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190.443, Fall 2018

Deudney, Daniel, Fall 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. 2081: a hopeful view of the human future Book , Print in English
Gerard K. O'Neill ; [illustrated by Cal Sacks]. 1981 .

O'Neill, Gerard K.

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    CB161 .O53 1981 c. 1
Albert A. Harrison. 2002 .

Harrison, Albert A.

edited and with an introduction by Jim Al-Khalili. 2016 .

Scientists from around the world weigh in on the latest advances in the search for intelligent life in the universe and discuss just what that might look like. Included are essays from a broad spectrum of the scientific community: cosmologists, astrophysicists, NASA planetary…
Denis Cosgrove. 2001 .

Cosgrove, Denis E.

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    G71.5.C68 2001 c. 2
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    G71.5.C68 2001 c. 1
James Clay Moltz. 2012 .

Moltz, James Clay.

To better understand the emerging dynamics of the Asian space race, the author conducts the first in-depth policy analysis of Asia's fourteen leading space programs which, without the close cooperation that is practiced among European states, has become increasingly tense. After…
6. Asteroid: earth destroyer or new frontier? Book , Print in English
Patricia Barnes-Svarney. 1996 .

Barnes-Svarney, Patricia L.

William E. Burrows. 2014 .

Burrows, William E., 1937-

"Presents a realistic, workable plan for defusing a potentially lethal threat from a rogue asteroid or comet. The explosion of a large meteor over Chelyabinsk, Siberia, in February 2013 is just the latest reminder that planet Earth is vulnerable to damaging and potentially…
8. Asteroids: a history Book , Print in English
Curtis Peebles. 2000 .

Peebles, Curtis.

"Covering all aspects of asteroid investigation, Curtis Peebles shows how ideas about the orbiting boulders have evolved. He describes how such phenomena as the Moon's craters and dinosaur extinction were gradually, and by some scientists grudgingly, accepted as the results of…
Everett C. Dolman. 2002 .

Dolman, Everett C., 1958-

"This book identifies and evaluates the relationship between outer-space geography and geographic position (astrogeography), and the evolution of current and future military space strategy. In doing so, it explores five primary propositions." "Astropolitik does not advocate an…
11. Battle for space Book , Print in English
Curtis Peebles ; consultant, Kenneth Gatland. 1983 .

Peebles, Curtis.

Introducing the battle for space -- Military space systems -- The nuclear factor -- The origins of anti-satellites -- The anti-satellite race -- Lasers -- Particle beam weapons -- Conclusion.
Steven J. Dick. 1996 .

Dick, Steven J.

Throughout the twentieth century, from the furor over Percival Lowell's claim of canals on Mars to the sophisticated Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, otherworldly life has often intrigued and occasionally consumed science and the public. Does 'biological law' reign…
14. Colonies in space Book , Print in English
T.A. Heppenheimer ; produced by Richard C. Mesce ; original painting for jacket by Don… 1977 .

Heppenheimer, T. A., 1947-

16. Confrontation in space Book , Print in English
G. Harry Stine ; introduction by Herman Kahn. 1981 .

Stine, G. Harry (George Harry), 1928-1997.

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    UG1530 .S741 1981 c. 1
Dave Baiocchi, William Welser. 2010 .

Baiocchi, Dave.

"Orbital debris represents a growing threat to the operation of man-made systems in space. There are currently hundreds of thousands of debris objects greater than one centimeter in diameter in Earth's orbit, and the collision of any one of these objects with an operational…
edited by Alexander T.J. Lennon. 2002 .

Introduction : modernizing strategic nuclear debates / Alexander T. J. Lennon -- Pt. I. U.S. national missile defense : when and how? The politics : how did we get here? / Michael Nacht -- A call to deploy / Stephen J. Hadley -- A defense that will not defend / Richard L. Garwin…
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    JX1954 .C65 no.1 c. 1
Wayne Biddle. 2009 .

Biddle, Wayne.

A stunning investigation of the roots of the first moon landing forty years ago, this illuminating story of the dawn of the space age reaches back to the reactionary modernism of the Third Reich, using the life of "rocket scientist" Wernher von Braun as its narrative path through…
William E. Burrows. 1986 .

Burrows, William E., 1937-

Chris Impey. 2016 .

Impey, Chris.

Dreams of Other Worlds describes the unmanned space missions that have opened new windows on distant worlds. Spanning four decades of dramatic advances in astronomy and planetary science, this stunningly illustrated book tells the story of eleven iconic exploratory missions and…
Kelly Oliver. 2015 .

Oliver, Kelly, 1958-

Critically engaging the work of Immanuel Kant, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques Derrida together with her own observations on contemporary politics, environmental degradation, and the pursuit of a just and sustainable world, Kelly Oliver lays the groundwork for a…
Robert Zubrin. 1999 .

Zubrin, Robert.

Ch. 1 On the Threshold of the Universe -- Ch. 2 Age of Dinosaurs -- Ch. 3 New Space Race -- Ch. 4 Doing Business on Orbit -- Ch. 5 View from the Moon -- Ch. 6 Mars: The New World -- Ch. 7 Asteroids for Good and Evil -- Ch. 8 Settling the Outer Solar System…
Matt Bille and Erika Lishock ; foreword by James A. Van Allen. 2004 .

Bille, Matt, 1959-

Introduction: The Race to Valhalla -- 1. Laying the Foundations: From Kepler to the Cold War -- 2. Origins of the U.S. Satellite Program -- 3. The Dream of Sergey Korolev -- 4. Turning Point: The Stewart Committee -- 5. The Trials of Project Vanguard -- 6. Russia Triumphant…
Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York. 2018 .

Kaku, Michio,

"Formerly the domain of fiction, moving human civilization to the stars is increasingly becoming a scientific possibility--and a necessity. Whether in the near future due to climate change and the depletion of finite resources, or in the distant future due to catastrophic…
Olle Häggström. 2016 .

Häggström, Olle,

The 21st century will most likely see even more revolutionary changes than the 20th, due to advances in science, technology and medicine. Particular areas where extraordinary and perhaps disruptive advances can be expected include biotechnology, nanotechnology, and machine…
34. The high frontier: human colonies in space Book , Print in English
by Gerard K. O'Neill. 1977 .

O'Neill, Gerard K.

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    TL795.7 .O531 1977 c. 1
36. Imagining Mars: a literary history Book , Print in English
Robert Crossley. 2011 .

Crossley, Robert.

1. Meaning of Mars -- 2. Dreamworlds of the Telescope -- 3. Inventing a New mars -- 4. Percival Lowell's Mars -- 5. Mars and Utopia -- 6. H. G. Wells and the Great Disillusionment -- 7. Mars and the Paranormal -- 8. Masculinist Fantasies -- 9. Quite in the Best Tradition…
37. Impact!: the threat of comets and asteroids Book , Print in English
Gerrit L. Verschuur. 1996 .

Verschuur, Gerrit L., 1937-

Duncan Lunan. 2014 .

Lunan, Duncan, 1945-

"Lately there have been more and more news stories on objects from space such as asteroids, comets, and meteors whizzing past Earth. One even exploded in the atmosphere over a Russian city in 2012, causing real damage and injuries. Impacts are not uncommon in our Solar System,…
Valerie Olson. 2018 .

Olson, Valerie, 1963-

"This book reveals how outer space contributes the scope and scale of today's natural and social environments. With access to spaceflight worksites ranging from astronaut training programs to life science labs, Valerie Olson examines how U.S. experts work within the solar system…
41. John F. Kennedy and the race to the moon Book , Print in English
John M. Logsdon. 2010 .

Logsdon, John M., 1937-

On May 25, 1961, President John Kennedy declared: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth." Over his remaining time in the White House, JFK actively involved…
Karl S. Guthke ; translated by Helen Atkins. 1990 .

Guthke, Karl Siegfried, 1933-

Alexander MacDonald. 2017 .

MacDonald, Alexander C.,

An economic historian argues that privately funded space exploration is not a new development, but a trend beginning with the astronomical observatories of the nineteenth century Over the last half-century there has been a rapid expansion in commerce off the surface of our…
Greg Klerkx. 2004 .

Klerkx, Greg.

Greg Klerlx argues that ever since the last human left the moon in 1972, the Space Age has been stuck in the wrong orbit, and NASA, the organization that once fueled the world's space-faring hopes, has been largely responsible for keeping it there. With the loss of the space…
David Waltham. 2014 .

Waltham, David.

Science tells us that life elsewhere in the Universe is increasingly likely to be discovered. But in fact the Earth may be a very unusual planet - perhaps the only one like it in the entire visible Universe. In Lucky Planet David Waltham asks why, and comes up with some…
Erik Seedhouse. 2009 .

Seedhouse, Erik.

Lunar Outpost provides a detailed account of the various technologies, mission architectures, medical requirements and training needed to return humans to the Moon within the next decade. It focuses on the means by which a lunar outpost will be constructed and also addresses…
Paula Berinstein. 2002 .

Berinstein, Paula,

Space tourism? : where'd they come up with an idea like that? -- Tom Rogers : moving space tourism from page zero to page one -- Harvey Wichman : you can't throw your socks on the floor in a spacecraft -- Space and the body : are we robust enough to venture out?…