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100.756, Fall 2018

Meyer-Fong, Tobie, Fall 2018
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David A. Bello, Washington and Lee University. 2016 .

Bello, David Anthony, 1963-

The multicultural Qing is reconsidered in "multi-ecological" terms of three borderland case studies from northeastern Manchuria, south-central Inner Mongolia, and southwestern Yunnan. Human pursuit of game, tending of livestock, and susceptibility to disease vectors required…
Seunghyun Han. 2016 .

Han, Seunghyun, 1970-

"By analyzing the social and cultural interplay between state power and local elites of Suzhou, a city renowned for its economic prosperity and local pride, from the eighteenth to the early nineteenth century, this illuminates the significance of this period in the reformulation…
Michael Szonyi. 2017 .

Szonyi, Michael,

An innovative look at how families in Ming dynasty China negotiated military and political obligations to the state. How did ordinary people in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) deal with the demands of the state? In The Art of Being Governed, Michael Szonyi explores the myriad ways…
Xia Shi. 2018 .

Shi, Xia, 1979-

Introduction -- Beyond a personal virtue -- Being female philanthropists -- Reaching out to women in the home -- Women interacting with the YWCA -- Redefining Confucian gender doctrines -- Women, superstition, and the reorientation toward charity -- Epilogue.
Elena Suet-Ying Chiu. 2018 .

Chiu, Elena Suet-Ying, 1974-

"The first full-length study in English of zidishu, an important storytelling and performance genre rooted in the hybrid, popular culture of Qing dynasty Beijing, which was associated with the culture of the Qing bannermen--the Manchu's military and administrative personnel.…
Kwangmin Kim. 2016 .

Kim, Kwangmin,

Beg, empire, and agrarian developments in Central Asia, 1500-1750 -- Capitalist imperatives : imperial interconnections and the oasis local economy, 1759-1825 -- The "holy wars" of the uprooted, 1826-1830 -- The "just and liberal rule" of Zuhur Al-Din, 1831-1846…
Hans van de Ven. 2014 .

Van de Ven, Hans J.

ch. One Birth of a Chameleon -- ch. Two Robert Hart's Panopticon -- ch. Three Customs Service During the Self-Strengthening Movement, 1870--1895 -- ch. Four Rise of the Bond Markets: The Customs Service Becomes a Debt Collector, 1895--1914 -- ch. Five Imperium in Imperio, 191…
Hu Ying. 2016 .

Hu, Ying, 1962-

"A linked biographical study of the enduring friendship of three women writers--Qiu Jin, Wu Zhiying. and Xu Zihua--in late Qing and early Republican China"--
Li Chen. 2016 .

Chen, Li (Professor),

note: 1. Imperial archives and historiography of Western Extraterritoriality in China -- 2. Translation of the Ojng Code and Colonial Origins of Comparative Chinese law -- 3. Chinese Law in the formation of European Modernity…
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    KNN440 .C445 2016 c. 1
Timothy Brook. 1998 .

Brook, Timothy, 1951-

"The Confusions of Pleasure marks a significant departure from the conventional ways in which Chinese history has been written. Rather than recounting the Ming dynasty in a series of political events and philosophical achievements, it narrates this longue duree in terms of the…
edited by Nanxiu Qian, Grace S. Fong, and Richard J. Smith. 2008 .

Introduction. Different Worlds of Discourse: Transformations of Gender and Genre in Late Qjng and Early Republican China / Nanxiu Qjan, Grace S. Fong and Richard J. Smith -- Pt. 1. Transformations of Gender Roles…
edited by Pamela Kyle Crossley, Helen F. Siu, and Donald S. Sutton. 2006 .

Part I. Identity at the heart of empire -- Ethnicity in the Qing Eight Banners / Mark C. Elliott -- Making Mongols / Pamela Kyle Crossley -- "A fierce and brutal people:" on Islam and Muslims in Qing law / Jonathan N. Lipman -- Part II. Narrative wars at the new frontiers…
Shellen Xiao Wu. 2015 .

Wu, Shellen Xiao, 1980-

Introduction -- Fueling industrialization in the age of coal -- Ferdinand von Richthofen and the geology of empire -- Lost and found in translation : geology, mining, and the search for wealth and power -- Engineers as the agents of science and empire, 1886-1914…
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    TN809.C47 W83 2015 c. 2
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Mark McNicholas. 2016 .

McNicholas, Mark,

"Across eighteenth-century China a wide range of common people forged government documents or pretended to be officials or other agents of the state. This examination of case records and law codes traces the legal meanings and social and political contexts of small-time swindles…
Max Oidtmann. 2018 .

Oidtmann, Max,

"In 1995, the People's Republic of China resurrected a Qing-era law mandating that the reincarnations of prominent Tibetan Buddhist monks be identified by drawing lots from a golden urn. The Chinese Communist Party hoped to limit the ability of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan…
Matthew W. Mosca. 2013 .

Mosca, Matthew W.,

pt. ONE QING EMPIRE'S VISION OF THE WORLD -- 1. Wealth of Indias: India in Qing Geographic Practice, 1644-1755 -- pt. TWO FORGING A MULTIETHNIC EMPIRE: THE APEX OF A FRONTIER POLICY -- 2. Conquest of Xinjiang and the Emergence of "Hindustan," 1756-1790…
edited by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello. 2016 .

"The Global Lives of Things considers the ways in which 'things, ' ranging from commodities, to works of art and precious materials, participated in the shaping of 'globalisation' in the early modern period. This volume traces the movements of objects through human networks of…
Yuming He. 2013 .

He, Yuming, 1968-

note: 1. Boxiao zhuji and the World of Late Ming Popular Texts -- 2. Page and Stage: Drama Miscellanies and Their Milieu -- 3. Poetics of Error: Repetition and Novelty in the Age of Woodblock (Re)production -- 4. Book and the Barbarian: A History of the Luochong lu…
Kristina Kleutghen. 2015 .

Kleutghen, Kristina, 1981-

"In the Forbidden City and other palaces around Beijing, Emperor Qianlong (r. 1736-1795) surrounded himself with monumental paintings of architecture, gardens, people, and faraway places. The best artists of the imperial painting academy, including a number of European missionary…
Yulian Wu. 2017 .

Wu, Yulian (Historian),

From precious jade articles to monumental stone arches, Huizhou salt merchants in Jiangnan lived surrounded by objects in eighteenth-century China. How and why did these businessmen devote themselves to these items? What can we learn about eighteenth-century China by examining…
Nianshen Song. 2018 .

Song, Nianshen,

"Making Borders in Modern East Asia Until the late nineteenth century, the Chinese-Korean Tumen River border was one of the oldest, and perhaps most stable, state boundaries in the world. Spurred by severe food scarcity following a succession of natural disasters, from the 1860s…
Leo K. Shin. 2006 .

Shin, Leo Kwok-yueh, 1967-

"In this study of the relationships between the state and its borderlands, Leo Shin traces the roots of China's modern ethnic configurations to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Challenging the traditional view that China's expansion was primarily an exercise of incorporation and…
Anne Reinhardt. 2018 .

Reinhardt, Anne, 1968-

"Explores the development of the commercial shipping industry along the Yangzi River in the context of semi-colonialism and its impact on state and economy in late imperial and Republican China"--Provided by the publisher.
Andrea S. Goldman. 2012 .

Goldman, Andrea S. (Andrea Sue),

In late imperial China, opera was an integral part of life and culture, shared across the social hierarchy. It is in this context that historian Andrea S. Goldman harnesses opera as a lens through which to examine urban cultural history.
Xiaowei Zheng. 2018 .

Zheng, Xiaowei, 1978-

Introduction : the political transformation of 1911 -- Sichuan and the old regime -- The ideas of revolution : equality, the people's rights, and popular sovereignty -- The project : the Chuan-Han Railway Company and the new policies reform…
Matthew H. Sommer. 2015 .

Sommer, Matthew Harvey, 1961-

"This book is a study of polyandry, wife-selling, and a variety of related practices in China during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912). By analyzing over 1200 legal cases from local and central court archives, Matthew Sommer explores the functions played by marriage, sex, and…
Stephen R. Halsey. 2015 .

Halsey, Stephen R., 1975-

"Quest for Power analyzes the origins of China's rise to great power status in the twentieth century. The author argues that the threat of European and Japanese imperialism triggered the most innovative state-building efforts since the foundation of the country's last dynasty in…
edited by Jing Tsu and Benjamin A. Elman. 2015 .

note: Toward a History of Modern Science in Republican China / Benjamin A. Elman -- Historiography of Science and Technology in China The First Phase / Iwo Amelung…
Dorothy Ko. 2017 .

Ko, Dorothy, 1957-

An inkstone, a piece of polished stone no bigger than an outstretched hand, is an instrument for grinding ink, an object of art, a token of exchange between friends or sovereign states, and a surface on which texts and images are carved. As such, the inkstone has been entangled…
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Steven B. Miles. 2017 .

Miles, Steven B., 1964-

"Traces journeys of Cantonese migrants along the West River and its tributaries, one of the world's great river systems, between the late sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries, presenting arguments about the relationship between diaspora and empire in an upriver frontier and the…
Jonathan Schlesinger. 2017 .

Schlesinger, Jonathan,

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, booming demand for natural resources transformed China and its frontiers. Historians of China have described this process in stark terms: pristine borderlands became breadbaskets. Yet Manchu and Mongolian archives reveal a different…
Suyoung Son. 2018 .

Son, Suyoung,

"Examines the widespread practice of self-publishing by writers in late imperial China, focusing on the inextricable relationships between manuscript tradition and print convention, between peer patronage and popular fame, and between gift exchange and commercial transactions in…