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100.330, Spring 2018

Meyer-Fong, Tobie, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. Gui zi lai le: Devils on the doorstep Video/Film , DVD in Chinese , Japanese
Asian Union Film & Entertainment Ltd. ; Fortissimo Films ; produced by Jiang Wen ;… 2000 .

Banned in China, Jiang Wen's ravishingly photographed anti-war epic is set in 1945 in Japanese-occupied rural China where a peasant is forced to shelter two prisoners: one Japanese who wants to die, and his Chinese interpreter who wants to live.
2. Huang tu di: Yellow land Video/Film , VHS in Chinese
The Guangxi Film Studio ; director, Chen Kaige ; screenplay, Zhang Ziliang. 1984 .

The year is 1939. The life of a young peasant girl in Northern Shaanxi province is changed forever by a Communist soldier sent out to collect folk songs for the use of revolutionary armies.
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    Video A1540 c. 1
3. The Japanese colonial empire, 1895-1945 Book , Print in English
edited by Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie ; contributors, Ching-chi Chen ... [et al.]. 1984 .

4. Jiro dreams of sushi Video/Film , DVD in Japanese
Magnolia Pictures ; City Room Films presents a Weaver/Pellegrini and Preferred Content… 2011 .

The 85-year-old Jiro Ono is considered by many to be the world's greatest sushi chef. For most of his life, Jiro has been perfecting the art of making sushi. He works from sunrise to well beyond sunset to taste every piece of fish; meticulously train his employees; and carefully…
5. Kuroi ame: Black rain Video/Film , DVD in Japanese
Imamura puro, Hayashibara gurūpu teikei sakuhin ; haikyū, Tōei Kabushiki Kaisha. 1988 .

  • 黒い雨:Black rain
  • 今村プロ, 林原グループ提携作品 ; 配給, 東映株式会社
This is an unforgettable movie about humanity and survival after the 1945 atomic catastrophe that changed the world forever.
6. Modern Japan Book , Print in English
Peter Duus. 1998 .

Duus, Peter, 1933-

The fall of the Tokugawa order, 1800-1868. Late Tokugawa society -- The political heritage -- Economic and social change -- The fall of the old order -- The pursuit of wealth and power, 1868-1905. Revolution from above -- Protest and dissent -- The turn toward stability…
Katarzyna J. Cwiertka. 2006 .

Cwiertka, Katarzyna Joanna, 1968-

"Katarzyna Cwiertka shows that key shifts in the Japanese diet were, in many cases, a consequence of modern imperialism. Exploring reforms in home cooking and military catering, wartime food management and the rise of urban gastronomy, she reveals how Japan's pre-modern culinary…
edited by Michele M. Mason and Helen J.S. Lee. 2012 .

The shores of the Sorachi River / Kunikida Doppo ; translation by Michele M. Mason -- Writing Ainu out, writing Japanese in : the "nature" of Japanese colonialism in Hokkaido / Michele M. Mason -- Hokkaido Former Natives Protection Law / translation by Richard Siddle…
9. Sasameyuki Video/Film , DVD in Japanese
a Tōhō Kabushiki Kaisha ; kyakuhon Ichikawa Kon, Hidaka Shin'ya ; kantoku Ichikawa Kon. 2011 .

  • 細雪
  • 東宝株式会社 ; 脚本市川崑, 日高真也 ; 監督市川崑
Revolving around the changing of the seasons, The Makioka Sisters follows the lives of four sisters who have taken on their family's kimono manufacturing business, over the course of a number of years leading up to the Pacific War. A graceful study of a family at a turning point…
10. The search for modern China Book , Print in English
Jonathan D. Spence. 2013 .

Spence, Jonathan D.

This text, the classic introduction to modern China for students and general readers, emerged from the author's introductory course at Yale, in which he traced the beginnings of modern China to internal developments beginning in the early 17th century. Strong on social and…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    DS754 .S65 2013 c. 1
    Lost/Withdrawn (MSEL)
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    DS754 .S65 2013 c. 2
    Transit Recall
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    DS754 .S65 2013 c. 3
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    DS754 .S65 2013
11. The search for modern China Book , Print in English
Jonathan D. Spence. 1999 .

Spence, Jonathan D.

Saya Makito ; translated by David Noble ; with a foreword by Mitani Hiroshi. 2011 .

Saya, Makito, 1962-

13. Tampopo Video/Film , Blu-ray in Japanese
seisaku Nyū Senchurī Purodyūsāzu ; sakuhin Itami Purodajushon ; Itami Jūzō kantoku… 1985 .

  • タンポポ
  • 製作 ニュー・センチュリー・プロデューサーズ ; 作品 伊丹プロダクション ; 伊丹十三監督作品 ; 製作, 玉置泰 ; プロデューサー, 細越省吾
"The tale of an eccentric band of culinary ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe"--Container.
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    PN1997 .T3377 2017 c. 1
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14. Tian'an men: The Gate of Heavenly Peace Video/Film , DVD in English
a production of Long Bow Group, produced in association with the Independent Television… 1997 .

Revisits the Tiananmen Square incident of June 4, 1989 and explores the complex political process that led to the protests and the eventual Beijing massacre. Includes still photographs, eyewitness accounts, interviews, and newsreels.
15. War without mercy Book , Print in English
John Dower. 1986 .

Dower, John W.

16. Yin shi nan nü: Eat drink man woman Video/Film , DVD in Chinese
the Samuel Goldwyn Company presents a Central Motion Pictures Corporation production in… 1994 .

A retired master chef and widower is worried about the future of his three unmarried daughters who are skeptical about marriage. Yet he himself surprises them with his secret love affair with a young woman many years his junior.