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140.356, Fall 2017

Mercelis, Joris, Fall 2017
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1. America's Assembly Line Book , Online in English
Nye, David E. 2013 .
2. America's assembly line Book , Print in English
David E. Nye. 2013 .

Nye, David E., 1946-

The mechanized assembly line was invented in 1913 and has been in continuous operation ever since. It is the most familiar form of mass production. Both praised as a boon to workers and condemned for exploiting them, it has been celebrated and satirized. (We can still picture…
Martin W. Bauer. 2015 .

Bauer, Martin W.

""Atom," "byte" and "gene" are metonymies for techno-scientific developments of the 20th century: nuclear power, computing and genetic engineering. Resistance continues to challenge these developments in public opinion. This book traces historical debates over atoms, bytes and…
Brian Ladd. 2008 .

Ladd, Brian, 1957-

Introduction : dream machines -- Roadkill : the new machine flattens its critics -- Buyer's remorse : the tarnished golden age -- Cities in motion : the car in the city -- Freeway revolts : the curse of mobility -- The end of the Automotive Age-or not -- Conclusion : road rage.
Ronald R. Kline. 2000 .

Kline, Ronald R.

"Consumers in the Country Ronald Kline, avoiding the trap of technological determinism, explores the changing relationships among the Country Life professionals, government agencies, sales people, and others who promoted these technologies and the farm families who largely…
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David Kinkela. 2011 .

Kinkela, David.

One. Island in a Sea of Disease: DDT Enters a Global War -- Two. Disease, DDT, and Development: The American Century in Italy -- Three. Science in the Service of Agriculture: DDT and the Beginning of the Green Revolution in Mexico…
David Kinkela. 2011 .

Kinkela, David.

The banning of DDT in the United States, spurred in part by the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson's environmental classic Silent Spring, is generally regarded as a watershed moment and signal triumph for the American environmental movement. But in this tr.
Sheila Jasanoff. 2005 .

Jasanoff, Sheila.

Mark Essig. 2003 .

Essig, Mark Regan, 1969-

Despite having been an avowed opponent of the death penalty, Edison threw his laboratory resources and reputation behind the creation of a very different sort of device--the electric chair.
10. Essays in persuasion Book , Print in English
John Maynard Keynes ; with a new introduction by Donald Moggridge. 2010 .

Keynes, John Maynard, 1883-1946.

11. Essays in persuasion Book , Print in English
Amy Sue Bix. 2000 .

Bix, Amy Sue.

"Americans today often associate scientific and technological change with national progress and personal well-being. Yet underneath such confident assumptions, serious questions about the direction and social implications of scientific and technological change persist. In…
edited by Martin Bauer. 1995 .

"The book compares resistance to technology across time, nations and technologies. Three post-war technologies - nuclear power, information technology and biotechnology - are used in the analysis. The focus is on post-1945 Europe, with comparisons made with the USA, Japan and…
14. Scribner's magazine Journal/Newspaper , Print in English
1887 .
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    • v.1(1887)-v.26(1899)
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    • v.103:no.4 (1938)
15. Silent spring Book , Print in English
Drawings by Lois and Louis Darling. 1962 .

Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964.

Pete Daniel. 2005 .

Daniel, Pete.

Acknowledgments -- The reach of toxic drift -- Poisoning -- The rise of skeptics -- Expert testimony -- Mississippi River fish kills -- Poisoning by design -- Hazardous labels -- Neo fire ant eradication -- Notes -- Index.
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Ritika Prasad. 2015 .

Prasad, Ritika, 1975-

"Discusses how railway technology, travel, and infrastructure became increasingly and inextricably woven with everyday life in colonial South Asia, how people negotiated this increasing presence of railways in their lives, and how the ensuing processes has materially shaped South…