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Asia in International Finance Sp 18

Talarico, Gary M.
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Sandra Heep. 2014 .

Heep, Sandra, 1979-,

1. Introduction -- 2. Financial Power and the Developmental State -- 2.1. Conceptualizing the Developmental State -- 2.2. China as a Developmental State? -- 2.3. Typology of Financial Power -- 2.3.1. Conceptualizing Financial Power…
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    HF1604 .H44 2014
by Sandra Heep. 2014 .

Heep, Sandra.

Against the backdrop of China’s increasingly influential role in the international financial architecture, this book seeks to characterize and evaluate China’s financial power potential. It does so by analyzing the relationship between domestic financial repression and…
3. China's capital markets Book , Print in English
Yong Zhen. 2013 .

Zhen, Yong,

1. China's stock market -- 2. China's bond market -- 3. China's derivatives market -- 4. China's private equity market -- 5. Investors in China's capital markets -- 6. China's banking industry -- 7. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in China's capital markets…
4. The Chinese stock market Book , Print in English
edited by Siwei Cheng, Statesman and Economist, China, and Ziran Li, CFFEX Institute for… 2015 .

note: 1.1. brief review of the development of China's stock market from 2002 to 2014 / Ping Li -- 1.2. Major events in China's stock market in the last decade / Ping Li -- 1.2.1. Development of securities margin trading / Ping Li…
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    HG5782 .C485 2015
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edited by Siwei Cheng, Ziran Li. 2014 .

China's stock market has undergone rapid development in recent years. As a result there is a real need for a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese Stock Market both from a scholarship point of view but also for policy makers and investment specialists. Based on academic…
6. Currency Cooperation in East Asia Book , Online in English
edited by Frank Rövekamp, Hanns Günther Hilpert. 2014 .

This book explores the opportunities and limits of currency cooperation in East Asia. Currency issues play an important role in the region. The Asian crisis of the late 90s was rooted in deficient currency arrangements. The Chinese RMB is not freely convertible yet, but…
Qiao Liu, Paul Lejot and Douglas W. Arner. 2013 .

Liu, Qiao.

I.1. Finance in Asia -- I.2. Financial intermediation -- I.3. Convergence? -- I.4. future of finance in Asia -- I.5. Structure of the book -- 1.1. Divergent results from development -- 1.2. Asia's modern economic history -- 1.3. Features of the development model…
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    HG187 .A2 L58 2013
Liu, Qiao. 2013 .
Asia's demand for second-generation financial institutions and markets needs to be met in order for the region's further development to be sustained. This book provides a compelling, fact-based assessment of current practices and regulations in Asia's financial institutions and…
Mitsuhiko Nakano. 2016 .

Mitsuhiko, Nakano,

1. Financial crisis and banking crisis in Japan : 1997-2003 -- 2. Change in banking supervision policy and their effects on bank behaviour : 2002-05 -- 3. The Lehman Shock and its influence on banking supervision policy : 2008-13…
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    HG3324 .M58 2016
by Mitsuhiko Nakano. 2016 .

Nakano, Mitsuhiko.

This book explores the challenges faced by the Japanese economy and the Japanese banking industry following the financial crisis that emerged around the turn of the last millennium. The author explores how the Japanese financial crisis of the late 1990s engendered huge…
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. 2011 .

United States. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

Examines the causes of the financial crisis that began in 2008 and reveals the weaknesses found in financial regulation, excessive borrowing, and breaches in accountability.
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    HB3722 .F565 2011
edited by Hugh T. Patrick, Yung Chul Park. 1994 .

1. Concepts and Issues / Yung Chul Park -- 2. Japan: Development and Structural Change of the Financial System / Juro Teranishi -- 3. Japan: Development and Structural Change of the Banking System / Hiroshi Kitagawa and Yoshitaka Kurosawa…
15. Financial markets and institutions Book , Print in English
Frederic S. Mishkin, Stanley G. Eakins. 2015 .

Mishkin, Frederic S.,

pt. ONE INTRODUCTION -- ch. 1 Why Study Financial Markets and Institutions? -- ch. 2 Overview of the Financial System -- pt. TWO FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MARKETS -- ch. 3 What Do Interest Rates Mean and What Is Their Role in Valuation? -- ch. 4 Why Do Interest Rates Change?…
Jeffry A. Frieden. 2006 .

Frieden, Jeffry A.

Prologue : into the twentieth century -- I: Last best years of the golden age, 1896-1914 -- Global capitalism triumphant -- Defenders of the global economy -- Success stories of the golden age -- Failures of development -- Problems of the global economy…
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    HF1359.F735 2006 c. 1
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    HF1359 .F75 2006
edited by Yung Chul Park and Hugh Patrick with Larry Meissner. 2013 .

"A definitive historical record of financial development for three countries, highlighting the centrality of the financial system in each country's economic development and growth" -- Provided by publisher.
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    HG187 .C6 H685 2013
edited by Yung Chul Park and Hugh Patrick with Larry Meissner. 2013 .

This volume connects the evolving modern financial systems of China, Japan, and Korea to the development and growth of their economies through the first decade of the twenty-first century. It also identifies the commonalities among all three systems while taking into account…
Frances McCall Rosenbluth and Michael F. Thies. 2010 .

Rosenbluth, Frances McCall.

Why study Japanese political economy? -- Japanese history and culture -- Japan's political experiments -- The old Japanese politics, 1955-1993 -- Japan's postwar political economy -- Japan's new politics -- Japan's new political economy -- Japan's place in the world…
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    JQ1631.R67 2010 c. 1
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    JQ1631 .R67 2010
22. The Oxford handbook of banking Book , Online in English
edited by Allen N. Berger, Philip Molyneux and John O.S. Wilson. 2010 .

This handbook provides an overview and analysis of state-of-the-art research in banking written by leading researchers in the field. It strikes a balance between abstract theory, empirical analysis, and practitioner and policy-related material.
edited by Inderjit N. Kaur and Nirvikar Singh. 2014 .

The Pacific Rim is a dynamic as well as diverse economic region, containing the world's three largest economies (US, China and Japan, measured by GDP at PPP). Many of the world's fasting growing and emerging market economies lie in this region. This handbook begins with…
edited by Saadia M. Pekkanen, John Ravenhill, and Rosemary Foot. 2014 .

pt. I INTRODUCTION -- 1. International Relations of Asia / Rosemary Foot -- pt. II THEORETICAL APPROACHES -- 2. Realism and Asia / Michael Mastanduno -- 3. Liberal View of the International Relations of Asia / Stephan Haggard…
edited by Saadia M. Pekkanen, John Ravenhill, and Rosemary Foot. 2014 .

This handbook examines the theory and practice of international relations in Asia. Building on an investigation of how various theoretical approaches to international relations can elucidate Asia's empirical realities, authors examine the foreign relations and policies of major…
Robert Gilpin ; with the assistance of Jean M. Gilpin. 1987 .

Gilpin, Robert.

27. Power of currencies and currencies of power Book , Print in English
edited by Alan Wheatley. 2013 .

Introduction Alan Wheatley -- 1. The origins and use of currency power / Alan Wheatley -- 2. The pretenders to the dollar's crown / Alan Wheatley -- 3. The dollar and US power / John Williamson…
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    HG187.A2 P69 2013
Barry Eichengreen and Masahiro Kawai, editors. 2015 .

note: 1. Introduction and Overview / Masahiro Kawai -- pt. I Context -- 2. Will History Repeat Itself? Lessons for the Yuan / Benjamin J. Cohen -- 3. How Far Can Renminbi Internationalization Go? / Yu Yongding -- pt. II Implications…
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    HG1285 .R47 2015
2015 .
Meet the next global currency: the Chinese renminbi, or the ""redback."" Following the global financial crisis of 2008, China's major monetary policy objective is the internationalization of the renminbi, that is, to create an inter-national role for its currency akin to the…
Stephen Bell, Hui Feng. 2013 .

Bell, Stephen, 1954-

pt. One Aims and Theoretical Context -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Explaining Institutional Change: An Agents-in-Contexts Approach -- pt. Two Institutional Rise of the PBC -- 3. People's Bank in the Shadow of the Plan, 1978-92 -- 4. Monetary Policy in the Shadow of the Plan, 1978-92…
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    HG3336 .B45 2013
Stephen Bell, Hui Feng. 2013 .

Bell, Stephen, 1954-

Part one. Aims and theoretical context. Introduction ; Explaining institutional change : an agents in contexts approach…
editors, Douglas D Evanoff (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, USA), Cornelia Holthausen… 2014 .

I. Special Addresses -- (Changing) Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability Policies / Peter Praet -- Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has It Changed? / Willem H. Buiter -- Pursuing Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve / Janet L. Yellen…
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    HG1811 .R65 2014
Gillian Tett. 2003 .

Tett, Gillian

Kent E. Calder. 1993 .

Calder, Kent E.

1. The Weight of the Past: A Complex Heritage of Control -- 2. The Strategists and Their Tribulations -- 3. The Regulators and Industrial Credit -- 4. Profiles of Public Action -- 5. Private Financiers and Public Functions -- 6. Private Borrowers and Public Credit Controls…