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100.499, Fall 2017

Balz, Hanno, Fall 2017
MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. Antisemitism: a very short introduction Book , Online in English
Steven Beller. 2007 .

Beller, Steven, 1958-

Antisemitism has been a chillingly persistent presence throughout the last millennium, culminating in the dark apogee of the Holocaust. Steven Beller examines and untangles the history of the phenomenon: from medieval religious conflict, to its growth as a political and…
2. A concise history of Nazi Germany Book , Print in English
Joseph W. Bendersky. 2014 .

Bendersky, Joseph W., 1946-

The origins and development of Nazism, 1919-1928 -- Weimar democracy in crisis -- The rise of Hitler and Nazism -- The historical roots of Nazi ideology -- Party structure, propaganda, and followers during the "early years of struggle"…
3. Der Ewige Jude: ein dokümentarischer Film Video/Film , DVD in German , English
International Historic Films presents ; der D.F.G. ; nach einer Idee von [= based on an… 1988 .

"A visit to the Lodz ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland, recorded by German cameramen with the naïve cooperation of the Jewish community, is combined with rare archival footage, clips from international newsreels and excerpts from related cultural films to portray the world's Jews…
4. Hitlerjunge Quex Video/Film , DVD in German
UFA ; Drehbuch, K.A. Schenzinger, B.E. Luethge ; Spielleitung, Hans Steinhoff ;… 1933 .

In this classic propaganda film, Quex, a German youth, faces a conflict of ideals between his Communist father and his growing allegiance to the Hitler Youth movement which eventually leads to his own death.
5. Ich klage an Video/Film , DVD in German
Tobis zeigt ; Drehbuch, Eberhard Frowein, Wolfgang Liebeneiner ; Herstellungsgruppe, Dr.… 2008 .

Hanna Heyt, a young woman married to Thomas, a doctor and medical researcher, is stricken with multiple sclerosis. She pleads with her husband and his friend Werther, also a doctor, to assist in her death. Werther refuses, but Thomas complies. After seeing what happened to a…
6. Jud Süss Video/Film , DVD in German
ein Veit Harlan film der Terra Filmkunst ; Drehbuch von Veit Harlan, Wolfgang Eberhard… 1940 .

This notorious Nazi propaganda historical costume melodrama is based on the Nazi version of the novel of the same title by Lion Feuchtwanger, which is based on the real historical character of Josef Süss Oppenheimer who was a Jewish tax advisor to Karl Alexander during the early…
7. Kolberg Video/Film , DVD in German , French
Buch, Veit Harlan, Alfred Braun ; Produktionsleitung, Sperber ; Herstellungsgruppe und… 1945 .

"... re-create the true story of a Prussian town's rebellion against Napoleon's army of occupation. Laced with anti-Christian symbolism and National Socialist ideology, the film is a mirror of Hitler Germany's own war for survival. In its characterization of Kolberg's besieged…
Ian Garden. 2012 .

Garden, Ian,

"This book exposes the myths surrounding the propaganda films produced during the Third Reich. One, that the Nazis were infallible masters in the use of film propaganda. Two, that everything the Nazis said was a lie. Three, that only the Riefenstahl documentaries are signficant…
gestaltet von Leni Riefenstahl. 1934 .

A pictorial record of the sixth Nazi congress at Nuremberg, and a controversial propaganda film on Nazi Germany. Shows troops of Hitler youth at play, ranks of laborers, parades of storm troopers, close-ups of Hitler, etc., creating a mystical, primitive union between the…
11. U-boote Westwärts! Video/Film , DVD in German
UIA/ATB. 1941 .

A German propaganda war film in which a German U-boat captain and his crew battle British ships in the Atlantic in 1940.
12. Das Wunschkonzert Video/Film , DVD in German
Die UFA zeigt ; "Cine-Allianz" Film ; ein film von Felix Lützkendorf und Eduard von… 1940 .

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Inge meets and falls in love with an air force officer, Hebert Koch, who is later sent into battle. She loses contact with him, but is able to be reunited when she hears a song requested for him during the Wunschkonzert program, a popular German radio…