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100.399, Spring 2018

Larson, Pier, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. Africa since 1940: the past of the present Book , Print in English
Frederick Cooper. 2002 .

Cooper, Frederick, 1947-

Priya Lal, Boston College. 2015 .

Lal, Priya,

A postcolonial project in the Cold War world -- Militants, mothers, and the national family -- Uneven development and the region -- Remembering villagization.
Priya Lal. 2015 .

Lal, Priya,

Drawing on a wide range of oral and written sources, this book tells the story of Tanzania's socialist experiment: the ujamaa villagization initiative of 1967–1975. Inaugurated shortly after independence, ujamaa ('familyhood' in Swahili) both invoked established socialist themes…
1. National Culture and Its Others in a Cosmopolitan Capital -- 2. "The Age of Minis": Secretaries, City Girls, and Masculinity Downtown -- 3. Of Students, `Nizers, and Comrades: Youth, Internationalism, and the University College, Dar es Salaam…
<DIV>Study of popular culture in 20th century Tanzania and the state's efforts to control its reach, from regulations that limited access to Hollywood films to bans on mini skirts and soul music.</div>
David L. Perry. 2016 .

Perry, David L., 1959-

"Partly Cloudy : Ethics in War, Espionage, Covert Action, and Interrogation explores a number of wrenching ethical issues and challenges faced by military and intelligence personnel. It provides a robust and practical approach to analyzing ethical issues in war and intelligence…
Emma Hunter. 2015 .

Hunter, Emma, 1980-

"Political Thought and the Public Sphere in Tanzania is a study of the interplay of vernacular and global languages of politics in the era of decolonization in Africa. Decolonization is often understood as a moment when Western forms of political order were imposed on non-Western…
Emily Callaci. 2017 .

Callaci, Emily, 1981-

TANU, African socialism, and the city idea -- "All alone in the big city": elite women, "working girls", and struggles over domesticity, reproduction, and urban space -- Dar after dark: dance, desire, and conspicuous consumption in Dar es Salaam's nightlife…
James R. Brennan. 2012 .

Brennan, James R., Dr.

ch. 1 Native and Non-Native -- Colonial Urbanization and the Legal Foundations of Identity -- ch. 2 Identity and Social Structure in Interwar Dar es Salaam -- ch. 3 Posing the Urban Question -- War, State Intervention, and the Creation of Urban Entitlement…
James R. Brennan. 2012 .

Brennan, James R., Dr.

Taifa is a story of African intellectual agency, but it is also an account of how nation and race emerged out of the legal, social, and economic histories in one major city, Dar es Salaam. Nation and race-both translatable as taifa in Swahili-were not simply universal ideas…
Jonathon Glassman. 2011 .

Glassman, Jonathon.

pt. 1 Introduction -- 1. Rethinking Race in the Colonial World -- 2. Creation of a Racial State -- pt. 2 War of Words -- 3. Secular Intelligentsia and the Origins of Exclusionary Ethnic Nationalism -- 4. Subaltern Intellectuals and the Rise of Racial Nationalism…