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040.121, Fall 2018

Yatromanolakis, Dimitrios, Fall 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. Achilles Book , Print in English
Marta González González. 2018 .

González González, Ma. Marta (María Marta),

note: WHY ACHILLES? -- 1. Introducing Achilles -- KEY THEMES -- 2. Origins Of The Trojan War, The Origin Of Achilles -- 3. Man's World: Achilles' Emotions -- 4. Achilles' Sacrificial Victims -- 5. Gender And Sexuality -- 6. Fury Subdued: To Forget, To Forgive…
2. Aeschylus: the Oresteia Book , Print in English
Simon Goldhill. 1992 .

Goldhill, Simon.

3. Aeschylus, the Oresteia Book , Print in English
Simon Goldhill. 2004 .

Goldhill, Simon.

"Simon Goldhill focuses on the play's themes - justice, sexual politics, violence, and the role of man in ancient Greek culture - in this general introduction to Aeschylus' Oresteia, one of the most important and influential of all Greek dramas. After exploring how Aeschylus…
4. Apollo Book , Print in English
Fritz Graf. 2009 .

Graf, Fritz.

Apollo is a comprehensive study of the Greek god in all his aspects, from the first attestations of his myth and worship to his reception in modern European and American culture. Fritz Graf uses literary texts, inscriptions, and archaeological finds to develop the complex image…
5. Dionysos Book , Print in English
Richard Seaford. 2006 .

Seaford, Richard.

Why Dionysos? -- Introducing Dionysos -- Key themes -- Nature -- Communality -- Epiphany -- Mystery-cult -- Death -- Theatre -- Psychology and philosophy -- Christianity -- Dionysos afterwards -- After antiquity -- Dionysos and money, then and now.
Timothy Gantz. 1993 .

Gantz, Timothy.

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Karl Kilinski II. 2013 .

Kilinski, Karl.

"Greek myth has played an unparalleled role in the formation of Western visual traditions, for which it has provided a nearly inexhaustible source of forms, symbols, and narratives. This richly illustrated book examines the legacy of Greek mythology in Western art from the…
8. Herakles Book , Print in English
Emma Stafford. 2012 .

Stafford, Emma.

Telling the story -- Synopsis of the myth -- Explaining Herakles -- Contexts and sources -- Overview -- 1. Monsters And The Hero I: The Twelve Labours -- strong man figure and monster-fighting -- Development of the canon of labours -- Individual labours -- Overview…
9. Hermes Book , Print in English
Arlene Allan. 2018 .

Allan, Arlene,

note: Why Hermes? -- Introducing Hermes -- Key Themes -- 1. Talents -- 2. Transmissions -- 3. Transitions -- 4. Transactions -- 5. Transpositions -- 6. Transcendence -- 7. Translations -- Hermes Afterwards -- 8. Transformations I: Other Mercurys…
10. Homer: the Odyssey Book , Print in English