A.

v. 1. Translations of the principal sources, with philosophical commentary -- v. 2. Greek and Latin texts with notes and bibliography.
8. New essays on ancient Pyrrhonism Book , Print in English
edited by Diego E. Machuca. 2011 .

Pyrrhonian Plato? Again on Sextus on Aenesidemus on Plato / Mauro Bonazzi -- Cyrenaics vs. the Pyrrhonists on Knowledge of Appearances / Tim O'Keefe -- What God Didn't Know (Sextus Empiricus AM IX 162-166) / James Warren -- Skepticism and Everyday Life / Filip Grgic…
9. The original sceptics: a controversy Book , Print in English
edited by Myles Burnyeat and Michael Frede. 1997 .

The Sceptic's beliefs / Michael Frede -- Can the sceptic live his scepticism? / Myles Burnyeat -- The beliefs of a pyrrhonist / Jonathan Barnes -- The sceptic in his place and time / Myles Burnyeat…
10. Pyrrho, his antecedents, and his legacy Book , Print in English
Richard Bett. 2000 .

Bett, Richard Arnot Home

11. The sceptics Book , Print in English
R. J. Hankinson. 1995 .

Hankinson, R. J.

I. Introduction: Sources and Transmission -- II. The Nature of Scepticism -- III. Precursors -- IV. Pyrrho and the Socratic Tradition -- V. The Scepticism of the Middle Academy -- VI. Carneades and the Later Sceptical Academy…
12. The Skeptical tradition Book , Print in English
edited by Myles Burnyeat. 1983 .

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