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190.325, Spring 2018

Zackin, Emily, Spring 2018
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Megan Ming Francis, Pepperdine University. 2014 .

Francis, Megan Ming, 1981-

"Did the civil rights movement impact the development of the American state? Despite extensive accounts of civil rights mobilization and narratives of state building, there has been surprisingly little research that explicitly examines the importance and consequence that civil…
David Cole. 2016 .

Cole, David, 1958-

" From an award-winning legal scholar, a stirring argument about the central role of citizen activists in shaping our nation's constitutional law Who determines whether gay Americans can marry? Who says whether citizens can own guns? And who decides on the fate of prisoners taken…
Mehrsa Baradaran. 2015 .

Baradaran, Mehrsa, 1978-

note: 1. Governments and Banks -- 2. History of the Social Contract -- 3. Banks with a Soul -- 4. How the Other Half Borrows -- 5. Unbanked and Unwanted -- 6. Changing the World without Changing the Rules -- 7. Postal Banking -- 8. Public Option in Banking.
Kitty Calavita. 2010 .

Calavita, Kitty.

Types of society, types of law -- Law in the everyday, everywhere -- The color of law -- Many laws, many orders -- The talk versus the walk of law -- Law and social justice: plus ça change.
6. Law in everyday life Book , Print in English
edited by Austin Sarat and Thomas R. Kearns. 1993 .

Editorial Introduction / Austin Sarat and Thomas R. Kearns -- Beyond the Great Divide: Forms of Legal Scholarship and Everyday Life / Austin Sarat and Thomas R. Kearns -- Abigail Bailey's Coverture: Law in a Married Woman's Consciousness / Hendrik Hartog…
8. When is discrimination wrong? Book , Print in English
Deborah Hellman. 2008 .

Hellman, Deborah, 1963-

"In this book, Deborah Hellman develops a much-needed general theory of discrimination. She demonstrates that many familiar ideas about when discrimination is wrong - when it is motivated by prejudice, grounded in stereotypes, or simply departs from merit-based decision-making -…