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140.322, Fall 2018

Mercelis, Joris, Fall 2018
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  • Eisenhower B Level
    HN17.5 .B4 1973 c. 1
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  • Eisenhower B Level
    HN17.5.B4 1973 c. 2
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    HN18 .B25
Thomas J. Misa. 2013 .

Misa, Thomas J.

"Accounts of the early events of the computing industry--the Turing machine, the massive Colossus, the ENIAC computer--are well-told tales, and equally well-known is the later emergence of Silicon Valley and the rise of the personal computer. Yet there is an extraordinary untold…
edited by Robert Fox and Anna Guagnini. 1993 .

1. Worlds apart: academic instruction and professional qualifications in the training of mechanical engineers in England, 1850-1914 / Anna Guagnini -- 2. The training and career structures of engineers in France, 1880-1939 / Andre Grelon…
  • Eisenhower C Level
    T 105 .E331 1993 c. 1
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Margaret W. Rossiter. 1975 .

Rossiter, Margaret W.

  • Eisenhower C Level
    S441 .R63 1975 c. 1
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Margaret C. Jacob. 2014 .

Jacob, Margaret C., 1943-

"Ever since the Industrial Revolution debate has raged about the sources of the new, sustained western prosperity. Margaret Jacob here argues persuasively for the critical importance of knowledge in breaking the Malthusian trap during the period from 1750 to 1850, first in…
7. How economics shapes science Book , Print in English
Paula Stephan. 2012 .

Stephan, Paula E.

by Fritz Machlup. 1980 .

Machlup, Fritz, 1902-1983

v. 1. Knowledge and knowledge production.--v. 2. The branches of learning.--v. 3. The economics of information and human capital.
edited by Alan I Marcus. 2015 .

Land-Grant Colleges and the Pre-Modern Era of American Higher Education, 1850-1890 / Roger L. Geiger -- Transnational Exchanges of Agricultural Scientific Thought from the Morrill Act through the Hatch Act / Mark R. Finlay…
  • Libraries Service Center
    LB2329.5.S35 2015 c. 1
Michael Pettit. 2013 .

Pettit, Michael (Michael John),

"Graft is the worst form of despotism" : swindlers, commercial culture, and the deceivable self -- Hunting duck-rabbits : illusions, mass culture, and the law of economy -- "Not our houses but our brains are haunted" : the arts of exposure at the boundaries of credulity…
Catherine L. Fisk. 2009 .

Fisk, Catherine L., 1961-

Stealing in the dark the improvements of others -- The genius which conceived and the toil which compiled the book -- If these mill owners desire to cripple a man's enterprise and his energy and intelligence, they must contract to that effect…