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Elizabeth Quay Hutchison, Thomas Miller Klubock, Nara B. Milanich, and Peter Winn,… 2014 .

The Chile Reader makes available a rich variety of documents spanning more than five hundred years of Chilean history. Most of the selections are by Chileans; many have never before appeared in English. The history of Chile is rendered from diverse perspectives, including those…
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    F3081.C485 2014 c. 1
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edited by Richard Boyer, Geoffrey Spurling. 2000 .

The Indians of Tejupan want to raise silk on their own (Oaxaca, Mexico, 1543) -- Land concentration and environmental degradation : town council records on deforestation in Uyumbicho (Quito, 1553-96)…
edited by Ricardo D. Salvatore, Carlos A. Aguirre, and Gilbert M. Joseph. 2001 .

Writing the History of Law, Crime, and Punishment in Latin America / Carlos Aguirre / Ricardo D. Salvatore -- Crime in the Time of the Great Fear: Indians and the State in the Peruvian Southern Andes, 1780-1820 / Charles F. Walker…
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edited by Stuart B. Schwartz ; translated by Clive Willis and Stuart B. Schwartz. 2010 .

"Early Brazil presents a collection of original sources, many published for the first time in English and some never before published in any language, that illustrates the process of conquest, colonization, and settlement in Brazil. The volume emphasizes the actions and…
Randall Lesaffer ; translated by Jan Arriens. 2009 .

Lesaffer, Randall.

"The rediscovery of Roman law and the emergence of classical canon law around AD 1100 marked the beginnings of the civil law tradition in Europe. Between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries, a highly sophisticated legal science of a truly European dimension was developed. Since…
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    KJ147 .L4713 2009 c. 1
Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala ; translated and edited by Roland Hamilton. 2009 .

Guamán Poma de Ayala, Felipe, active 1613.

"One of the most fascinating books on pre-Columbian and early colonial Peru was written by a Peruvian Indian named Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala. This book, The First New Chronicle and Good Government, covers pre-Inca times, various aspects of Inca culture, the Spanish conquest,…
edited by Sueann Caulfield, Sarah C. Chambers, & Lara Putnam. 2005 .

Liberalism, status, and citizenship -- Popular uses of the law -- The policing of public space.
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9. Imperial Spain 1469-1716 Book , Print in English
J.H. Elliott. 1963 .

Elliott, J. H. (John Huxtable)

"J. H. Elliott's work is a study of how a barren, impoverished and isolated country became the greatest power on earth in a few decades, and of its equally sudden decline." "At its greatest Spain was master of Europe: its government was respected, its armies were feared and its…
Roberto Gargarella. 2013 .

Gargarella, Roberto, 1964-

"In this landmark book, Gargarella provides a broadly comparative history of Latin American constitutionalism, informed by constitutional theory. He organizes the book across four major historical periods of Latin American legal history, infusing this history with a discussion of…
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    KG548.G374 2013 c. 1
Colonial period -- Independence and the nineteenth century -- The twentieth century.
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    KG125.M57 2004 c. 1
12. Law: a very short introduction Book , Print in English
Raymond Wacks. 2008 .

Wacks, Raymond.

"Law touches every aspect of our daily lives, yet to many its workings are a mystery. This Very Short Introduction uncovers the rudiments of law, explaining the concepts, terms, and processes of legal systems in a clear, jargon-free manner, and revealing how the law provides a…
Anthony Pagden. 1995 .

Pagden, Anthony.

1. The Legacy of Rome -- 2. Monarchia Universalis -- 3. Conquest and Settlement -- 4. Expansion and Preservation -- 5. Metropolis and Colony -- 6. The Calculation of Benefits -- 7. From Empire to Federation.
Peter Lambert and Andrew Nickson, eds. 2013 .

Hemmed in by the vast, arid Chaco to the west and, for the most of its history, impenetrable jungles to the east, Paraguay has been defined largely by its isolation. Partly as a result, there has been a dearth of serious scholarship or journalism about the country. Going a long…
15. The Peru reader: history, culture, politics Book , Print in English
edited by Orin Starn, Carlos Iván Degregori, and Robin Kirk. 2005 .

The Chavin Cult / Brian Fagan -- Nazca Pottery / Javier Sologuren -- The Huarochirí Manuscript / Anonymous -- Moon, Sun, Witches / Irene Silverblatt -- The Origins of the Incas / Garcilaso de la Vega -- Cloth, Textile, and the Inca Empire / John Murra…
16. Political writings Book , Print in English
Francisco de Vitoria ; edited by Anthony Pagden and Jeremy Lawrance. 1991 .

Vitoria, Francisco de, 1486?-1546.

On civil war -- I-II. On the power of the Church -- On law : lectures on ST I-II. 90-105 -- On dietary laws, or self-restraint (extract) -- On the American Indians -- On the law of war.