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010.412, Fall 2017

Tucci, Pier Luigi, Fall 2017
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Ada Cohen. 1997 .

Cohen, Ada.

1. Introduction and Methodology -- 2. Battle Images and Battle Narratives; The Background -- 3. The Question of the Copy -- 4. The Battle Between Darius and Alexander; The First Level of Existence -- 5. The Narrative and the Dramatic -- 6. The Narrative and the Descriptive…
edited by Victoria C. Gardner Coates and Jon L. Seydl. 2007 .

Natural marvels and ancient ruins : volcanism and the recovery of antiquity in early modern Naples / Sean Cocco -- Subverting the secret of Herculaneum : archaeological espionage in the Kingdom of Naples / Alden R. Gordon…
L. Richardson, Jr. 2000 .

Richardson, Lawrence.

"L. Richardson, Jr., has had a long and distinguished career writing about Roman art and architecture, particularly that of Pompeii and its environs. In this newest work, he attributes many of the surviving wall decorations to particular painters. It is a catalog in the true…
4. The complete Pompeii Book , Print in English
Joanne Berry. 2007 .

Berry, Joanne, 1971-

Pompeii is best known and probably the most important archaeological site in the world. This title presents an up-to-date, authoritative and comprehensive account of this ancient site, visited by millions each year.
Mantha Zarmakoupi. 2014 .

Zarmakoupi, Mantha, 1975-,

1. Roman luxury villas: Introduction, historiography, and scope -- cultural phenomenon of luxury villas -- Historiography -- Scope and methodology of this study -- architectural language of luxury villas -- 2. Case studies -- Villa of the Papyri -- Villa Oplontis A…
Wilhelmina F. Jashemski ; photographs, drawings, and plans [by] Stanley A. Jashemski. 1979 .

Jashemski, Wilhelmina Mary Feemster, 1910-

[v. 1. Without special title] -- v. 2. Appendices.
11. Hadrian's villa and its legacy Book , Print in English
William L. MacDonald and John A. Pinto. 1995 .

MacDonald, William L. (William Lloyd), 1921-

I. Introduction -- II. The Site -- III. Familiar Architecture -- IV. Unfamiliar Architecture -- V. The High Ground -- VI. Art -- VII. The Villa in Use -- VIII. Survival and Rediscovery -- IX. The Draftsman's Vision -- X. The Landscape of Allusion -- XI. Art Dispersed…
12. Houses and society in Pompeii and Herculaneum Book , Print in English
Andrew Wallace-Hadrill. 1994 .

Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew.

Note on Form of References to Houses -- Pt. I. The Social Structure of The Roman House. Ch. 1. Reading the Roman House. Ch. 2. The Language of Public and Private. Ch. 3. The Articulation of the House…
a cura di Christer Bruun e Anna Gallina Zevi. 2002 .

17. Pompeii Book , Print in English
edited by Filippo Coarelli ; photography by Alfredo and Pio Foglia ; texts by Filippo… 2002 .

History of the city, excavations, and studies / Filippo Coarelli -- Urban development ; Walls and war ; Government and the Forum / Filippo Coarelli -- The sacred / Filippo Coarelli -- Economics and industry / Emidio De Albentiis…
18. Pompeii: a sourcebook Book , Print in English
Alison E. Cooley and M.G.L. Cooley. 2004 .

Cooley, Alison.

19. Pompeii: history, life & afterlife Book , Print in English
Roger Ling. 2005 .

Ling, Roger.

This book describes the day-to-day life of Pompeii's inhabitants on the eve of the fatal eruption in AD 79, as well as the eruption itself and its aftermath. The city was rediscovered in the late 16th century, and since then archaeologists have discovered more and more of the…
20. Pompeii: public and private life Book , Print in English
Paul Zanker ; translated by Deborah Lucas Schneider. 1998 .

Zanker, Paul.

Townscape and Domestic Taste -- Townscapes -- Domestic Taste and Cultural Self-Definition -- Urban Space as a Reflection of Society -- Hellenistic City of the Oscans -- Roman Colonists' City -- Townscape and Ideology in the Age of Augustus -- City's Final Years…
21. Pompeii: the life of a Roman town Book , Print in English
Mary Beard. 2008 .

Beard, Mary, 1955-

"The ruins of Pompeii, buried by an explosion of Vesuvius in 79 C.E., offer the best evidence we have of everyday life in the Roman empire. This remarkable book rises to the challenge of making engrossing sense of those remains. What kind of town was it? What can it actually tell…
Carol C. Mattusch. 2008 .

Mattusch, Carol C.

"Julius Caesar, Caligula, Claudius and Nero all built seaside villas in Baiae; the emperor Augustus holidayed in Surrentum, Capreae and Pausilypon, and Tiberius retired to Capreae. The richly decorated imperial villas set high artistic standards in the region, and the sculptors…
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Katherine E. Welch. 2007 .

Welch, Katherine E.

"This is the first book to analyze the evolution of the Roman amphitheatre as an architectural form. Katherine Welch addresses the critical period in the history of this building type: its origins and dissemination under the Republic, from the third to first centuries B.C.; its…
26. Roman painting Book , Print in English
Roger Ling. 1991 .

Ling, Roger.

27. Roman Pompeii: space and society Book , Print in English
Ray Laurence. 1994 .

Laurence, Ray, 1963-

1. Ancient and Modern Town Planning -- 2. Public Building and Urban Identity -- 3. Local Identity: Neighbours and Neighbourhoods -- 4. Production and Consumption -- 5. Deviant Behaviour -- 6. Street Activity and Public Interaction -- 7. The Production of Space…
28. Roman theatres: an architectural study Book , Print in English
Frank Sear. 2006 .

Sear, Frank.

1. Theatre and audience -- 2. Finance and building -- 3. Roman theatre design -- 4. Theatres and related buildings -- 5. Republican theatres in Italy -- 6. theatres of Rome -- 7. cavea and orchestra -- 8. scene building -- 9. Provincial theatres -- Catalogue -- Italy…
edited by Pier Giovanni Guzzo ; [translation, Jo Wallace-Hadrill]. 2003 .

edited by Mantha Zarmakoupi. 2010 .

Rediscovering the Villa of the Papyri / Antonio De Simone -- New Archaeological Research at the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum / Domenico Esposito -- Wall Paintings in the Villa of the Papyri. Old and New Finds / Eric M. Moormann…
33. The world of Pompeii Book , Print in English
edited by John J. Dobbins and Pedar W. Foss. 2007 .