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010.207, Fall 2018

Wiens, Gavin, Fall 2018
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2. Art and life in Renaissance Venice Book , Print in English
Patricia Fortini Brown. 1997 .

Brown, Patricia Fortini, 1936-

"What was Venice like during the Renaissance, at the height of its power? How did the city look, and how did its citizens live? And just who were the people of this most cosmopolitan republic, a leading port city of Europe and gateway to Byzantium and the Muslim Levant? How did…
edited by Timothy B. Smith and Judith Steinhoff. 2012 .

1. Urban Images and Civic Identity in Medieval Sienese Painting / Judith B. Steinhoff -- 2. Cistercian Gothic in a Civic Setting: The Translation of the Pointed Arch in Sienese Architecture, 1250-1350 / Ann Johns…
edited by Stephen J. Campbell, Stephen J. Milner. 2004 .

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Marvin Trachtenberg. 1997 .

Trachtenberg, Marvin.

"Through a spatial and historical analysis of the major squares of Florence, all built in the trecento together with primary civic monuments, Marvin Trachtenberg shows that, contrary to current belief, Florentine planners engaged in a theoretically sophisticated mode of practice.…
7. Essays presented to Myron P. Gilmore Book , Print in English , Italian
edited by Sergio Bertelli and Gloria Ramakus. 1978 .

v. 1. History.--v. 2. History of art. History of music.
8. Florence Book , Print in English
[edited by] Francis Ames-Lewis. 2011 .

"This volume examines works of art in a variety of media produced in Florence during the period from 1300 to 1600. Chronologically organized, each chapter examines works of art and architecture within the context of the major political, social, economic, and cultural events of…
Chiara E. Scappini and David Boffa. 2017 .

Scappini, Chiara E.,

The Fonte Gaia from Renaissance to Modern Times' examines the history of Siena's famous public fountain, from its fifteenth-century origins to its eventual replacement by a copy in the nineteenth century (and the modern fate of both). The book explores how both the Risorgimento…
edited by Michael W. Cole, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Professor Rebecca E.… 2009 .

"After 1500, as Catholic Europe fragmented into warring sects, evidence of a pagan past came newly into view, and travelers to distant places encountered deeply unfamiliar visual cultures, it became ever more pressing to distinguish between the sacred image and its opposite, the…
12. The later medieval city, 1300-1500 Book , Print in English
David Nicholas. 1997 .

Nicholas, David, 1939-

1. The Medieval City at the Turn of the Fourteenth Century…
13. On the art of building in ten books Book , Print in English , Italian
Leon Battista Alberti ; translated by Joseph Rykwert, Neil Leach and Robert Tavernor. 1988 .

Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472.

14. Pienza: the creation of a Renaissance city Book , Print in English
Charles R. Mack ; photographs by Mary S. Hammond ; with a section of texts translated… 1987 .

Mack, Charles R., 1940-

Brendan Cassidy. 2007 .

Cassidy, Brendan.

"This book explores how the different forms of government and political factions of the Italian states in the thirteenth and fourteenth century used sculpture to express their authority and their achievements. It was a period of radical transformation both in politics and in art;…
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16. The power of images: Siena, 1338 Book , Print in English
Patrick Boucheron ; translated by Andrew Brown. 2018 .

Boucheron, Patrick,

In this book, distinguished historian Patrick Boucheron uncovers the rich social and political dimensions of the iconic 'Fresco of Good Government'. He guides the reader through Lorenzetti's divided city, where peaceful prosperity and leisure sit alongside the ever-present…
edited by Blake de Maria and Mary E. Frank. 2013 .

Mantegnas Saint Mark and the Origins of the Cartellino / Tracy E. Cooper / Frederick Ikhman -- À la Cypriota: Gentile Bellini, the Queen of Cyprus, and Familial Ambition / Kandice Rawlings…
19. Renaissance Siena: art for a city Book , Print in English
Luke Syson ... [et al.]. 2007 .

"The Renaissance in Siena was deliberately shaped and sustained to provide an artistic language for an ambitious and proudly independent city, and was fueled by the patronage of powerful institutions and wealthy families during a period of fascinating power shifts." "Artists such…
20. Secular sculpture, 1300-1550 Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Phillip Lindley and Thomas Frangenberg. 2000 .

Marc Boone & Peter Stabel (eds.). 2000 .

22. A short history of Renaissance Italy Book , Print in English
Lisa Kaborycha ; foreword by Genne A. Brucker. 2011 .

Kaborycha, Lisa.

Dr. Lisa Kaborycha's A Short History of Renaissance Italy is based on a thorough knowledge of current literature and the controversies among scholars over the interpretation of this epoch. She analyzes the tension between continuity and change in these centuries, from the ravages…
Diana Norman. 1999 .

Norman, Diana, 1948-

"Celebrating the Virgin Mary as both an object of religious devotion and a focus of civic pride, fourteenth-century Sienese artists established within their city a vibrant pictorial tradition that continued into the early decades of the next century. Such celebratory images of…
edited by Zeynep Çelik, Diane Favro, Richard Ingersoll. 1994 .

Foreword: Streets and the Urban Process: A Tribute to Spiro Kostof -- His Majesty the Pick: The Aesthetics of Demolition / Spiro Kostof -- 1. San Francisco: Third and Howard: Skid Row and the Limits of Architecture / Paul Groth -- 2. Osaka: Underground in Umeda / Marc Treib…
25. Technology and the garden Book , Print , Conference in English
Technology is the practice and activity of making, as well as the tools that enable that making. It is also the realm of ideas behind those endeavors, the expanse of technical knowledge and expertise. At once material, intellectual, active, and social, technology is the…
Carrie E. Beneš. 2011 .

Benes, Carrie E., 1974-

"Explores the role of the classical past in the construction of urban identity in late medieval Italy. Focuses on the appropriation of classical symbols, ancient materials, and Roman myths to legitimate the regimes of various Italian city-states"--Provided by publisher.
28. Venice and the Islamic world, 828-1797 Book , Print in English
edited by Stefano Carboni. 2007 .

Introduction : moments of vision : Venice and the Islamic world, 828-1797 / Stefano Carboni -- Venice and the Turks / Jean-Claude Hocquett -- Venice and the Islamic world in light of archival documents / Giovanni Curatola -- Venice as an "Eastern city" / Deborah Howard…
Sophia Psarra. 2018 .

Psarra, Sophia,

From the myth of Arcadia through to the twenty-first century, ideas about sustainability - how we imagine better urban environments - remain persistently relevant, and raise recurring questions. How do cities evolve as complex spaces nurturing both urban creativity and the…
Michael P. Kucher. 2005 .

Kucher, Michael P.

Introduction -- Physical and historical context -- Fountains and aqueducts -- Regulation of water -- Antecedents, parallels, and diffusion -- Sienese engineers and their urban patrons -- Conclusion.