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040.126, Spring 2018

Yatromanolakis, Dimitrios, Spring 2018
MSEL Reserves
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1. Alexander Video/Film , DVD in English
Warner Bros. Pictures and Intermedia Films present a Moritz Borman production ; in… 2005 .

The story of Alexander the Great, who in 4th century BC conquered ninety percent of the known world of the time by defeating Greece, Persia, Afghanistan, and India in just eight years.
2. Aphrodite Book , Print in English
Monica S. Cyrino. 2010 .

Cyrino, Monica Silveira.

WHY APHRODITE? -- 1. Introducing Aphrodite -- Who is Aphrodite? -- Aphrodite emerges -- evidence for Aphrodite -- Overview -- KEY THEMES -- 2. Birth, Origins, Names -- Birth -- castration of Ouranos -- Daughter of Zeus and Dione -- Origins -- Near Eastern Aphrodite…
3. Apollo Book , Print in English
Fritz Graf. 2009 .

Graf, Fritz.

Apollo is a comprehensive study of the Greek god in all his aspects, from the first attestations of his myth and worship to his reception in modern European and American culture. Fritz Graf uses literary texts, inscriptions, and archaeological finds to develop the complex image…
4. Artemis Book , Print in English
Stephanie Lynn Budin. 2016 .

Budin, Stephanie Lynn,

note: 1. Early History Of Artemis -- 2. Childhood And Perpetual Virginity Of Artemis -- 3. Artemis Of The Wilds -- 4. Artemis And Children -- 5. Artemis And Women -- 6. Artemis As Goddess Of Plague And Cruelty -- 7. Some Underappreciated Aspects Of Artemis…
5. Athena Book , Print in English
Susan Deacy. 2008 .

Deacy, Susan.

In this definitive assessment of the various representations and approaches to Athena, Susan Deacy does what no other has done before and brings all the aspects of this legendary figure into one, outstanding study. A survey of one of the most enduringly popular of ancient…
edited by Stephen Salkever. 2009 .

Homer and political thought / Dean Hammer -- Foundings vs. constitutions: ancient tragedy and the origins or political community / Arlene W. Saxonohouse…
7. The Cambridge companion to Plato's Republic Book , Print in English
edited by G.R.F. Ferrari. 2007 .

1. protreptic rhetoric of the Republic / Harvey Yunis -- 2. place of the Republic in Plato's political thought / Christopher Rowe -- 3. Rewriting the poets in Plato's characters / David K. O'Connor -- 4. Wise guys and smart alecks in Republic 1 and 2 / Roslyn Weiss…
8. Collected ancient Greek novels Book , Print in English , Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
edited by B.P. Reardon. 1989 .

9. Dionysos Book , Print in English
Richard Seaford. 2006 .

Seaford, Richard.

Why Dionysos? -- Introducing Dionysos -- Key themes -- Nature -- Communality -- Epiphany -- Mystery-cult -- Death -- Theatre -- Psychology and philosophy -- Christianity -- Dionysos afterwards -- After antiquity -- Dionysos and money, then and now.
translated with introduction and notes by M.L. West. 1993 .

Seventh Century. Archilochus. Semonides. Callinus. Eumelus. Tyrtaeus. Mimnermus -- Seventh to Sixth Century. Alcman. Sappho. Alcaeus or Sappho. Alcaeus. Theognis. Solon. Attributed to Homer: Margites. Aristoxenus…