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010.317, Spring 2018

Miranda, Amy, Spring 2018
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Susan E. Alcock, Mariana Egri, and James F.D. Frakes, editors. 2016 .

This book includes nineteen provocative and compelling essays by international scholars-accomplished by rich visual documentation, seven detailed maps, and an extensive bibliography-and represents the latest and most innovative scholarship in the field of art and archaelogy of…
4. Experiencing architecture Book , Print in English , Danish
[Translation from Danish by Eve Wendt. 1962 .

Rasmussen, Steen Eiler, 1898-1990.

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    NA2550 .R38 1962 c. 1
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    NA2550 .R38 1962 c. 2
Juhani Pallasmaa. 2005 .

Pallasmaa, Juhani.

6. Histories of ornament: from global to local Book , Print in English
edited by Gülru Necipoğlu and Alina Payne ; with contributions by Michele Bacci, Anna… 2016 .

Contemporaneity of Ornament in Architecture -- Ornament between Historiography and Theory -- Medieval Mediations -- Early Modern Crosscurrents -- Ornament between Figuration and Abstraction -- Circulations and Translations of Ornament…
Edmund Thomas. 2007 .

Thomas, Edmund (Edmund V.)

"The quality of 'monumentality' is attributed to the buildings of few historical epochs or cultures more frequently or consistently than to those of the Roman Empire. It is this quality that has helped to make them enduring models for builders of later periods, for whom the idea…
8. On collective memory Book , Print in English
Maurice Halbwachs ; edited, translated, and with an introduction by Lewis A. Coser ;… 1992 .

Halbwachs, Maurice, 1877-1945.

9. The poetics of perspective Book , Print in English
James Elkins. 1994 .

Elkins, James, 1955-

1. Into the Maelstrom of Metaphor -- 2. Argus/Polyphemus -- 3. The Harmonious, the Compatible, the Equivalent -- 4. Demonstration, Play, Arcanum -- 5. Curved Foundations -- 6. The Fossilization of Perspective -- Appendix: Mathematics and Perspective.
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    NC750.E441 1994 c. 2
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    NC 750 .E441 1994 c. 1
10. The poetics of space Book , Print in English
Gaston Bachelard ; translated from the French by Maria Jolas ; with a new foreword by… 1994 .

Bachelard, Gaston, 1884-1962.

1. House. From Cellar to Garret. The Significance of the Hut -- 2. House and Universe -- 3. Drawers, Chests and Wardrobes -- 4. Nests -- 5. Shells -- 6. Corners -- 7. Miniature -- 8. Intimate Immensity -- 9. Dialectics of Outside and Inside.
Jaś Elsner. 2007 .

Elsner, Jaś.

"In Roman Eyes, Jas Elsner seeks to understand the multiple ways that art in ancient Rome formulated the very conditions for its own viewing, and as a result was complicit in the construction of subjectivity in the Roman Empire." "Elsner draws upon a wide variety of visual…
12. Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: movement and space Book , Print in English
edited by Ray Laurence and David J. Newsome. 2011 .

Rome, Ostia, Pompeii" captures how studies of the Roman city are currently shifting away from architecture towards a dynamic understanding of activities within the urban space. This is becoming a defining feature of new and innovative research on the nature of ancient urbanism…
by Mircea Eliade ; translated from the French by Willard R. Trask. 1987 .

Eliade, Mircea, 1907-1986

by Mircea Eliade ; translated from the French by Willard R. Trask. 1959 .

Eliade, Mircea, 1907-1986.

16. Sight and the ancient senses Book , Print in English
edited by Michael Squire. 2016 .

"Sight and the Ancient Senses is the first thorough introduction to the conceptualization of sight in the history, visual culture, literature and philosophy of classical antiquity. Examining how Greeks and Romans interpreted what they saw, the collection also considers sight in…
17. Sites unseen: landscape and vision Book , Print in English
edited by Dianne Harris and D. Fairchild Ruggles. 2007 .

"Sites Unseen challenges conventions for viewing and interpreting the landscape, using visual theory to move beyond traditional practices of describing and classifying objects to explore notions of audience and context. While other fields, such as art history and geography, have…
edited by Barney Warf and Santa Arias. 2009 .

Introduction: the reinsertion of space in the humanities and social sciences / Barney Warf, Santa Arias -- Taking space personally / Edward W. Soja…
Ellen Swift. 2009 .

Swift, Ellen.

1. Introduction -- 2. Interiors: Non-figurative Floor Mosaics and Other Domestic Decoration -- 3. Vessels: Articles for Dining and Toiletry -- 4. Dress: Jewellery and Accessories -- 5. Conclusion.
Edward W. Soja. 1996 .

Soja, Edward W.

1. The Extraordinary Voyages of Henri Lefebvre -- 2. The Trialectics of Spatiality -- 3. Exploring the Spaces that Difference Makes: Notes on the Margin -- 4. Increasing the Openness of Thirdspace -- 5. Heterotopologies: Foucault and the Geohistory of Otherness…