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edited by Raymond Cohen and Raymond Westbrook. 2000 .

"In 1887, a peasant woman stumbled across a 3,000-year-old trove of cuneiform tablets in the ruins at Amarna, in Upper Egypt. The find, mostly letters from foreign kings to the Egyptian court, was part of the palace archive of the mysterious, sun-worshipping Pharaoh Akhenaten.…
3. The Amarna letters Book , Print in English
4. Ancient Egypt: anatomy of a civilization Book , Print in English
Barry J. Kemp. 2006 .

Kemp, Barry J.

"This fully revised and updated edition of the bestselling Ancient Egypt seeks to identify what gave ancient Egypt its distinctive and enduring characteristics, ranging across material culture, the mindset of its people, and social and economic factors. It identifies the ideas by…
Lynn Meskell. 1999 .

Meskell, Lynn.

"Archaeologies of Social Life is a new perspective on everyday life in ancient Egypt. The author provides detailed discussions of new topics of debate, including the body, sexuality and issues of identity, while also addressing some of the traditional questions in archacology…
6. The archaeology of identities: a reader Book , Print in English
edited by Timothy Insoll. 2007 .

Introduction : configuring identities in archaeology / Timothy Insoll -- Archaeologies of identity / Lynn Meskell -- Discourses of identity in the interpretation of the past / Siân Jones -- The politics of identity in archaeology / Michael Rowlands…
Margarita Díaz-Andreu et al. 2005 .

Díaz-Andreu García, Margarita.

'Archaeology of Identity' presents an overview of the five key areas which have recently emerged in archaeological social theory: gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and status. This book reviews the research history of each area, the different ways in which each has been…
8. The art of ancient Egypt Book , Print in English
Gay Robins. 1997 .

Robins, Gay.

"From the awesome grandeur of the great pyramids to the delicacy of a face etched on an amulet, the power of the art of ancient Egypt persists to this day. This beautifully illustrated book conducts us through the splendors of this world, great and small, and into the mysteries…
9. A companion to ancient Egypt Book , Print in English
edited by Alan B. Lloyd. 2010 .

This companion provides the very latest accounts of the major and current aspects of Egyptology by leading scholars. It is delivered in a highly readable style and extensively illustrated; published in two volumes, it offers unprecedented breadth and depth of coverage, giving…
10. Cultural atlas of Ancient Egypt Book , Print in English
by John Baines and Jaromir Malek ; [editor, Graham Speake]. 2000 .

Baines, John, 1946-

"The book is divided into three parts. The first establishes the cultural setting of ancient Egypt, with chapters on its geography, archaeology, history, art and architecture. The central section of the book takes the reader on a journey down the Nile, calling at some 90 sites…
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Alain Zivie. 1990 .

Zivie, Alain-Pierre.

edited by Stephen E. Thompson and Peter Der Manuelian. 2008 .

Preface / by Stephen E. Thompson -- List of contributors -- Leonard H. Lesko: a biographical sketch / Barbara S. Lesko -- Bibliography of Leonard H. Lesko (through 2007) -- Some remarks on the pyramid texts inscribed in the chapel of Amenirdis I at Medinet Habu / Mariam F. Ayad…
13. Egyptian archaeology Book , Print in English
edited by Willeke Wendrich. 2010 .

Egyptian archaeology : from text to context / Willeke Wendrich -- Worship without writing / Stan Hendrickx, Dirk Huyge, and Willeke Wendrich -- Theories of state formation / E. Christiana Köhler -- Kingship and legitimation / Janet Richards…
Donald B. Redford. 2004 .

Redford, Donald B.

Egyptians and Nubians -- The problem of frontiers -- Nubia : Egypt's primary sphere of influence -- "Plotting in their valleys" : the unruly tribesmen -- From chiefdom to state and back again : the final conquest of Kush -- The Egyptian empire in Kush…
15. Fuzzy boundaries: Festschrift für Antonio Loprieno Book , Print in English , German , Italian , French
H. Amstutz [and 4 others] (Hg.). 2015 .

Band I -- Band II.
16. Hommages à Jean Leclant Book , Print in French , English , German , Italian
contributions réunis par Catherine Berger, Gisèle Clerc et Nicolas Grimal. 1994 .

v. 1. Etudes pharaoniques -- v. 2. Nubie, Soudan, Ethiopie -- v. 3. Etudes isiaques -- v. 4. Varia.
Kathryn A. Bard. 2008 .

Bard, Kathryn A.

"This book guides the reader from Egypt's prehistoric past through the pharaonic dynasties and the Greco-Roman Period by providing an overview of ancient Egyptian culture, its monuments, and civilization. The text is enriched by more than 120 color and black-and-white…
18. Libya and Egypt, c1300-750 BC Book , Print in English , French
edited by Anthony Leahy. 1990 .

edited and with an introduction by William Kelly Simpson ; with translations by Robert… 2003 .

21. Mysterious lands Book , Online in English
22. Mysterious lands Book , Print in English
D. O'Connor & S. Quirke. 2003 .

O'Connor, David B.

edited by Nigel Strudwick and Helen Strudwick. 2011 .

Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology Conference (2009 : Cambridge, England)

1. Recent work in the tomb of Nebkauhor at Saqqara / Abdou el-Kerety -- 2. new Old Kingdom rock-cut tomb from Abusir and its Abusir-Saqqara context / Miroslav Barta -- 3. Mastaba core structure: new data from fourth dynasty elite tombs at Abu Rawash / Eric Guerrier…
24. The Oxford history of ancient Egypt Book , Print in English
edited by Ian Shaw. 2000 .

"The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is the only history to provide detailed historical coverage of Egypt from the early Stone Age to its incorporation into the Roman Empire. The essays and beautiful illustrations portray the emergence and development of the distinctive…
edited by Pearce Paul Creasman and Richard H. Wilkinson. 2017 .

edited by Alison E. Rautman. 2000 .

"Classical and anthropological archaeologists share many of the same interests and confront many of the same problems in studying extinct cultures. Despite differences in background and training, scholars in these disciplines are all engaged in analyzing and interpreting the…
28. Religion in ancient Egypt: gods, myths, and personal practice Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Byron E. Shafer ; contributors, John Baines, Leonard H. Lesko, David P.… 1991 .

edited by Benjamin W. Porter and Alexis T. Boutin. 2014 .

1. Introduction: Bringing Out the Dead in the Ancient Near East / Alexis T. Boutin -- 2. Burying Things: Practices of Cultural Disposal at Late Neolithic Domuztepe, Southeast Turkey / Hannah Lau…
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edited by Sue H. D'Auria. 2008 .

editor, Carolyn Graves-Brown ; contributors, Kathlyn M. Cooney ... [et al.]. 2008 .

"This volume offers new research on an essential bur often controversial aspect of life in Dynastic Egypt. Its originality lies in combining research which uses Egyptology's traditional strengths, philological and iconographic, with reflections on material culture and on the…
edited by Jerrold S. Cooper and Glenn M. Schwartz. 1996 .

Prologue / Jerrold S. Cooper and Glenn M. Schwartz -- Constructing Context: The Gebel el-Arak Knife - Greater Mesopotamian and Egyptian Interaction in the Late Fourth Millennium B.C.E. / Holly Pittman -- Art, Empire, and the End of the Late Bronze Age / Betsy M. Bryan…
33. Women in ancient Egypt Book , Print in English
Gay Robins. 1993 .

Robins, Gay.

Stuart Tyson Smith. 2003 .

Smith, Stuart Tyson, 1960-

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