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010.418, Spring 2018

Zchomelidse, Nino, Spring 2018
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1. Beziehungsreiche Gewebe: Textilien im Mittelalter Book , Print , Conference in German
Kristin Böse, Silke Tammen (Hrsg.). 2012 .

Jenseits der von ihnen zur Erscheinung gebrachten Bilder und Zeichen reizen mittelalterliche Textilien die Wahrnehmung durch ihre kostbare, mal diaphane, mal schimmernde und plastische Materialität. Die hier versammelten Beiträge untersuchen Bildteppiche, Paramente und andere…
edited by Richard Shone, John-Paul Stonard. 2013 .

"Which were the books that shaped art history as it developed in the twentieth century? This pioneering volume is a concise and brilliant study of the discipline of Art History and an invaluable resource for students, teachers, bibliophiles and all those interested in visual…
Thomas F. Mathews, with Norman E. Muller. 2016 .

Mathews, Thomas F.,

"In a study of sixty neglected panel paintings from Roman Egypt, the authors present evidence for a lost link between the panel-painting tradition of Greek antiquity and Christian paintings of Byzantium and the Renaissance"--Provided by publisher.
4. Ethiopian art: the Walters Art Museum Book , Print in English
[edited by Deborah E. Horowitz ; photography by Susan Tobin ; foreword by Gary Vikan ;… 2001 .

Foreword / Gary Vikan -- The Ethiopian collection of the Walters Art Museum / Kelly M. Holbert -- Important dates -- Map -- Daily life and religious practices in Ethiopia / Getatchew Haile -- Ethiopian art history / Jacques Mercier…
6. The icon: holy images, 6th to 14th century Book , Print in English
by Kurt Weitzmann. 1978 .

Weitzmann, Kurt, 1904-1993.

edited by Angeliki Lymberopoulou. 2011 .

Leslie Brubaker : biography and published works / Kalliroe Linardou -- Preface / Angeliki Lymberopoulou -- "Seeing's believing but feeling's the truth" : touch and the meaning of Byzantine art / Liz James…
8. Late antique and medieval art of the Mediterranean world Book , Online , Print in English
edited by Eva R. Hoffman. 2007 .

The changing nature of Roman art and the art-historical problem of style / Jás Elsner -- Good and bad images from the synagogue of Dura Europos : contexts, subtexts, intertexts / Annabel Jane Wharton -- Exotic taste : the lure of Sasanian Persia / Anna Gonosová…
Hans Belting ; translated by Edmund Jephcott. 1996 .

Belting, Hans.

Introduction -- The icon from a modern perspective and in light of its history -- Why images? : imagery and religion in late antiquity -- Heavenly images and earthly portraits : St. Luke's picture and "unpainted" originals in Rome and the Eastern Empire…
Paroma Chatterjee, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 2014 .

Chatterjee, Paroma, 1978-

"Explores the development and diffusion of the vita image which emerged in Byzantium in the twelfth century and spread to Italy and beyond"--
Paroma Chatterjee. 2014 .

Chatterjee, Paroma, 1978-

"Explores the development and diffusion of the vita image which emerged in Byzantium in the twelfth century and spread to Italy and beyond"--
edited by Ivan Foletti and Erik Thunø ; with the collaboration of Adrien Palladino. 2016 .

The volume serves as an introduction to what its editors have chosen to call the "artistic cultures" prevalent during the Middle Ages in the region of the South Caucasus. Although far from comprehensive in terms of material, chronology and geography, the volume intends to raise…
Urte Krass. 2012 .

Krass, Urte.

During the period of transformation in the early Renaissance, the cults of saints and relics were also exposed to an extensive process of development. The present study examines the changing images, positioning them in the context of pictorial concepts.
Bissera Pentcheva. 2010 .

Pentcheva, Bissera V.

Today we take the word "icon" to mean "a sign," or we equate it with portaits of Christ and the saints. In The Sensual Icon, Bissera Pentcheva demonstrates how icons originally manifested the presence of the Holy Spirit in matter. --
edited by Anastasia Lazaridou. 2012 .

Late Antiquity: A Period of Cultural Interaction / Jas Elsner -- Rise of Christianity: From Recognition to Authority / Averil Cameron -- Urban Setting / Helen Saradi-Mendelovici -- Transition from Paganism to Christianity: The Numismatic Evidence / Ioannis P. Touratsoglou…
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