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Stuart B. Schwartz. 2008 .

Schwartz, Stuart B.

"It would seem unlikely that one could discover tolerant religious attitudes in Spain, Portugal, and the New World colonies during the era of the Inquisition, when enforcement of Catholic orthodoxy was widespread and brutal. Yet this groundbreaking book does exactly that. Drawing…
Newly translated by Donald M. Frame. 1957 .

Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592.

Benjamin J. Kaplan. 2007 .

Kaplan, Benjamin J.

I. Obstacles -- A holy zeal : Christian piety in the confessional age -- Corpus christianum : the community as religious body -- Flashpoints : the events that triggered violence -- One faith, one law, one king : how religion and politics intersected -- II. Arrangements…
Benjamin J. Kaplan. 2007 .

Kaplan, Benjamin J.

Obstacles -- A holy zeal -- Corpus christianum -- Flashpoints -- One faith, one law, one king -- Arrangements -- The gold coin -- Crossing borders -- Fictions of privacy -- Sharing churches, sharing power -- Interactions -- A friend to the person -- Transgressions -- Infidels…
edited by Mercedes Garcia-Arenal, Gerard Wiegers ; translated by Consuela… 2014 .

The expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain (1609-1614) represents an important episode of ethnic, political and religious cleansing which affected about 300,000 persons. The controversial measure was legimitized by an ideology of religious and political unity that served to defend…
Jane Kamensky. 1997 .

Kamensky, Jane.

"Governing the Tongue explains why the spoken word assumed such importance in the culture of early New England. Author Jane Kamensky re-examines such famous events as the Salem witch trials and the banishment of Anne Hutchinson - as well as the little-known words of unsung…
9. Homosexuality in Renaissance England Book , Print in English
Alan Bray. 1982 .

Bray, Alan,

Alan Bray's Homosexuality in Renaissance England is a milestone work, one of those rare books that can be said to have virtually inaugurated a field of study--and one which remains a standard, comprehensive introduction to the subject. Examining the image of the sodomite in…
edited and translated by Richard L. Kagan and Abigail Dyer. 2004 .

12. Lesbians in early modern Spain Book , Print in English
1. Naming the Silent Sin -- 2. Legal Medical and Religious Approaches to Lesbians in Early Modern Spain -- 3. Criminal Lesbians -- 4. Transgender Lesbian Celebrities -- 5. Special Friendships in the Convent -- 6. Lesbian Desire on Center Stage -- 7. Looking Like a Lesbian.
13. Lesbians in early modern Spain Book , Online in English
14. Milton and toleration Book , Print in English
edited by Sharon Achinstein and Elizabeth Sauer. 2007 .

Revising Whig accounts -- Milton and the European contexts of toleration/ Nigel Smith -- Toleration and the specter of heresy in Milton's England / David Loewenstein -- John Milton, Roger Williams, and the limits of toleration / Thomas N. Corns…
15. Milton and toleration Book , Online in English
edited by Sharon Achinstein and Elizabeth Sauer. 2007 .

15 leading scholars examine the idea of toleration in Milton's poetry & prose. Looking at how Milton himself imagined tolerance & locating his works in their literary, historical, & philosophical context, the essays address central issues including violence, heresy, church…
Biancamaria Fontana. 2008 .

Fontana, Biancamaria.

"Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) is principally known today as a literary figure - the inventor of the modern essay and the pioneer of autobiographical self-exploration who retired from politics in midlife to write his private, philosophical, and apolitical Essais. But, as…
by Carlo Ginzburg ; translated by John and Anne C. Tedeschi. 1983 .

Ginzburg, Carlo.

20. Political writings Book , Print in English
John Locke ; edited and with an introduction by David Wootton. 1993 .

Locke, John, 1632-1704.

21. Politics of religious freedom Book , Print in English
edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Saba Mahmood, and Peter G.… 2015 .

Religious freedom has achieved broad consensus as a condition for peace. Faced with reports of a rise in religious violence and a host of other social ills, public, and private actors have responded with laws and policies designed to promote freedom of religion. But what…
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by Lucien Febvre ; translated by Beatrice Gottlieb. 1982 .

Febvre, Lucien, 1878-1956.

23. The Reformation: a very short introduction Book , Print in English
by Peter Marshall. 2009 .

Marshall, Peter, 1964 October 26-

"The Reformation transformed Europe, and left an indelible mark on the modern world. But what was the Reformation? A force for progress, liberty, and modernity, or for conflict, division, and repression? Over the course of two centuries the relationships between Church and State,…
Stuart Clark. 1997 .

Clark, Stuart.

1. Witchcraft and Language -- 2. Festivals and Sabbats -- 3. Dual Classification -- 4. Contrariety -- 5. Inversion -- 6. The Devil, God's Ape -- 7. Witchcraft and Wit-Craft -- 8. Women and Witchcraft -- 9. Unstable Meanings -- 10. Witchcraft and Science…
Stuart Clark. 1997 .

Clark, Stuart.

Dr Clark offers an interpretation of the witchcraft beliefs of European intellectuals of the period, based on their publication in the field of demonology. This work will increase our understanding of the cultural history of early modern Europe.
Nabil Matar. 1999 .

Matar, N. I. (Nabil I.), 1949-

Presents data about Anglo-Islamic social and historical interactions. This book provides a unique direction in the study of England's geographic imagination. It illuminates the subtleties and interchangeability of stereotype, racism, and demonization that must be taken into…
27. The witchcraft sourcebook Book , Print in English
edited by Brian P. Levack. 2015 .

Witchcraft and magic in the ancient world -- The medieval foundations of witch-hunting -- Witch beliefs in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries -- The trial and punishment of witches -- Witchcraft trials in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries…
28. The witchcraft sourcebook Book , Print in English
edited by Brian P. Levack. 2004 .

note: Pt. I Witchcraft and magic in the Ancient World -- 1. witch of Endor -- 2. sorcery trial in the second century CE -- 3. Curse tablets against Roman charioteers -- 4. Apuleius: the power of witches -- 5. Horace: Canidia as a witch figure -- 6. Love magic in antiquity…
29. The writings of William Walwyn Book , Print in English