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100.680, Fall 2018

Morgan, Philip, Fall 2018
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James C. Scott. 2017 .

Scott, James C.,

An account of all the new and surprising evidence now available for the beginnings of the earliest civilizations that contradict the standard narrative. Why did humans abandon hunting and gathering for sedentary communities dependent on livestock and cereal grains, and governed…
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Molly A. Warsh. 2018 .

Warsh, Molly A.,

"American baroque charts Spain's exploitation of Caribbean pearl fisheries to trace the genesis of its maritime empire. In the 1500s, licit and illicit trade in the jewel gave rise to global networks, connecting the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean to the pearl-producing regions of…
Richard Lyman Bushman. 2018 .

Bushman, Richard L.,

PART ONE. FARM THOUGHT. 1. The Farm Idea. The Life Plans of Family Farmers. 2. A Note on Sources. How Documents Think…
4. The Atlantic in global history, 1500-2000 Book , Print in English
edited by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra and Erik R. Seeman. 2006 .

List of figures -- List of tables -- List of maps -- Acknowledgments -- Notes on contributors -- Foreword / Thomas Bender -- Introduction to the second edition. The Atlantic paradigm matures…
Martha S. Jones. 2018 .

Jones, Martha S.,

"Before the Civil War, colonization schemes and black laws threatened to deport former slaves born in United States. Birthright Citizens recovers the story of how African American activists remade national belonging through battles in legislatures, conventions, and courthouses.…
Daniel Livesay. 2018 .


"By tracing the largely forgotten eighteenth-century migration of elite mixed-race individuals from Jamaica to Great Britain, "Children of Uncertain Fortune" reinterprets the evolution of British racial ideologies as a matter of negotiating family membership. Using wills, legal…
Sam White. 2017 .

White, Sam, 1980-

When Europeans first arrived in North America, they found an often harsh and unfamiliar land in the grip of the coldest age for millennia: the "Little Ice Age." Spanish, French, and English alike faced a century of disasters, setbacks, and failures on the way to their first…
James Delbourgo. 2017 .

Delbourgo, James, 1972-

In 1759 the British Museum opened its doors to the general public--the first free national museum in the world. James Delbourgo's biography of Hans Sloane recounts the story behind its creation, told through the life of a figure with an insatiable ambition to pit universal…
edited by Alan Karras and Laura J. Mitchell. 2017 .

World historians and the future of academic history : a research manifesto / Alan Karras -- Making porous and expansive boundaries : Jerry Bentley, world history, and global publics / Trevor R. Getz -- Teaching world history in a swirl of standards / Merry Wiesner-Hanks…
edited and with an introduction by Jack P. Greene and Craig B. Yirush ; Latin… 2018 .

[Vol. 1] -- [Vol. 2] -- [Vol. 3]
11. Oceanic histories Book , Print in English
edited by David Armitage, Alison Bashford, Sujit Sivasundaram. 2018 .

Introduction : writing world oceanic histories / Sujit Sivasundaram, Alison Bashford and David Armitage -- Part I. Oceans. The Indian Ocean / Sujit Sivasundaram -- The Pacific Ocean / Alison Bashford -- The Atlantic Ocean / David Armitage…
12. The Oxford handbook of world history Book , Print in English
edited by Jerry H. Bentley. 2011 .

Task of World History / Jerry H. Bentley -- pt. I Concepts -- 1. Theories of World History since the Enlightenment / Michael Bentley -- 2. Geographies / Martin W. Lewis -- 3. Periodization / Lugi Cajani -- 4. Modernity / Matthew J. Lauzon…
13. The Princeton companion to Atlantic history Book , Print in English
editor, Joseph C. Miller, University of Virginia ; associate editors, Vincent Brown,… 2015 .

"Between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, the connections among Africa, the Americas, and Europe transformed world history--through maritime exploration, commercial engagements, human migrations and settlements, political realignments and upheavals, cultural exchanges, and…
Allan Greer, McGill University. 2018 .

Greer, Allan,

Introduction: property and colonization -- Part I. Three zones of colonization -- Indigenous forms of property -- Early contacts -- New Spain -- New France -- New England -- Part II. Aspects of property formation -- The colonial commons -- Spaces of property…
15. Rethinking America: from empire to republic Book , Print in English
John M. Murrin ; with an introduction by Andrew Shankman. 2018 .

Murrin, John M.,

"This volume brings together Murrin's seminal essays on the American Revolution, the United States Constitution, and the early American Republic. Collectively, these essays rethink fundamental questions regarding American identity, and the myriad ways that the American Revolution…
Jonathan Gienapp. 2018 .

Gienapp, Jonathan, 1983-

Americans widely believe that the United States Constitution was almost wholly created when it was drafted in 1787 and ratified in 1788. But in a shrewd rereading of the founding era, Jonathan Gienapp upends this long-held assumption, recovering the unknown story of American…
17. The social life of maps in America, 1750-1860 Book , Print in English
Martin Brückner. 2017 .

Brückner, Martin, 1963-

Introducing the social life of American maps -- American mapworks -- The artisanal map, 1750-1815: workshops and shopkeepers from Lewis Evans to Samuel Lewis -- The manufactured map, 1790-1830: centralization and integration from Mathew Carey to John Melish…
18. Surviving slavery in the British Caribbean Book , Print in English
Randy M. Browne. 2017 .

Browne, Randy M.,

note: ch. 1 Slavery and Empire on the Wild Coast -- ch. 2 Challenging the "Right of a Master to Punish" -- ch. 3 Slave Drivers' World -- ch. 4 Marital Discord and Domestic Struggles -- ch. 5 Spiritual Power and the "Bad Business" of Obeah -- ch. 6 Moral Economy of Survival.
19. What is global history? Book , Print in English
Sebastian Conrad. 2017 .

Conrad, Sebastian,

"Until very recently, historians have looked at the past with the tools of the nineteenth century. But globalization has fundamentally altered our ways of knowing, and it is no longer possible to study nations in isolation or to understand world history as emanating from the…
edited by Ignacio Gallup-Diaz. 2017 .

Introduction : Atlantic perspectives -- Part I. Spanish empire; Spanish influences. From monarchy to empire : ideologies, institutions, and the limits of Spanish imperial sovereignty, 1492-1700 / Alexander Ponsen…