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MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level or at the Film Center at North Avenue; enrolled course users: for a complete list of streaming videos and electronic readings, see
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1. Days of heaven Video/Film , Blu-ray in English
Paramount ; produced by Bert and Harold Schneider ; written and directed by Terrence… 2010 .

In 1910, Bill, a Chicago steel worker accidentally kills his supervisor. He flees to the Texas panhandle with his girlfriend Abby and little sister Linda, where they work harvesting wheat in the fields of a stoic farmer. When Bill learns that the farmer is ill and has less than a…
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    PN1997.D389 2010 c. 1
    • Must be used with Blu-Ray disc player
2. Going clear: Scientology & the prison of belief Video/Film , DVD in English
Content Media Corporation presents in association with Sky Atlantic a Jigsaw Production… 2015 .

" ... [A] look inside the controversial religion from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney. The film profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, exploring the psychological impact of blind faith, how the church attracts new followers and keeps hold of its A-list…
3. GoodFellas Video/Film , DVD in English , French
Warner Bros. presents ; an Irwin Winkler production ; a Martin Scorsese picture ;… 2007 .

A young man grows up in the mob and works hard to advance himself through the ranks, enjoying the life of the rich and violent. Based on the story of real-life mobster Henry Hill.
  • Friedheim -- AV Stacks - OASIS Collection
    Goodfellas c. 1
    • Circulation limited to Peabody Conservatory students, faculty, and staff.
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    PN1995.9.G3G663445537 2007 c. 1
4. Hard eight Video/Film , DVD in English
Rysher Entertainment ; directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. 1996 .

Sydney, a poker-faced professional gambler plays guardian angel to unlucky John and his girlfriend. When John's and his bride's honeymoon night leads to a disastrous hostage situation, the gambler takes care of it as usual. But when a slick casino pro threatens to reveal a secret…
5. Inherent vice Video/Film , DVD in English , French , Spanish
Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; written for the screen and directed by Paul Thomas… 2014 .

Private eye Doc Sportello's ex-old lady shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin.
6. Let there be light Video/Film , DVD in English
A Milestone film release ; The United States Army presents ; directed by John Huston. 1948 .

A documentary filmed at an Army hospital which records actual treatment of World War II veterans suffering from neuropsychiatric conditions, commonly referred to as "shell shock" and "battle fatigue," as a result of their battle experiences. Treatment methods include hypnosis,…
William Dozier presents a Rampart production ; screen play by Howard Koch ; from the… 2004 .

A story of unrequited love in which a woman is obsessed with a self-centered concert pianist.
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    PN1997.L48A1 2004 D c. 1
    • Must be used with international DVD player
8. The long goodbye Video/Film , DVD in English , French
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; United Artists ; Elliott Kastner and Lion's Gate Films, Inc.… 1973 .

For The Long Goodbye, Robert Altman successfully transports Philip Marlowe, incarnated by Elliott Gould, to the over-privileged, full-color 70s. Marlowe is lonely and shabby, yet does not seem an anachronism in the contemporary world. Unlike Bogart's Marlowe, this is a not…
9. Magnolia Video/Film , DVD in English
New Line Cinema presents a Ghoulardi Film Company production ; written and directed by… 1999 .

Magnolia is a mosaic of American life woven through a series of comic and poignant vignettes. Nine people will weave and warp through each other's lives on a day that builds to an unforgettable climax.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk
    PN1997.M25 A543 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk
    PN1997.M25 A543 c. 2
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in one container
10. The Master Video/Film , DVD in English
written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson ; produced by Joanne Sellar, Daniel Lupi,… 2012 .

In post-World War II America, a naval veteran arrives home unsettled and uncertain of his future, until he is tantalized by The Cause and its charismatic leader.
11. Nightmare alley Video/Film , DVD in English
[presented by] Twentieth Century Fox ; produced by George Jessel ; directed by Edmund… 1947 .

Stanton Carlisle is an ambitious carnie who plays scams alongside phony mentalist Zeena and her alcoholic husband Pete, working the crowd as Zeena pretends to read their minds. But Stan has no intention of staying with the carnival; he has his heart set on an upscale night club…
12. On the Bowery Video/Film , DVD in English
a Milestone film release ; produced and directed by Lionel Rogosin ; [written by Lionel… 1956 .

On the Bowery chronicles three days in the drinking life of Ray Salyer which jump-started the post-war American independent film movement, earning an Oscar nomination.
13. Paul Thomas Anderson Book , Print in English
George Toles. 2016 .

Toles, George E.,

WORDS AND MUSIC: THE MAGNOLIA CRISIS -- Wise Up -- The Sledgehammer of Eros in Punch-Drunk Love -- The Trail of the Ellipsis in There Will Be Blood -- Form and Formlessness in The Master -- Notes -- COMPOSITE INTERVIEW -- Filmography.
14. Phantom thread Video/Film , DVD in English , French , Spanish
written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson ; produced by Joanne Sellar, Paul Thomas… 2017 .

Set in the glamour of the 1950's post-war London, renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the center of British fashion, dressing royalty, movie stars, heiresses, socialites, debutants and dames with the distinct style of The House of Woodcock. Women…
15. A place in the sun Video/Film , DVD in English
Paramount Pictures ; producer and director, George Stevens ; screenplay, Michael Wilson,… 2007 .

Adaptation of An American Tragedy, a story of a man's aspirations to the high life which are threatened by his lover's pregnancy.
16. Punch-drunk love Video/Film , DVD in English
directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. 2002 .

Struggling to cope with his erratic temper, novelty toilet plunger salesman Barry Egan spends his days collecting frequent-flyer-mile coupons and dodging the insults of his seven sisters. The promise of a new life emerges when Barry inadvertently attracts the affections of a…
17. Rebecca Video/Film , DVD in English
a Selznick International Picture ; produced by David O. Selznik ; screenplay by Robert… 2017 .

A young woman who believes she has found her heart's desire when she marries the dashing aristocratic widower Maxim de Winter. But upon moving to Manderley, her groom's baroque ancestral mansion, she soon learns that his deceased wife's memory haunts not only the home but the…
18. The shining Video/Film , DVD in English , French
Warner Bros. Pictures ; a Stanley Kubrick film ; produced in association with the… 1980 .

When a couple takes a job as hotel caretakers for the winter, their young son's psychic powers bring out the evil in the old hotel.
19. Short cuts Video/Film , DVD in English
Fine Line Features in association with Spelling Films International present a Cary… 1993 .

While helicopters overhead spray against a Medfly infestation, a group of peoples' lives in Los Angeles intersect, some casually, some to more lasting effect. While they go out to concerts and jazz clubs and even have their pools cleaned, these same folks also lie, drink, and…
20. There will be blood Video/Film , DVD in English , French , Spanish
Ghoulardi Film Company ; Paramount Vantage ; Miramax Films ; produced by Paul Thomas… 2008 .

A down-and-out silver miner raising a son, self-made oilman Daniel Plainview has a voracious appetite for oil and it turns him into a California tycoon in the early years of the 20th century. Getting the oil from the ground is an intensely physical process that later broadens…
21. The thin red line Video/Film , DVD in English
[presented by] Fox 2000 Pictures from Phoenix Pictures in association with George… 1998 .

In World War II, the outcome of the battle of Guadalcanal will strongly influence the Japanese's advance into the Pacific. The reasons for this war get further away as the world for the men gets smaller and smaller until their fighting is for mere survival and the life of the…
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1997.T45 1999 c. 1
    Multiple Items
    • disc 1-2 in one container
22. The treasure of the Sierra Madre Video/Film , DVD in English
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. ; produced by Henry Blanke ; screen play by John Huston ;… 1948 .

Two down-and-out Americans in Mexico meet a grizzled old prospector who piques their interest with stories of his gold-hunting experiences. The Americans gather a stake and set off with the old prospector in search of fortune.