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100.643, Fall 2018

Moss, Ken, Fall 2018
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1. American Judaism: a history Book , Print in English
Jonathan D. Sarna. 2004 .

Sarna, Jonathan D.

Colonial beginnings -- The revolution in American Judaism -- Union and disunion -- Two worlds of American Judaism -- An anxious subculture -- Renewal -- Conclusion: American Judaism at a crossroads.
Liora R. Halperin. 2015 .

Halperin, Liora,

ch. One Languages of Leisure in the Home, the Coffeehouse, and the Cinema -- ch. Two Peddlers, Traders, and the Languages of Commerce -- ch. Three Clerks, Translators, and the Languages of Bureaucracy -- ch. Four Zion in Babel: The Yishuv in Its Arabic-Speaking Context…
Julia Phillips Cohen. 2017 .

Cohen, Julia Phillips,

Becoming Ottomans is the first book to tell the story of Jewish political integration into a modern Islamic empire. It follows the efforts of Sephardi Jews from Salonica to Izmir to Istanbul to become citizens of their state during the final half century of the Ottoman Empire's…
Gershon Shafir, Yoav Peled. 2002 .

Shafir, Gershon

Jonathan Garb ; translated by Yaffah Berkovits-Murciano. 2009 .

Garb, Jonathan.

note: Introduction. Study of Twentieth-Century Kabbalah: Dilemmas and Possibilities -- 1. Jewish Mysticism in the Twentieth Century: Major Trends -- 2. Drive to Disseminate Kabbalah -- 3. Concept of Power in National Mysticism -- 4. Psychological Notions of Power…
6. Colonialism and the Jews Book , Print in English
edited by Ethan B. Katz, Lisa Moses Leff, and Maud S. Mandel. 2017 .

"The lively essays collected here explore colonial history, culture, and thought as it intersects with Jewish studies. Connecting the Jewish experience with colonialism to mobility and exchange, diaspora, internationalism, racial discrimination, and Zionism, the volume presents…
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David Feldman. 1994 .

Feldman, David, 1957-

Ch. 1. Jewish Emancipation and Political Argument in Early Victorian England -- Ch. 2. Rabbinism, Popery and Reform -- Ch. 3. Dimensions of Difference -- Ch. 4. Disraeli, Jews and the English Question -- Ch. 5. The Contradictions of Emancipated Jewry…
Sarah Abrevaya Stein. 2016 .

Stein, Sarah Abrevaya,

"In this text, Stein recounts the history of Sephardic and southeastern European Jews' experience of WWI, especially as it concerns the dizzying shifts in legal status so many experienced as the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire retracted, new states were created in its wake, and…
Moshe Rosman. 1996 .

Rosman, Murray Jay.

1. Ba'al Shem Tov -- 2. Hasidism before Hasidism -- 3. A Country in Decline? -- 4. Miedzyboz: A Place in Time and Space -- 5. The Contentions of Life -- 6. The Holy Epistle -- 7. More Besht Correspondence -- 8. Testimonies -- 9. Life Stories -- 10. Light from the Archives…
Paula E. Hyman. 1995 .

Hyman, Paula, 1946-2011-

1. Paradoxes of Assimilation -- 2. Seductive Secularization -- 3. America, Freedom, and Assimilation -- 4. The Sexual Politics of Jewish Identity.
12. German Jewry and the allure of the Sephardic Book , Print in English
John M. Efron. 2016 .

Efron, John M.,

"In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as German Jews struggled for legal emancipation and social acceptance, they also embarked on a program of cultural renewal, two key dimensions of which were distancing themselves from their fellow Ashkenazim in Poland and giving a…
Gershon Shafir. 2017 .

Shafir, Gershon,

"The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the most polarizing and long-lived confrontations in the world. Tearing communities apart in Israel and Occupied Palestine, with repercussions across the globe, Israel's "temporary" occupation turns a half century old in 2017. This timely…
14. Hasidism: a new history Book , Print in English
David Biale, David Assaf, Benjamin Brown, Uriel Gellman, Samuel C. Heilman, Moshe… 2018 .

Biale, David, 1949-

This is the first comprehensive history of the pietistic movement that shaped modern Judaism. The book's unique blend of intellectual, religious, and social history offers perspectives on the movement's leaders as well as its followers, and demonstrates that, far from being a…
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Orit Rozin ; translated by Haim Watzman. 2016 .

Rozin, Orit,

"Through an examination of civil rights campaigns -- including debates over the right to travel abroad, the right to equality (for women), the right to childhood, and the right to be heard -- shows how government, the press, and the citizenry created a modern nation and viable…
Leora Batnitzky. 2011 .

Batnitzky, Leora Faye, 1966-

Is Judaism a religion, a culture, a nationality--or a mixture of all of these? In How Judaism Became a Religion, Leora Batnitzky boldly argues that this question more than any other has driven modern Jewish thought since the eighteenth century. This wide-ranging and lucid…
17. Impossible exodus: Iraqi Jews in Israel Book , Print in English
Orit Bashkin. 2017 .

Bashkin, Orit, 1974-

"Between 1949 and 1951, 123,000 Iraqi Jews immigrated to the newly established Israeli state. Lacking the resources to absorb them all, the Israeli government resettled them in maabarot, or transit camps, relegating them to poverty. In the tents and shacks of the camps, their…
18. The Jewish enlightenment Book , Print in English
Shmuel Feiner ; translated by Chaya Naor. 2002 .

Feiner, Shmuel.

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Eli Lederhendler. 2009 .

Lederhendler, Eli.

Down and out in Eastern Europe -- Being an immigrant: ideal, ordeal, and opportunities -- Becoming an (ethnic) American: from class to ideology.
Eliyahu Stern. 2018 .

Stern, Eliyahu, 1976-

To understand the organizing framework of modern Judaism, Eliyahu Stern believes that we should look deeper and farther than the Holocaust, the establishment of the State of Israel, and the influence and affluence of American Jewry. Against the revolutionary backdrop of…
21. Jewish renaissance in the Russian revolution Book , Print in English
Kenneth B. Moss. 2009 .

Moss, Kenneth B.

The time for words has passed -- The constitution of culture -- Unfettering Hebrew and Yiddish culture -- To make our masses intellectual -- The liberation of the Jewish individual -- The imperatives of revolution -- Making Jewish culture Bolshevik.
22. Jews and the military: a history Book , Print in English
Derek J. Penslar. 2013 .

Penslar, Derek Jonathan,

note: ch. One Jewish Soldier between Memory and Reality -- War in Premodern Judaism -- Premodern Jews in War -- Jews in the Tsar's Army: Conscription as National Tragedy? -- ch. Two Fighting for Rights: Conscription and Jewish Emancipation…
23. The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880 Book , Print in English
Mordechai Nadav ; edited by Mark Jay Mirsky and Moshe Rosman ; translated by Moshe… 2008 .

Nadav, Mordekhai.

"The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880 is the first part of a major scholarly project about a small city in Eastern Europe where Jews were a majority of the population from the end of the eighteenth century. Pinsk boasted both traditional rabbinic scholars and famous Hasidic figures,…
Anita Shapira ; translated by William Templer. 1992 .

Shapira, Anita.

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Emily Gottreich. 2007 .

Gottreich, Emily, 1966-

note: Introduction : the Jewish quarter and the Moroccan whole -- 1. Mellahization -- 2. Counting Jews in Marrakesh -- 3. Muslims and Jewish space -- 4. Jews and Muslim space -- 5. Hinterlands.
Ari Joskowicz. 2014 .

Joskowicz, Ari,

"The most prominent story of nineteenth-century German and French Jewry has focused on Jewish adoption of liberal middle-class values. The Modernity of Others points to an equally powerful but largely unexplored aspect of modern Jewish history: the extent to which German and…
Kerry Wallach. 2017 .

Wallach, Kerry,

Passing, covering, revealing -- Methods of projecting and detecting Jewishness -- Coming out as Jewish: print, stage, and screen displays -- Hostile outings: when being seen was undesirable -- Mistaken identifications and nonrecognitions…
Kerry Wallach. 2017 .

Wallach, Kerry,

"Weimar Germany (1919-33) was an era of equal rights for women and minorities, but also of growing antisemitism and hostility toward the Jewish population. This led some Jews to want to pass or be perceived as non-Jews; yet there were still occasions when it was beneficial to be…
edited by Pierre Birnbaum and Ira Katznelson. 1995 .

1. Emancipation and the Liberal Offer / Pierre Birnbaum and Ira Katznelson -- 2. Dutch Jews in a Segmented Society / Hans Daalder -- 3. From "Schutzjuden" to "Deutsche Staatsburger Judischen Glaubens": The Long and Bumpy Road of Jewish Emancipation in Germany / Werner E. Mosse…
30. Pogrom: Kishinev and the tilt of history Book , Print in English
Steven J. Zipperstein. 2018 .

Zipperstein, Steven J., 1950-

Separating historical fact from fantasy, an acclaimed historian retells the story of Kishinev, a riot that transformed the course of twentieth-century Jewish history. So shattering were the aftereffects of Kishinev, the rampage that broke out in late-Tsarist Russia in April 1903,…
Laurence J. Silberstein. 1999 .

Silberstein, Laurence J.

Ch. 1. Mapping Zionism/Zionist Mapping -- Ch. 2. Critique of Zionism: Critics from Within -- Ch. 3. Critique of Zionism: Critics from Without -- Ch. 4. Postzionism: The Academic Debates -- Ch. 5. Palestinian Critics and Postzionist Discourse: Anton Shammas and Emile Habiby…
The struggle for postzionism is a conflict over national memory and the control of cultural and physical space. Laurence J. Silberstein analyzes the phenomenon of postzionism and provides an intervention into this debate.
Eric L. Goldstein. 2006 .

Goldstein, Eric L.

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Iris Parush ; translated by Saadya Sternberg. 2004 .

Parush, Iris.

Reading women and the spirit of Jewish enlightenment -- Language, literacy, and literature as the battleground of haredim and maskilim -- Gender roles and women's "window of opportunity" -- The benefit of marginality: gender differences in the traditional educational system…
by James Loeffler. 2018 .

Loeffler, James Benjamin,

"A stunningly original look at the forgotten Jewish political roots of contemporary international human rights, told through the moving stories of five key activists The year 2018 marks the seventieth anniversary of two momentous events in twentieth-century history: the birth of…