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010.222, Fall 2018

Miranda, Amy, Fall 2018
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1. Approaching monumentality in archaeology Book , Print in English
edited by James F. Osborne. 2014 .

Monumentality is a human phenomenon that has occurred in nearly all times and places. Because of its ubiquity, monumentality is something that has been studied by a large number of disciplines and individuals. 'Approaching monumentality in archaeology' explores the phenomenon of…
2. Art and rhetoric in Roman culture Book , Print in English
[edited by] Jaś Elsner and Michel Meyer. 2014 .

"Rhetoric was fundamental to education and to cultural aspiration in the Greek and Roman worlds. It was one of the key aspects of antiquity that slipped under the line between the ancient world and Christianity erected by the early Church in late antiquity. Ancient rhetorical…
3. Cultural memories in the Roman Empire Book , Print in English
edited by Karl Galinsky and Kenneth Lapatin. 2015 .

"Fifteen essays address the cultural artifacts of ancient Rome through the lens of memory studies, bringing together such diverse disciplines as art and archeology, history, religion, literature, sociology, media studies, and neuroscience"--Provided by publisher.
John Pollini. 2012 .

Pollini, John.

note: I. Ritualizing Death in Republican Rome: Memory, Religion, Class Struggle, and the Wax Ancestral Mask Tradition's Origin and Influence on Veristic Portraiture -- II. Leader and the Divine: Official and Nonofficial Modes of Representation…
Iain Ferris. 2009 .

Ferris, I. M. (Iain M.)

1. Meditations on War -- 2. To Honour Famous Men -- 3. Fifth Good Emperor -- 4. Hard Rain -- 5. Scream -- 6. Power and Gender -- 7. Hate and War -- 8. Managing Difference -- 9. Touching from a Distance.
Rachel Meredith Kousser. 2008 .

Kousser, Rachel Meredith, 1972-

"In this book, Rachel Kousser draws on contemporary reception theory to present a new approach to Hellenistic and Roman ideal sculpture. She analyzes the Romans' preference for retrospective, classicizing statuary based on Greek models as opposed to the innovative creations…
7. I, Claudia: women in ancient Rome Book , Print in English
Diana E. E. Kleiner and Susan B. Matheson, editors. 1996 .

Clifford Ando. 2000 .

Ando, Clifford, 1969-

"Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire argues that the longevity of the empire rested not on Roman military power, but on a gradually realized consensus that Roman rule was justified. This consensus was itself the product of a complex conversation between…
David J. Mattingly. 2011 .

Mattingly, D. J.

pt. ONE Imperialisms and Colonialisms -- 1. From Imperium to Imperialism: Writing the Roman Empire -- 2. From One Colonialism to Another: Imperialism and the Maghreb -- pt. TWO Power -- 3. Regime Change, Resistance, and Reconstruction: Imperialism Ancient and Modern…
10. The language of images in Roman art Book , Print in English
Tonio Hölscher ; translated by Anthony Snodgrass and Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass ; with… 2004 .

Hölscher, Tonio.

Miranda Marvin. 2008 .

Marvin, Miranda.

"Since the Renaissance it has been the general belief that almost all Roman sculptures depicting ideal figures such as gods, personifications, and figures from myth were nothing but copies of Greek originals." "Miranda Marvin treats the place of Roman sculpture both in its own…
13. The Oxford handbook of Roman sculpture Book , Print in English
edited by Elise A. Friedland and Melanie Grunow Sobocinski ; with Elaine K. Gazda. 2015 .

note: pt. I Collecting, Conservation, And Display -- 1.1. Collecting in Premodern Europe / Elizabeth Bartman -- 1.2. Conservation and Restoration / Jerry Podany -- 1.3. Collecting in Early America / Hima Mallampati Gleason…
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16. Representations of war in ancient Rome Book , Print in English
edited by Sheila Dillon, Katherine E. Welch. 2006 .

The transformation of victory into power / Tonio Hölscher -- Siege narrative in Livy / Jonathan P. Roth -- Roman aesthetics and the spoils of Syracuse / Myles McDonnell -- Domi militiaeque : Roman domestic aesthetics and war booty in the Republic / Katherine E. Welch…
17. Roman art Book , Print in English
Paul Zanker ; translated by Henry Heitmann-Gordon. 2010 .

Zanker, Paul.

1. New Art Based on Greek Forms -- Hellenistic Culture Changes the Lifestyle of Roman Aristocrats -- New Spaces for Images: The Villa as the Locus of Otium -- Sculptures of the Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum -- Opening Up Worlds of the Imagination…
Christopher H. Hallett. 2005 .

Hallett, Christopher H.

20. Roman portraits in context Book , Print in English
Jane Fejfer. 2008 .

Fejfer, Jane.

"No other monumental art form was so widely disseminated throughout the Roman Empire as the portrait statue, and its impact on city life was crucial. By combining a wide socio-historical perspective with a close reading of individual images, their setting, and their inscribed…
21. Roman sculpture Book , Print in English
Diana E.E. Kleiner. 1992 .

Kleiner, Diana E. E.

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22. The social history of Roman art Book , Print in English
Peter Stewart. 2008 .

Stewart, Peter, 1971-

"The character of Roman art history has changed in recent years. More than ever before, it is concerned with the role of art in ancient society, including the functions that it served and the values and assumptions that it reflects. At the same time, images have become centrally…
Peter Stewart. 2003 .

Stewart, Peter, 1971-

Defining statues in word and image -- The appearance of statues -- Portrait statues and the statuesque -- The other population of Rome -- Statues in the empire -- Simulacra and signa -- The private sphere -- Touching statues.
edited by Barbara Sidwell, Danijel Dzino. 2010 .

1. "Introduction: Power and Emotions" / Barbara Sidwell -- Power -- Emotions -- Chapters -- Bibliography -- 2. "St. Jerome's Struggle for Control: an Approach" / Ron Newbold -- Bibliography…
Jennifer Trimble. 2011 .

Trimble, Jennifer, 1965-

"Why did Roman portrait statues, famed for their individuality, repeatedly employ the same body forms? The complex issue of the Roman copying of Greek 'originals' has so far been studied primarily from a formal and aesthetic viewpoint. Jennifer Trimble takes a broader…