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100.268, Fall 2018

Maciejko, Pawel, Fall 2018
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1. Altered states Video/Film , DVD in English , French
Warner Bros. ; written for the screen by Sidney Aaron ; executive producer, Daniel… 1980 .

Research scientist Eddie Jessup (William Hurt) believes other states of consciousness are as real as everyday reality. Using sensory deprivation, then adding powerful hallucinogenic drugs, he explores these altered states ... and endures experiences that make madness seem a…
2. The Early Kabbalah Book , Print in English , Hebrew
edited and introduced by Joseph Dan ; texts translated by Ronald C. Kiener ; preface by… 1986 .

edited and with an introduction by Bernard McGinn. 2006 .

This clear and comprehensive anthology, culled from the vast corpus of Christian mystical literature by the renowned theologian and historian Bernard McGinn, presents nearly one hundred selections, from the writings of Origen of Alexandria in the third century to the work of…
edited by Joseph Dan. 2002 .

Over 25 selections reflect the remarkable scope of Jewish mysticism, from the visions of Rabbi Akiba and Rabbi Ishmael to the secrets of the Zohar; from apocalyptic, messianic and magical texts to the writings of four contemporary Israeli poets.
5. Major trends in Jewish mysticism Book , Print in English
Gershom Scholem ; foreword by Robert Alter. 1961 .

Scholem, Gershom, 1897-1982.

General Characteristics of Jewish Mysticism -- Merkabah Mysticism and Jewish Gnosticism -- Hasidism in Mediaeval Germany -- Abraham Abulafia and the Doctrine of Prophetic Kabbalism -- Zohar I. The Book and Its Author -- Zohar II. The Theosophic Doctrine of the Zohar…
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    BM723 .S35 1995 c. 1
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translated and annotated by Peter Cole ; co-edited and with an afterword by Aminadav… 2012 .

Karl Rahner. 1983 .

Rahner, Karl, 1904-1984.

Why am I a christian today? -- The spirituality of the future -- The situation of faith today -- Fraternal faith -- The simplicity of faith -- The certainty of faith -- Baptism -- Confirmation -- Institutional piety -- Experiencing transcendence -- Experiencing God…
8. Scivias Book , Print in English
Hildegard of Bingen ; translated by Columba Hart and Jane Bishop ; introduced by Barbara… 1990 .

Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179.

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    BR75.H5 A72 1990 c. 1
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    BR75.H5 A72 1990 c. 1
Tzahi Weiss. 2018 .

Weiss, Tzahi,

In Sefer Yecirah and Its Contexts, Tzahi Weiss explores anew the contested history of Sefer Yecirah, in the process extending our knowledge of Jewish intellectual traditions excluded from rabbinic canon.
10. Showings Book , Print in English , English, Middle (1100-1500)
Julian of Norwich ; translated from the critical text, with an introd., by Edmund… 1978 .

Julian, of Norwich, 1343.

11. The varieties of religious experience Book , Print in English
William James ; [introduction by John E. Smith]. 1985 .

James, William, 1842-1910.

  • Eisenhower B Level
    B945.J23 V2 1985 c. 1
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