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100.625, Spring 2018

Shepard, Todd, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
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Sandrine Sanos. 2013 .

Sanos, Sandrine,

The Aesthetics of Hate examines the writings of a motley collection of interwar far-right French intellectuals, showing that they defined Frenchness in racial, gendered, and sexual terms.
edited by Dieter Gosewinkel. 2015 .

note: pt. I Concepts -- 1. Elusiveness of European (Anti-)liberalism / Michael Freeden -- pt. II Anti-liberalism: A Feature of Colonial and Conservative Concepts of Europe -- 2. Europe as a Colonial Project: A Critique of its Anti-liberalism / Fabian Klose…
Janek Wasserman. 2014 .

Wasserman, Janek, 1980-

"Interwar Vienna was considered a bastion of radical socialist thought, and its reputation as Red Vienna has loomed large in both the popular imagination and the historiography of Central Europe. However, as Janek Wasserman shows in this book, a Black Vienna existed as well; its…
David Thackeray. 2013 .

Thackeray, David,

This title offers a new interpretation of the Conservative Party's revival and adaptation to democratic politics in the early 20th century. New insights are provided into how the Conservatives met the challenges provided by class, gender and regional identities and the means by…
Marco Duranti. 2017 .

Duranti, Marco,

This book reconsiders the origins of the European human rights system, arguing that its conservative inventors, foremost among them Winston Churchill, conceived of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) as a means of realizing a controversial political agenda and…
Camilla Schofield. 2013 .

Schofield, Camilla, 1978-

In this radically revisionist reading of the life and political career of Enoch Powell, Camilla Schofield follows Powell's trajectory from an officer in the British Raj to the centre of British politics and then his turn to Ulster Unionism. She argues that Powell and the mass…
David D. Roberts. 2016 .

Roberts, David D., 1943-

"Although studies of fascism have constituted one of the most fertile areas of historical inquiry in recent decades, more and more scholars have called for a new agenda with more research beyond Italy and Germany, less preoccupation with definition and classification, and more…
edited by Emile Chabal. 2015 .

note: pt. ONE French Politics beyond Right and Left -- 1. Great Upheaval: Left and Right in Contemporary French Politics / Pascal Perrineau -- 2. Front National since the 1970s: Electoral Impact and Party System Change / James Shields…
Philip Nord. 2010 .

Nord, Philip G., 1950-

pt. I French Model -- ch. 1 Crisis of the Thirties -- ch. 2 War Years -- ch. 3 Liberation Moment -- pt. II Culture of Quality -- ch. 4 Art and Commerce in the Interwar Decades -- ch. 5 Culture in Wartime -- ch. 6 Culture State.
10. Journal of contemporary history Journal/Newspaper , Online in English
1966 .
An international forum for the analysis of twentieth century European history.
11. The journal of modern history Journal/Newspaper , Online in English
1929 .
Contains articles on history from 1800's to current day.
Geoff Eley. 2013 .

Eley, Geoff, 1949-

Eley engages with Germany's political past in order to evaluate the politics of the present day and to understand what happens when the basic principles of democracy and community are violated.--Cover.
Eley, Geoff. 2013 .
Offering a dynamic and wide-ranging examination of the key issues at the heart of the study of German Fascism, Nazism as Fascism brings together a selection of Geoff Eley's most important writings on Nazism and the Third Reich. Featuring a wealth of revised, updated and new…
Lawrence Black. 2010 .

Black, Lawrence, 1971-

A history of 1950s and 1960s British political culture, exploring ideas, movements and identities bordering social and political change: consumer organisations; campaigns about TV, morality and culture; Young Conservatism; and how political parties used media like TV and was…
Kevin Passmore. 2013 .

Passmore, Kevin.

Providing a new history of parliamentary conservatism and the extreme right in France during the successive crises of the years from 1870 to 1945, this text charts royalist opposition to the newly established Republic, the emergence of the nationalist extreme right in the 1890s…
Kevin Passmore. 2013 .

Passmore, Kevin.

This book provides a new history of parliamentary conservatism and the extreme right in France during the successive crises of the years from 1870 to 1945. In it, Kevin Passmore charts royalist opposition to the newly established Republic, the emergence of the nationalist extreme…
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18. Sex, France, and Arab men, 1962-1979 Book , Print in English
Todd Shepard. 2017 .

Shepard, Todd, 1969-

Did sexual abnormality set the stage for the end of France's presumed "natural" domination of Algeria? The Algerian revolution for independence coincided with the sexual revolution in France, and in this book Todd Shepard argues that these two movements are inextricably…
Thomas Rohkrämer. 2007 .

Rohkrämer, Thomas.

"How could the Right transform itself from a politics of the nobility to a fatally attractive option for people from all parts of society? How could the Nazis gain a good third of the votes in free elections and remain popular far into their rule? A number of studies from the…
Clarisse Berthezène. 2015 .

Berthezène, Clarisse

"This book examines attempts by the Conservative Party in the inter-war years to capture the minds of the new electorate and create a counter-culture to what they saw as the intellectual hegemony of the Left." --P. [4] of cover.
21. Transnational neofascism in France and Italy Book , Print in English
Andrea Mammone, Royal Holloway, University of London. 2015 .

Mammone, Andrea.

"This book describes the establishment, evolution, and international links of the extreme right in one of the main Western European areas. Andrea Mammone details the long journey in the development of right-wing extremism in France and Italy, emphasizing the transfer, exchange,…