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150.403, Spring 2018

Bett, Richard, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Scepticism Book , Online in English
edited by Richard Bett. 2010 .

This volume offers a comprehensive survey of the main periods, schools, and individual proponents of scepticism in the ancient Greek and Roman world. The contributors examine the major developments chronologically and historically, ranging from the early antecedents of scepticism…
2. The Cambridge Companion to Epicureanism Book , Online in English
edited by James Warren. 2009 .

This Companion presents both an introduction to the history of the ancient philosophical school of Epicureanism and also a critical account of the major areas of its philosophical interest. Chapters span the school's history from the early Hellenistic Garden to the Roman Empire…
3. The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics Book , Online in English
edited by Brad Inwood. 2003 .

This unique volume offers an odyssey through the ideas of the Stoics in three particular ways: first, through the historical trajectory of the school itself and its influence; second, through the recovery of the history of Stoic thought; third, through the ongoing confrontation…
4. The Cambridge companion to the Stoics Book , Print in English
edited by Brad Inwood. 2003 .

Introduction: stoicism, an intellectual odyssey / Brad Inwood -- The school, from Zeno to Arius Didymus / David Sedley -- The school in the Roman imperial period / Christopher Gill -- Stoic epistemology / R.J. Hankinson -- Logic / Susanne Bobzien…
edited by Keimpe Algra, Jonathan Barnes, Jaap Mansfeld, Malcolm Schofield. 1999 .

A full account of the philosophy of the Greek and Roman worlds from the last days of Aristotle (c.320 BC) until 100 BC. Hellenistic philosophy, for long relatively neglected and unappreciated, has over the last decade been the object of a considerable amount of scholarly…
[edited by] Gisela Striker. 1974 .

Methods of sophistry -- Epicurus on the truth of sense impressions -- Sceptical strategies -- The Ten Tropes of Aenesidemus -- On the difference between the Pyrrhonists and the Academics -- The problem of the criterion -- Greek ethics and moral theory…
7. The Hellenistic philosophers Book , Print in English
A.A. Long, D.N. Sedley. 1987 .

Long, A. A.

v. 1. Translations of the principal sources, with philosophical commentary -- v. 2. Greek and Latin texts with notes and bibliography.
translated, with introduction and notes, by Brad Inwood and L.P. Gerson. 1997 .

I. Epicureanism -- Ancient Biography of Epicurus -- Extant Letters -- Ancient Collections of Maxims -- Doxographical Reports -- Testimony of Cicero -- Testimony of Lucretius -- Polemic of Plutarch -- Short Fragments and Testimonia from Known Works…
9. The morality of happiness Book , Print in English
Julia Annas. 1995 .

Annas, Julia.

10. The morality of happiness Book , Print in English
Julia Annas. 1993 .

Annas, Julia.

I. The Basic Ideas. 1. Making Sense of My Life as a Whole. 2. The Virtues…
11. The original sceptics: a controversy Book , Print in English
edited by Myles Burnyeat and Michael Frede. 1997 .

The Sceptic's beliefs / Michael Frede -- Can the sceptic live his scepticism? / Myles Burnyeat -- The beliefs of a pyrrhonist / Jonathan Barnes -- The sceptic in his place and time / Myles Burnyeat…
12. Outlines of scepticism Book , Print in English
Sextus Empiricus ; translated by Julia Annas and Jonathan Barnes. 1994 .

Sextus, Empiricus.

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13. Pyrrho, his antecedents, and his legacy Book , Print in English
Richard Bett. 2000 .

Bett, Richard Arnot Home

14. The sceptics Book , Print in English
R. J. Hankinson. 1995 .

Hankinson, R. J.

I. Introduction: Sources and Transmission -- II. The Nature of Scepticism -- III. Precursors -- IV. Pyrrho and the Socratic Tradition -- V. The Scepticism of the Middle Academy -- VI. Carneades and the Later Sceptical Academy…
15. The Stoic life: emotions, duties, and fate Book , Print in English
Tad Brennan. 2005 .

Brennan, Tad, 1962-

16. The Stoic life: emotions, duties, and fate Book , Online in English
Tad Brennan. 2005 .

Brennan, Tad, 1962-

Tad Brennan offers a fascinating guide through the ethical ideas of the original Stoic philosophers and shows how valuable these ideas remain, both intellectually and in practice.
17. Stoics, Epicureans and sceptics Book , Print in English
R.W. Sharples. 1996 .

Sharples, R. W.

Martha C. Nussbaum. 1994 .

Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-

Ch. 1. Therapeutic Arguments -- Ch. 2. Medical Dialectic: Aristotle on Theory and Practice -- Ch. 3. Aristotle on Emotions and Ethical Health -- Ch. 4. Epicurean Surgery: Argument and Empty Desire -- Ch. 5. Beyond Obsession and Disgust: Lucretius on the Therapy of Love…
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