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040.111, Fall 2017

Smith, Joshua, Fall 2017
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translated by Richmond Lattimore ; Proteus (fragments) translated by Mark Griffith. 2013 .


note: Oresteia: Introduction -- Agamemnon -- Libation Bearers -- Eumenides -- Proteus (Fragments).
2. The archaeology of Greece: an introduction Book , Print in English
William R. Biers. 1996 .

Biers, William R., 1938-

1. Archaeology in Greece -- 2. The Minoans -- 3. The Mycenaeans -- 4. The Dark Ages -- 5. The Geometric Period -- 6. The Orientalizing Period -- 7. The Archaic Period -- 8. The Fifth Century -- 9. The Fourth Century -- 10. The Hellenistic Age.
Sarah B. Pomeroy, Hunter College and the City University of New York Graduate Center,… 2014 .

Pomeroy, Sarah B.,

note: Sources: How We Know About the Ancient Greeks -- Retrieving the Past: The Material Record -- Retrieving the Past: The Written Record -- Synopsis of Written Sources by Periods -- Physical Context: The Land of Greece -- I. Early Greece and the Bronze Age…
4. The Iliad of Homer Book , Print in English
translated by Richmond Lattimore ; introduction and notes by Richard Martin. 2011 .


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5. Lysistrata and other plays Book , Print in English
translated with an introduction and notes by Alan H. Sommerstein. 2002 .


"Writing at a time of political and social crisis in Athens, Aristophanes (c. 447-c. 385 B.C.) was an eloquent, yet bawdy, challenger to the demagogue and the sophist. In Lysistrata and The Acharnians, two pleas for an end to the long war between Athens and Sparta, a band of…
6. Plato's Symposium Book , Print in English
a translation by Seth Benardete ; with commentaries by Allan Bloom and Seth Benardete. 1986 .


7. Theogony: and, Works and days Book , Print in English
Hesiod ; translated with an introduction and notes by M.L. West. 1998 .