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MSEL Reserves
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Eric Helleiner. 2014 .

Helleiner, Eric, 1963-,

1. Good Neighbors Prepare the Ground -- 2. First Draft: The Inter-American Bank -- 3. New Approach to Money Doctoring: Cuba -- 4. Building Foundations: US Postwar Planning -- 5. Strengthening the Foundations: Paraguay -- 6. Latin American Backing for Bretton Woods…
Mark Schuller. 2012 .

Schuller, Mark, 1973-

Set in Haiti during the 2004 coup and aftermath, and enhanced by research conducted after the 2010 earthquake, this book analyzes the impact of official development aid on recipient nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and their relationships with local communities. It offers…
by Andre Gunder Frank. 1969 .

Frank, Andre Gunder, 1929-

4. Life and debt Video/Film , DVD in English
BBC Television in association with Television Trust for the Environment and One World… 1992 .

Brazil's massive $130 billion debt is the ultimate cause of the shocking assassination of 500 street children a year in Rio de Janeiro. This hard-hitting docu-drama argues that the children's only crime is that they are poor and have nowhere to go. The film examines the links…
5. Man-made famine Video/Film , VHS in English
producer, Chris Sheppard. 1987 .

Focuses on the pivotal role African women play in agriculture while attacking the male-dominated society where men control land and money. Shows how men are increasingly leaving home for the cities while women are left managing rural areas.
The Cuban Research Institute, Florida International University ; a film by Lisandro… 2003 .

This documentary combines first-hand accounts with rare historical footage and images from present-day Cuba to recreate the Mariel Boatlift in 1980.
Seungsook Moon. 2005 .

Moon, Seungsook, 1963-

Introduction: The gender politics of nation building and citizenship in South Korea -- The historical roots and the rise of militarized modernity -- Mobilized to be martial and productive : men's subjection to the nation and the masculine subjectivity of family provider…
John Isbister. 2006 .

Isbister, John, 1942-

"The seventh edition of this widely-used introductory text on poverty in the developing world continues the discussion of the "new American hegemony" and the "war on terror" that began with the previous edition. In particular, Isbister addresses changes in international politics…
Kalima Rose. 1992 .

Rose, Kalima.

1. SEWA: Women in Movement -- 2. Emergence -- 3. Independence -- 4. SEWA's Shakti: Growing Up and Leading Out -- 5. The Union: Struggles of Solidarity -- 6. Video SEWA: Focusing on Issues -- 7. The SEWA Bank: 'This Bank is Like Our Mother's Place'…