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100.713, Spring 2018

Jones, Martha, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. Balm: a novel Book , Print in English
Dolen Perkins-Valdez. 2015 .

Perkins-Valdez, Dolen,

"Set during the Civil War era and exploring the next chapter of history-the end of slavery-this powerful story of love and healing is about three people who struggle to overcome the pain of the past and define their own future"--
Brittney C. Cooper. 2017 .

Cooper, Brittney C., 1980-

Beyond Respectability charts the development of African American women as public intellectuals and the evolution of their thought from the end of the 1800s through the Black Power era of the 1970s. Eschewing the Great Race Man paradigm so prominent in contemporary discourse,…
Brittney C. Cooper. 2017 .

Cooper, Brittney C., 1980-

Beyond Respectability" charts the development of African American women as public intellectuals and the evolution of their thought from the end of the 1800s through the Black Power era of the 1970s. Eschewing the Great Race Man paradigm so prominent in contemporary discourse,…
Tera W. Hunter. 2017 .

Hunter, Tera W.,

Tera W. Hunter offers the first comprehensive history of African American marriage in the nineteenth century and into the Jim Crow era. She reveals the practical ways couples adopted, adapted, or rejected White Christian ideas of marriage, creatively setting their own standards…
Talitha L. LeFlouria. 2015 .

LeFlouria, Talitha L.

"In 1868, the state of Georgia began to make its rapidly growing population of prisoners available for hire. The resulting convict leasing system ensnared not only men but also African American women, who were forced to labor in camps and factories to make profits for private…
Treva B. Lindsey. 2017 .

Lindsey, Treva B., 1983-

"This project examines New Negro womanhood in Washington, DC through various examples of African American women challenging white supremacy, intra-racial sexism, and heteropatriarchy. Treva Lindsey defines New Negro womanhood as a mosaic, authorial, and constitutive individual…
Home to established African American institutions and communities, Washington, D.C., offered women in the New Negro movement a unique setting for the fight against racial and gender oppression. 'Colored No More' traces how African American women of the late-19th and early 20th…
Contested Bodies explores how the end of the transatlantic trade impacted Jamaican slaves and their children. Examining the struggles for control over biological reproduction, Turner shows how central childbearing was to the organization of plantation work, the care of slaves,…
Marisa J. Fuentes. 2016 .

Fuentes, Marisa J.

Introduction -- Jane : fugitivity, space, and structures of control in Bridgetown -- Rachael and Joanna : power, historical figuring, and troubling freedom -- Agatha : white women, slave owners, and the dialectic of racialized gender…
12. The forgetting tree: a rememory Book , Print in English
Rae Paris. 2017 .

Paris, Rae,

Rebecca J. Scott and Jean M. Hébrard. 2012 .

Scott, Rebecca J. (Rebecca Jarvis), 1950-

1. "Rosalie, Black Woman of the Poulard Nation" -- 2. "Rosalie...My Slave" -- 3. Citizen Rosalie -- 4. Crossing the Gulf -- 5. Land of the Rights of Man -- 6. Joseph and His Brothers -- 7. "The Term Public Rights Should Be Made to Mean Something" -- 8. Horizons of Commerce…
Lisa Ze Winters. 2016 .

Winters, Lisa Ze.

Echo and the myth of origins -- Intimate acts -- Authority, kinship, and possession -- Mapping freedom and belonging.
Thavolia Glymph. 2008 .

Glymph, Thavolia, 1951-

"This book views the plantation household as a site of production where competing visions of gender were wielded as weapons in class struggles between black and white women. Mistresses were powerful beings in the hierarchy of slavery rather than powerless victims of the same…
Aisha K. Finch. 2015 .

Finch, Aisha K.,

"Envisioning La Escalera--an underground rebel movement largely composed of Africans living on farms and plantations in rural western Cuba--in the larger context of the long emancipation struggle in Cuba, Aisha Finch demonstrates how organized slave resistance became critical to…
Sowande' M. Mustakeem. 2016 .

Mustakeem, Sowande' M., 1978-

Introduction: Middle passage studies and the birth of slavery at sea -- Waves of calamity -- Imagined bodies -- Healthy desires, toxic realities -- Blood memories -- Battered bodies, enfeebled minds -- The anatomy of suffering -- A tide of bodies…
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Emily Clark. 2013 .

Clark, Emily, 1954-

ch. One Philadelphia Quadroon -- ch. Two From Menagere to Placee -- ch. Three Con Otros Muchos: Marriage -- ch. Four Bachelor Patriarchs: Life Partnerships across the Color Line -- ch. Five Making Up the Quadroon -- ch. Six Selling the Quadroon.
Clark, Emily. 2013 .
Exotic, seductive, and doomed: the antebellum mixed-race free woman of color has long operated as a metaphor for New Orleans. Commonly known as a ""quadroon,"" she and the city she represents rest irretrievably condemned in the popular historical imagination by the linked sins of…
Tera W. Hunter. 1997 .

Hunter, Tera W.

1. "Answering Bells Is Played Out": Slavery and the Civil War -- 2. Reconstruction and the Meanings of Freedom -- 3. Working-Class Neighborhoods and Everyday Life -- 4. "Washing Amazons" and Organized Protests -- 5. The "Color Line" Gives Way to the "Color Wall"…