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edited by Ellis S. Krauss and T. J. Pempel. 2004 .

Challenges to bilateralism: changing foes, capital flows, and complex forums / T. J. Pempel -- America in East Asia: power, markets, and grand strategy / G. John Ikenberry -- U.S.-Japan Security relations-toward bilateralism plus? / Christopher W. Hughes and Akiko Fukushima…
Eric Grynaviski. 2014 .

Grynaviski, Eric, 1977-,

1. When Common Knowledge Is Wrong -- 2. Détente -- 3. The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty -- 4. The Decline of Détente.
3. Cooperation without trust? Book , Print in English
Karen S. Cook, Russell Hardin and Margaret Levi. 2005 .

Cook, Karen S.

1. The significance of trust -- 2. Trustworthiness -- 3. Trust and power -- 4. Distrust -- 5. Cooperation without law or trust -- 6. Institutional alternatives to trust -- 7. Organization design for reliability -- 8. State institutions -- 9. Trust in transition…
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    HM1111.C666 2005 c. 1
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    HM1111 .C66 2005
Debora L. Spar. 1994 .

Spar, Debora L.

1. Of Cooperation, Competition, and Cartels -- 2. The Power to Persuade and the Success of the International Diamond Cartel -- 3. Yellowcake: The Rise and Decline of the International Uranium Cartel -- 4. Howling like Wolves: Cooperation in the International Gold Market…
edited by Amitav Acharya and Alastair Iain Johnston. 2007 .

1. Comparing regional institutions: an introduction / Amitav Acharya and Alastair Iain Johnston -- 2. Hanging together, institutional design, and cooperation in Southeast Asia: AITA and the ARF / Yuen Foong Khong and Helen E. S. Nesadurai…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    HT391.C73 2007 c. 1
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    HT391 .C73 2007
6. The evolution of cooperation Book , Print in English
Robert Axelrod. 1984 .

Axelrod, Robert M.

edited by Didier Georgakakis and Jay Rowell. 2013 .

"The term 'Eurocracy' is a word that exists in all European languages. Yet beyond fantasized representations of the 'Brussels bubble', we know little about members of the European Parliament, Commissioners, European civil servants, lobbyists, members of the Governing Council of…
edited by Bertram I. Spector and I. William Zartman. 2003 .

Regimes and Negotiation: An Introduction / Bertram I. Spector and I. William Zartman -- Part l: Framework -- Negotiating the Rapids: The Dynamics of Regime Formation / I. William Zartman -- Deconstructing the Negotiations of Regime Dynamics / Bertram I. Spector…
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    KZ1321.G48 2003 c. 1
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    KZ1321 .G48 2003
edited by James N. Rosenau and Ernst-Otto Czempiel. 1992 .

1. Governance, order, and change in world politics / James N. Rosenau -- 2. Governance without government: polyarchy in nineteenth-century European international politics / K. J. Holsti…
Kjell Engelbrekt. 2016 .

Engelbrekt, Kjell,

Today, great-power and middle-power diplomacy take place at two high tables, one using a well-known fixed address on First Avenue in Manhattan and the other at varrying summit locations where heads of state and government meet. This book examines the growing importance of…
edited by I. William Zartman and Saadia Touval. 2010 .

"A number of new approaches to the subject of international cooperation were developed in the 1980s. As a result, further questions have arisen, particularly with regard to the methods and limits of cooperation and the relationship between cooperation and the debate over…
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    JZ1318 .I57 2010
Margaret P. Karns, Karen A. Mingst. 2004 .

Karns, Margaret P.

Understanding global governance -- The theoretical foundations of global governance -- Foundations of the pieces of global governance -- The United Nations : centerpiece of global governance -- Regional organizations -- Nonstate actors : NGOs, networks, and social movements…
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    JZ4850.K37 2004 c. 1
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    JZ4850 .K37 2004
edited by T. V. Paul. 2012 .

Paul, T. V.

pt. 1 Introduction -- 1. Regional transformation in international relations / T. V. Paul -- 2. How regions were made, and the legacies for world politics: an English School reconnaissance / Barry Buzan -- pt. 2 Realist perspectives…
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    JZ1318 .P38 2012
edited by Dimitris Bourantonis, Kostas Ifantis and Panayotis Tsakonas. 2008 .

State power and international institutions : America and the logic of economic and security multilateralism / G. John Ikenberry -- Unipolar empire and principled multilateralism as strategies for international change / Jack Snyder and Leslie Vinjamuri…
John Gerard Ruggie, editor. 1993 .

Pt. 1. The Concept. 1. Multilateralism: The Anatomy of an Institution / John Gerard Ruggie…
David P. Auerswald and Stephen M. Saideman. 2014 .

Auerswald, David P.

"Modern warfare is almost always multilateral to one degree or another, requiring countries to cooperate as allies or coalition partners. Yet as the war in Afghanistan has made abundantly clear, multilateral cooperation is neither straightforward nor guaranteed. Countries differ…
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    DS371.412 .A84 2014
Robert L. Kahn, Mayer N. Zald, editors. 1990 .

edited by Roger Morgan and Caroline Bray. 1986 .

Robert O. Keohane. 2002 .

Keohane, Robert O. (Robert Owen), 1941-

Introduction: from interdependence and institutions to globalization and governance / Robert O. Keohane -- PART I. Interdependence and institutions…
21. Research methods in international relations Book , Print in English
Christopher Lamont. 2015 .

Lamont, Christopher K.,

This book guides you through the entirety of the research process in International Relations, from selecting a research question and conducting a literature review to field research and writing up. Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods in IR, it offers a balanced…