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070.423, Spring 2018

Haeri, Niloofar, Spring 2018
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introduced and translated by Michael Sells. 2007 .

Sells, Michael Anthony.

Approaching the Qur'án is a major event in religious publishing. Professor Michael Sells has captured the complexity, power, and poetry of the early suras of the Qur'án, the sacred scripture of Islam. Approaching the Qur'án presents brilliant translations of the short, hymnic…
Caroline Humphrey and James Alexander Laidlaw. 1994 .

Humphrey, Caroline.

1. Introduction -- 2. Jainism and the Puja Ritual -- 3. What Kind of Theory Do We Need? -- 4. The Ritual Commitment -- 5. Getting It Right -- 6. Apprehension and Cognition -- 7. The Disconnection of Purpose and Form -- 8. Looking for Meanings -- 9. Meaning to Mean It…
Webb Keane. 2007 .

Keane, Webb, 1955-

Religion's reach -- Beliefs, words, and selves -- Religion, culture, and the colonies -- Conversion's histories -- Umbu Neka's conversion -- Fetishism and the word -- Modern sincerity -- Materialism, missionaries, and modern subjects -- Text, act, objectifications…
editors, Charles Hefling, Cynthia Shattuck ; editorial advisory board, Colin Buchanan… 2006 .

Introduction: Anglicans and common prayer / Charles Hefling -- 'But one use' : the birth of the classical prayer book -- Worship by the book / Kenneth Stevenson -- Cranmer and common prayer / Gordon Jeanes -- The prayer book 'noted' / Robin A. Leaver…
Jahan Ramazani. 2014 .

Ramazani, Jahan, 1960-

A dialogic poetics : poetry and the novel, theory, and the law -- Poetry and the news -- Poetry and prayer -- Poetry and song.
8. Prayer in Islamic thought and practice Book , Print in English
Marion Holmes Katz. 2013 .

Katz, Marion Holmes, 1967-

Canonical prayer (ṣalat) and supplication (duʻa'): development and rules -- Ṣalat: conditions and components -- Supplication: duʻa' -- Valid prayer and ideal prayer -- Intent (nīya) -- Reverence (khushu') and concentration (ḥuḍūr al-qalb) -- The cultivation of emotion…
9. Questions of anthropology Book , Print in English
edited by Rita Astuti, Jonathan Parry and Charles Stafford. 2007 .

"Each essay in this book starts with a question posed by individual ethnographic experience and then goes on to frame this question in a broader, comparative context. Written in an engaging and accessible style, Questions of Anthropology presents an introduction to the purpose…
10. Ritual and memory: toward a comparative anthropology of religion Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Harvey Whitehouse and James Laidlaw. 2004 .

Divergent modes of religiosity in West Africa / J.D.Y. Peel -- Modes of religiosity and the legacy of Ernest Gellner / David Shankland -- Is image to doctrine as speech to writing? Modes of communication and the origins of religion / Jack Goody…
POETRY TEXTS & ANTHOLOGIES. Timeless and eternal, the poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi is loved the world over, making him the best selling poet from America to Tajikistan. In this beautifully presented volume of new translations, Franklin D. Lewis draws from the great breadth of his…
Angelika Neuwirth. 2014 .

Neuwirth, Angelika,

We are used to understanding the Qur'an as the "Islamic text" par excellence, an assumption which, when viewed historically, is not evident at all. More than twenty years before it rose to the rank of Islamic Scripture, the Qur'an was an oral proclamation addressed by the Prophet…
13. Theory of the lyric Book , Print in English
Jonathan Culler. 2015 .

Culler, Jonathan D.,

note: One. Inductive Approach -- Nine Poems -- Four Parameters -- Two. Lyric as Genre -- Notions Of Genre -- Lyric History -- Lyric Genre -- Three. Theories of the Lyric -- Hegel -- Imitation Speech Acts Or Epideixis? -- Performative And Performance…
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Shahab Ahmed. 2016 .

Ahmed, Shahab, 1966-2015.

"A book that is certain to provoke debate and significantly alter our understanding of Islam, [this work] reveals how Muslims have historically conceived of and lived with Islam as norms and truths that are at once contradictory yet coherent"--Front jacket flap.
T.M. Luhrmann. 2012 .

Luhrmann, T. M. (Tanya M.), 1959-

Psychological anthropologist Luhrmann offers an extended case study examining how believers come to have faith in an active, present God despite secular pressures in contemporary America. Drawing on extensive interviews and personal experience among Vineyard Movement members,…
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