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190.343, Spring 2018

Katz, Richard, Spring 2018
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Thomas Poguntke. 1993 .

Poguntke, Thomas.

1. Introduction -- 2. The Characteristics of the New Politics -- 3. The New Politics: A New Political Paradigm or Just a Fad of the Young? -- 4. The New Politics Party: A New Type of Party -- 5. The Electorate of the Green Party -- 6. The Green Party Activists…
edited by Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh. 1988 .

Alan Ware. 1988 .

Ware, Alan.

Moisei Ostrogorski ; edited and abridged by Seymour Martin Lipset. 1964 .

Ostrogorski, M. (Moisei), 1854-1919.

v. 1. England -- v. 2. The United States.
edited by Shaun Bowler and David M. Farrell. 1992 .

"Research on election campaigning has been left to journalists for the most part and available studies have tended to focus only on one country or even just one party, usually the victor. Despite the central importance of elections to representative democracy, there is no…
Stefano Bartolini and Peter Mair. 1990 .

Bartolini, Stefano.

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12. The logic of party democracy Book , Print in English
Alan Ware. 1979 .

Ware, Alan.

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    JF2049 .W281 1979 c. 1
Herbert Kitschelt. 1989 .

Kitschelt, Herbert.

Ian Budge ... [et al.]. 2001 .

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edited by Ferdinand Müller-Rommel. 1989 .

Giovanni Sartori. 1976 .

Sartori, Giovanni, 1924-

[edited by] Mark D. Brewer, L. Sandy Maisel. 2013 .

1. Political Science and the Study of Parties: Sorting Out Interpretations of Party Response / Jeffrey M. Stonecash -- 2. Diminishing Oddness of American Political Parties / Nicol C. Rae…
edited by Richard S. Katz. 1987 .

David Karol. 2009 .

Karol, David, 1969-

"America's two-party system is highly stable, but its parties' issue positions are not. Democrats and Republicans have changed sides on many subjects, including trade, civil rights, defense spending, and fiscal policy and have polarized on newer issues like abortion and gun…
edited by Kay Lawson. 1980 .

26. Political parties in the American mold Book , Print in English
Leon D. Epstein. 1986 .

Epstein, Leon D.

Translated by Barbara and Robert North. With foreword by D. W. Brogan. 1963 .

Duverger, Maurice, 1917-

Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Introduction by Seymour Martin Lipset. 1966 .

Michels, Robert, 1876-1936.

by Arend Lijphart. 1975 .

Lijphart, Arend.

30. Populist radical right parties in Europe Book , Print in English
Cas Mudde. 2007 .

Mudde, Cas.

1. Constructing a conceptual framework -- 2. From conceptualization to classification : which parties? -- 3. Who's afraid of ...? -- 4. Mannerparteien -- 5. It's not the economy, stupid! -- 6. Populist radical right democracy -- 7. "Europe for the Europeans"…
David J. Samuels, Matthew S. Shugart. 2010 .

Samuels, David, 1967-

note: 1. Introduction -- Democracies with Elected Presidents Are Now in the Majority -- Comparative Study of Political Parties and the Missing Variable of Regime-Type -- Clues from Existing Research -- "Presidentialized" versus "Parliamentarized" Parties -- Outline of the Book…
Herbert Kitschelt ; in collaboration with Anthony J. McGann. 1997 .

Kitschelt, Herbert.

note: 1. Contemporary Radical Right: All Interpretative and Explanatory Framework -- 2. Authoritarian Right against the Libertarian Left: Variations in West European Right-Wing Extremism -- 3. France: The National Front As Prototype of the New Radical Right…
Martin P. Wattenberg. 1991 .

Wattenberg, Martin P., 1956-

Peter Mair. 2013 .

Mair, Peter,

"In the long-established democracies of Western Europe, electoral turnouts are in decline, membership is shrinking in the major parties, and those who remain loyal partisans are sapped of enthusiasm. Peter Mair's new book weighs the impact of these changes, which together show…
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37. Visions and realities of party government Book , Print in English
edited by Francis G. Castles and Rudolf Wildenmann. 1986 .

38. Why parties?: a second look Book , Print in English
John H. Aldrich. 2011 .

Aldrich, John Herbert, 1947-

"Since its first appearance fifteen years ago, Why Parties' has become essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the nature of American political parties. In the interim, the party system has undergone some radical changes. In this landmark book, now rewritten for the…