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Robin M. LeBlanc. 2010 .

LeBlanc, Robin M., 1966-

"This ethnography follows the lives of two very different Japanese men entering political life in two very different communities. One is the rural leader of a citizens' referendum movement, while the other hopes to succeed his father in a Tokyo ward assembly. Fast-paced and…
2. Building democracy in Japan Book , Print in English
Mary Alice Haddad. 2012 .

Haddad, Mary Alice, 1973-

"This book explains how Japan became a democracy. It offers a grassroots perspective and holistic understanding of Japan's democratization process and what it means for the nation today"--
Laura Hein and Mark Selden, editors. 2000 .

The lessons of war, global power, and social change / Laura Hein and Mark Selden -- The Japanese movement to "correct" history / Gavan McCormack -- Consuming Asia, consuming Japan : the new neonationalistic revisionism in Japan / Aaron Gerow…
4. Changing politics in Japan Book , Print in English
Ikuo Kabashima and Gill Steel. 2010 .

Kabashima, Ikuo, 1947-

Citizens and elites in the construction of the LDP system -- Party and voter dealignment : the LDP system disintegrates -- Changing media, changing politics -- Citizens and the prime minister -- Representation and policymaking under LDP administrations in the post-1955 system…
edited by Sherry L. Martin, Gill Steel. 2008 .

Introduction / Gill Steel and Sherry L. Martin -- Reforming the Liberal Democratic Party / Ellis S. Krauss and Robert Pekkanen -- Campaign behavior : the limits to change / Dyron Dabney -- Diet members and seat inheritance : keeping it in the family / Naoko Taniguchi…
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    HC335 .G41 1962 c. 1
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    HC335 .G41 1962 c. 2
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Sven Steinmo. 2010 .

Steinmo, Sven.

"The Evolution of Modern States: Sweden, Japan, and the United States examines the politics, history, and public policy of three countries in three different continents. Written from an evolutionary perspective, it shows how these countries' economic systems, social welfare…
"Although stereotypically homogenized and hostile to immigrants, Japan has experienced an influx of foreigners from Asia and Latin America in recent decades. In Fighting for Foreigners, Apichai W. Shipper details how, in response, Japanese citizens have established a variety of…
Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien. 2004 .

Chan, Jennifer.

Redefining gender and race in Japan : an introduction -- Constructing Japanese state identity and interests -- Global norms concerning women's, children's, and minority rights -- Policy, institutional, and legal changes concerning women's and children's human rights in Japan…
Robert Pekkanen. 2006 .

Pekkanen, Robert.

Introduction -- Japan's civil society in comparative perspective -- The regulatory framework -- Neighborhood associations and local civil society -- The politics of regulating civil society -- Conclusion : members without advocates.
12. Japan's political marketplace Book , Print in English
J. Mark Ramseyer, Frances McCall Rosenbluth. 1993 .

Ramseyer, J. Mark, 1954-

1. Introduction -- 2. Electoral Rules and Party Strategy -- 3. Demographics and Policy -- 4. Party Factions -- 5. Party Organization -- 6. Political Structure and Bureaucratic Incentives -- 7. Bureaucratic Manipulation -- 8. Political Structure and Judicial Incentives…
by Chalmers Johnson. 1995 .

Johnson, Chalmers. 1931-2010

1. La Serenissima of the East -- 2. Social Values and the Theory of Late Economic Development in East Asia -- 3. Comparative Capitalism: The Japanese Difference -- 4. Trade, Revisionism, and the Future of Japanese-American Relations…
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    HC 462.9 .J631 1995 c. 1
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    HC462.9.J63 1995 c. 1
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15. Losing face: status politics in Japan Book , Online , Print in English
Susan J. Pharr. 1990 .

Pharr, Susan J.

Simon Andrew Avenell. 2010 .

Avenell, Simon Andrew.

1. Before the Shimin: The Dark Energy of the People -- 2. Mass Society, Anpo, and the Birth of the Shimin -- 3. Beheiren and the Asian Shimin: The Fate of Conscientious Civic Activism -- 4. Residents into Citizens: The Fate of Pragmatic Civic Activism…
17. The making of modern Japan Book , Print in English
Kenneth B. Pyle. 1996 .

Pyle, Kenneth B.

18. Pachinko Book , Print in English
Min Jin Lee. 2017 .

Lee, Min Jin,

"A new tour de force from the bestselling author of Free Food for Millionaires, for readers of The Kite Runner and Cutting for Stone. PACHINKO follows one Korean family through the generations, beginning in early 1900s Korea with Sunja, the prized daughter of a poor yet proud…
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Mary Alice Haddad. 2007 .

Haddad, Mary Alice, 1973-

"Politics and Volunteering begins by painting a portrait of volunteering in Japan, and from this starting point demonstrates that our current understandings of civil society have been based implicitly on a U.S. model that does not adequately consider participation patterns found…
Leonard J. Schoppa. 2006 .

Schoppa, Leonard J. (Leonard James), 1962-

Exit, voice, and Japan's economic problems -- Taking exit and voice seriously -- Productive and protective elements of convoy capitalism -- The race for the exits begins -- The policy impact of hollowing out -- Case studies in economic reform…
T.J. Pempel. 1998 .

Pempel, T. J., 1942-

Introduction: Long Continuities, Radical Shifts -- Pt. I. Regimes - Divergent Approaches to Postwar Stability -- 1. Patterns of Political Economy: A Range of Regimes -- 2. Japan in the 1960s: Conservative Politics and Economic Growth…
Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen. 2012 .

Fisker-Nielsen, Anne Mette.

Introduction -- Representations of young people and of Japanese new religions -- Representations of politics -- anthropological approach to politics -- My position as researcher…
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert J. Pekkanen. 2011 .

Krauss, Ellis S.

1. Liberal Democratic Party in Time -- 2. Koenkai: Origin and Development of a Vote-Mobilization Machine -- 3. Koenkai Today: Institutional Change -- 4. Factions under the Single Nontransferable Vote Mixed-Member District System -- 5. Factions Today…
25. Routledge handbook of Japanese politics Book , Print in English
edited by Alisa Gaunder. 2016 .

26. Senkyo Video/Film , DVD in Japanese
kantoku, satsuei, henshū Sōda Kazuhiro. 2007 .

  • 選挙
  • 監督・撮影・編集想田和弘
Documentary film provides insight into the inner-workings of the Japanese political machine. The camera follows a candidate, Kazuhiko Yamauchi, on his campaign for the vacant seat on the Kawasaki city council in October 2005. He has no political experience and charisma but is…
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    JQ1692.S39 2007 c. 1
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28. The state of civil society in Japan Book , Print in English
edited by Frank J. Schwartz, Susan J. Pharr. 2003 .

Introduction : recognizing civil society in Japan / Frank Schwartz -- What is civil society? / Frank Schwartz -- From Meiji to Heisei : the state and civil society in Japan / Sheldon Garon…
Yukiko Koshiro. 1999 .

Koshiro, Yukiko.

Introduction: Race in U.S.-Japanese Relations -- 1. International Framework for Postwar Japanese-American Racism -- 2. Race and Culture: Person to Person -- 3. Racial Equality, Minorities, and the Japanese Constitution -- 4. Japanese Overseas Emigration…
Alexis Dudden. 2008 .

Dudden, Alexis, 1969-

"Examining the interplay between political apology and apologetic history Alexis Dudden focuses on the problematic relationship among Japanese imperialists, South Korean state builders, and Americans wielding power in Asia. She considers this history through diplomatic, cultural,…
32. Welfare and capitalism in postwar Japan Book , Print in English
Margarita Estévez-Abe. 2008 .

Estévez-Abe, Margarita, 1962-

"This book explains how postwar Japan managed to achieve a highly egalitarian form of capitalism despite meager social spending. Margarita Estevez-Abe develops an institutional, rational-choice model to solve this puzzle. She shows how Japan's electoral system generated…
Akiko Takenaka. 2015 .

Takenaka, Akiko, 1965-

note: 1. Mobilizing Death: Developing the Myth of Yasukuni -- 2. Institutionalizing Joy: Turning War into Spectacle at Yasukuni Shrine -- 3. Networks of Grief and Pride: Yasukuni Shrine in Regional Japan -- 4. Institutionalizing Grief: Yasukuni Shrine and Total War…
John Breen, editor. 2007 .

A Yasukuni genealogy / John Breen -- Stalemate: the Yasukuni Shrine problem in Sino-Japanese relations / Caroline Rose -- A religious perspective on the Yasukuni Shrine controversy / Kevin Doak -- China, Japan and the spell of Yasukuni / Wang Zhixin…