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100.364, Spring 2018

Maciejko, Pawel, Spring 2018
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Susan L. Einbinder. 2002 .

Einbinder, Susan L., 1954-

"When Crusader armies on their way to the Holy Land attacked Jewish communities in the Rhine Valley, many Jews chose suicide over death at the hands of Christian mobs. With their defiant deaths, the medieval Jewish martyr was born. With the literary commemoration of the victims,…
David Biale. 2007 .

Biale, David, 1949-

Blood contains extraordinary symbolic power in both Judaism and Christianity--as the blood of sacrifice, of Jesus, of the Jewish martyrs, of menstruation, and more. Yet, though they share the same literary, cultural, and religious origins, on the question of blood the two…
3. Cursing the Christians?: a history of the birkat haminim Book , Print in English , Hebrew
Ruth Langer. 2012 .

Langer, Ruth, 1960-

Origins and early history: late antiquity -- Under early Islam: the period of the Geonim and the geniza -- The birkat haminim in Europe of the High Middle Ages -- Living with censorship?: early modern realities -- The modern period: changes by choice to the text…
Ruth Langer. 2012 .

Langer, Ruth, 1960-

Ruth Langer offers an in-depth study of the birkat haminim, a Jewish prayer for the removal of those categories of human being who prevent the messianic redemption and the society envisioned for it. In its earliest form, the prayer cursed Christians apostates to Christianity,…
edited by Debra Reed Blank. 2011 .

The curious theological grammar of Gaʼal Yisraʼel / Debra Reed Blank -- Seder foods and customs in illuminated medieval Haggadot / Evelyn M. Cohen…
Miri Rubin. 1999 .

Rubin, Miri, 1956-

Introduction -- From Jewish boy to bleeding host -- Patterns of accusation -- Persons and places -- Making the narrative work -- Violence and the trails of memory.
by Hermann L. Strack ; translated from the 8th edition with corrections, new preface and… 1909 .

Strack, Hermann Leberecht, 1848-1922,

Kenneth Stow. 2006 .

Stow, Kenneth R.

Introduction: equality, supersession, and anxiety -- Ambivalence and continuity -- The Bollandists and their work -- Richard of Pontoise and Philip Augustus -- The Jewish version: the Bollandist reconstruction vindicated -- A usable past -- Purity and its discontents…
Jacob Rader Marcus, Marc Saperstein. 2015 .

Marcus, Jacob Rader, 1896-1995,

"First published in 1938, Jacob Rader Marcus's The Jews in The Medieval World has remained an indispensable resource for its comprehensive view of Jewish historical experience from late antiquity through the early modern period, viewed through primary source documents in English…
Gershon David Hundert. 2004 .

Hundert, Gershon David, 1946-

The largest Jewish community in the world -- Economic integration -- The Polish church and Jews, Polish Jews and the Church -- The community -- Was there a communal "crisis" in the eighteenth century? -- The popularization of kabbalah -- Mystic ascetics and religious radicals…
11. The life and miracles of St. William of Norwich Book , Print in English , Latin
by Thomas of Monmouth ; now first edited from the unique manuscript, with an… 1896 .

Thomas, of Monmouth.

12. Microhistory and the lost peoples of Europe Book , Print in English
edited by Edward Muir and Guido Ruggiero ; translated by Eren Branch. 1991 .

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    D21.3.M53 1991 c. 1
  • Eisenhower B Level
    D 21.3 .M531 1991 c. 1
Paweł Maciejko. 2011 .

Maciejko, Paweł, 1971-

ch. 1 In the Shadow of the Herem -- ch. 2 Peril of Heresy, the Birth of a New Faith -- ch. 3 Where Does Frankism Fit In? -- ch. 4 Politics of the Blood Libel -- ch. 5 How Rabbis and Priests Created the Frankist Movement -- ch. 6 Ghosts of the Past, Heralds of the Future…
Bk. 1. Historical Background. I. The Jewish Question. II. The Spanish Scene. III. The Age of Conversions -- Bk. 2. The Reign of Juan II. I. The Struggle for Monarchic Superiority. II. The Great Debate. III. Reverses and Triumphs…
Elliott Horowitz. 2006 .

Horowitz, Elliott S.

"Reckless Rites reassesses the historical interpretation of Jewish violence - from the alleged massacre of thousands of Christians in seventh century Jerusalem to later medieval attacks on Christian symbols such as the crucifix, transgressions that were often committed in full…
estudios reunidos por José Martínez Gázquez y John Victor Tolan. 2013 .

Présenter la Parole de Dieu : pratiques et ornements / Franc̦ois Déroche -- Los precedentes no árabes del calendario islámico y de los momentos para la oración según el Kitāb al-ātār al-bāqiya ʻan al-qurūn al-jāliya de al-Bīrūnī / Maravillas Aguiar Aguilar…
translated from the Portuguese by Martin A. Cohen. 1964 .

Usque, Samuel, active 16th century

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    DS116.U713 1964 c. 1
Magda Teter. 2011 .

Teter, Magda.

Introduction : from sin to crime -- The meaning of the sacred -- Stealing sacred objects -- Prosecuting sins, defending faith -- The making of a Polish Jerusalem -- Protestant heresy and charges against Jews -- Christians on trial, Jews expelled…
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    KKP206 .T48 2011 c. 1
24. Trent 1475: stories of a ritual murder trial Book , Print in English
R. Po-chia Hsia. 1992 .

Hsia, R. Po-chia, 1953-

Foreword / Pearl Berger -- Ch. 1. The Prince-Bishop -- Ch. 2. The Jewish Community -- Ch. 3. The Inquest -- Ch. 4. The Torture Chamber -- Ch. 5. "Blessed Simon Martyr" -- Ch. 6. Theater of Death -- Ch. 7. The Apostolic Commissioner -- Ch. 8. An Ethnography of Blood…
Israel Jacob Yuval ; translated by Barbara Harshav and Jonathan Chipman. 2006 .

Yuval, Israel Jacob.

Introduction : Et major serviet minori (and the elder will serve the younger) -- Rome or Jerusalem : the foundations of Jewish-Christian hostility -- The vengeance and the curse : hostility to Christianity among Ashkenazic Jewry…
26. The vale of tears: Emek Habacha Book , Print in English
Translated plus critical commentary by Harry S. May. 1971 .

Joseph, ha-Kohen, 1496-1578.