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100.602, Spring 2018

Mason, Laura, Spring 2018
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Marisa Linton. 2013 .

Linton, Marisa, 1959-

Choosing Terror: Virtue, Friendship, and Authenticity in the French Revolution examines the leaders of the French Revolution-Robespierre and his fellow Jacobins-and particularly the gradual process whereby many of them came to 'choose terror'. These men led the Jacobin Club…
Timothy Tackett. 2015 .

Tackett, Timothy, 1945-

How and why did the French Revolution's lofty ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity descend into violence and terror? The Coming of the Terror in the French Revolution offers a new interpretation of this turning point in world history. Timothy Tackett traces the inexorable…
5. The French Revolution in global perspective Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Suzanne Desan, Lynn Hunt, and William Max Nelson. 2013 .

pt. I Origins -- 1. Global Underground: Smuggling, Rebellion, and the Origins of the French Revolution / Michael Kwass -- 2. Global Financial Origins of 1789 / Lynn Hunt -- 3. Fall from Eden: The Free-Trade Origins of the French Revolution / Charles Walton…
6. Interpreting the French Revolution Book , Print in English , French
Haim Burstin ; préface de Daniel Roche. 2005 .

Burstin, Haim.

Isser Woloch. 1994 .

Woloch, Isser, 1937-

I. Lawmaking and Local Authority -- II. Political Participation: The First Waves -- III. Political Participation: The Denouement -- IV. Integrating the Villages -- V. State Intervention in Village Life: Budgets, Policing, and Roads…
edited by Joris Oddens, Mart Rutjes, and Erik Jacobs. 2015 .

"Leading historians of the French, Batavian, Helvetic, Cisalpine and Neapolitan revolutions bridge the gap between the historiographies of the so-called 'Sister' Republics. They explore political culture as a set of discourses or political practices. Parliamentary practices, the…
Richard Taws. 2013 .

Taws, Richard, 1977-

"Examines how ephemeral images and objects made in 1790s France mediated the memory of the French Revolution and enabled new forms of political subjectivity"--Provided by publisher.
Amy Freund. 2014 .

Freund, Amy,

"Examines the genre of portraiture and the political and cultural role of images in Revolutionary France. Focuses on portraiture as a privileged site for the elaboration of modern notions of selfhood and political agency"--Provided by publisher.
Susan Maslan. 2005 .

Maslan, Susan, 1963-

Resisting representation: theater and democracy in revolutionary France -- The comic revolution: Molire, Rousseau, Fabre d'Eglantine, and revolutionary antitheatricalism -- Robespierre's eye: revolutionary surveillance and the modern republican subject…
Janet Polasky. 2015 .

Polasky, Janet L.

"Nation-based histories cannot do justice to the rowdy, radical interchange of ideas around the Atlantic world during the tumultuous years from 1776 to 1804. National borders were powerless to restrict the flow of exciting new visions of human rights and universal freedom. This…
Jill Maciak Walshaw. 2014 .

Walshaw, Jill Maciak,

1. La France Profonde? News and Political Information in the Village -- 2. From Emotion Populaire to Seditious Words: Rural Protest in the Ancien Regime -- 3. Bringing Them into the Fold: The Struggle against Ignorance and Dissent in the French Revolution…
20. War, empire and slavery, 1770-1830 Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Richard Bessel, Nicholas Guyatt and Jane Rendall. 2010 .

1. 'Revolutionary Age' in the Wider World, c. 1790-1830 / Richard Bessel / Jane Rendall / Nicholas Guyatt -- 2. Revolutionary Abolitionists of Haiti / C.A. Bayly -- 3. Race and Slavery in the Making of Arab France, 1802-15 / Laurent Dubois…