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061.234, Fall 2018

Roche, Jimmy Joe, Fall 2018
MSEL Reserves
videos on reserve at the Service Desk on M-Level and at the Film Centre at North Ave; enrolled course users: for a complete list of electronic readings, see
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1. Atlanta Video/Film , DVD in English
a movie by Miranda July. 1996 .

Interview of a 12-years-old olympic swimmer and her mother during the athlete's preparation for the 1996 summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.
2. By Brakhage: an anthology Video/Film , DVD in English
producers, Peter Becker, Kate Elmore. 1954 .

Twenty-six masterworks by Stan Brakhage for the first time on DVD.
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    PN1998.3.B74 B93 2003 disc 1-2 c. 1
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    PN1998.3.B74 B93 2003 disc 1-2 c. 2
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    PN1998.3.B74 B93 2003 disc 1-2 c. 3
3. Cinemnesis Video/Film , VHS in English
Martin Arnold. 1989 .

Experimental shorts by Martin Arnold. Hollywood footage is edited and deconstructed in an attempt to understand "the dreams, hopes, and taboos of the epoch and society that created it."
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    Video A6273 c. 1
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4. Cult of the cubicles Video/Film , DVD in English
George Kuchar. 2007 .

"George Kuchar was one of the first media artists to embrace the video camcorder and remains one of its most prolific advocates. Editing 'in camera,' Kuchar champions a 'fast and dirty' aesthetic that betrays little interest in perfection. Since he is almost always the star of…
5. Departures Video/Film , DVD in English
Gunvor Nelson. 1966 .

A collection of short films by Gunvor Nelson who "is a painter, photographer and master of personal film and video. A celebrated artist in her native Sweden, she pioneered personal filmmaking in California from the 1960s to the 1990s." -- Re:Voir website.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1997.A1 D463 2011 c. 1
    • Must be used with international DVD player
6. Detour de Force Video/Film , DVD in English
Rebecca Baron ; Video Data Bank presents. 2014 .

"Detour de Force presents the world of thoughtographer Ted Serios, a charismatic Chicago bell hop who, in the mid-1960's produced hundreds of Polaroid images from his mind. Constructed from 16mm documentation of Serios's sessions and audio recordings of Serios speaking with Dr.…
7. Dwarfs the sea Video/Film , VHS , DVD in English
Video Data Bank presents; S. Barber. 2008 .

Small biographies and musing generalizations--men's relations to each other and their lives. There is hope and loneliness, companionship and isolation and the simplest of filmic elements to contrast the complexity of human emotions. The delicacy of the formalist writing moves the…
8. Experiments in terror Video/Film , DVD in English
2005 .
A compilation of the work of experimental filmmakers working within and in dialogue with the genre of the horror film.
9. Family tyranny: Cultural soup Video/Film , DVD in English
Paul McCarthy. 1987 .

Two experimental videos by Paul McCarthy on the general topic of child abuse created from a day's improvisation between the artist and Mike Kelley.
10. Fluxfilm anthology Video/Film , DVD in English
2003 .
Fluxus, as interdisciplinary aesthetic brings together influences as diverse as zen, science and daily life, and puts them to poetic use. Dating from the sixties and compiled by George Macinuas, the Fluxfilm anthology is a document consisting of 37 short films ranging from 10…
11. Grosse fatigue Video/Film , DVD in French
Miramax Films ; Gaumont présente ; une production Gaumont ; TF1 Films production avec… 1994 .

A comedy about a celebrity whose life gets really complicated when he finds out that he has a double who is out to ruin him.
12. Lost book found Video/Film , DVD in English
Video Data Bank presents a film/video by Jem Cohen. 1996 .

The result of over five years of Super-8 and 16mm filming on New York City streets. Lost Book Found combines documentary and narrative approaches into a complex meditation on city life. Influenced by the work of Walter Benjamin, Cohen said "I found connections between the street…
13. Mara Mattuschka: iris scan Video/Film , DVD in German
2004 .
This disc contains 13 short experimental films.
14. Peter Tscherkassky: films from a dark room Video/Film , Print , DVD in German , French , English
2004 .
This disc contains 7 short experimental films.
  • Eisenhower M Level Service Desk - AV
    PN1995.9.E96 P47 2004 c. 1
    • Must be used with international DVD player
15. Semiotics of the kitchen Video/Film , DVD in English
M. Rosler. 2003 .

In this art parody of a cooking demonstration, "an anti-Julia Child" replaces the domesticated meaning of tools with a lexicon of rage and frustration.
curator, Mark Webber. 2006 .

"Shoot Shoot Shoot takes its title from a telegram, addressed to Jonas Mekas and the New York Coop, to announce the formation of the LFMC [London Film-Makers' Co-operative] in 1966. Forty years have passed, but the work still looks vital and contemporary. Though this project has…
17. Transfiguration Video/Film , DVD in French
Olivier de Sagazan. 2011 .

Excerpts of a performance art exhibition in which the artist applies materials to his own body as a living sculpture.
  • LSC - Request for use in Special Collections
    N6496.B63 T73 2011 c. 1
18. Trick or drink Video/Film , DVD in English
written, produced and directed by Vanalyne Green. 1984 .

Delving into the sources of her obsessive and over-dependent feelings and behavior, the artist explores her youth in a home dominated by her parents' alcoholism.
19. Ultimate reality Video/Film , DVD in English
Dan Deacon. 2007 .

Deacon, Dan, 1981-

Ultimate reality 1st movement -- Ultimate reality 2nd movement -- Ultimate realigy third movement -- Bonus material: Crystal Cat music video / Dan Deacon -- Kill 'em all / Dan Deacon, Jimmy Joe Roche.
20. Valie Export: 3 experimental short films Video/Film , Print , DVD in English , German
[written and directed by Valie Export]. 2004 .

A compilation of three of Valie Export's experimental films.
21. The videoworks of Mindy Faber, volume I Video/Film , DVD in English
Video Data Bank. 1995 .

Faber, Mindy.

The artist reflects on her mother's mental illness in light of women's roles in society, the effect of mental illness on the family, identity, and the relationship between mothers and daughters.