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Abou B. Bamba. 2016 .

Bamba, Abou B., 1972-

Introduction -- Part One: The postwar years -- Becoming an attractive colony -- Triangulating colonial modernization -- Part Two: The decade of development -- (Re)framing postcolonial development -- Energizing the economic miracle -- Tapping the riches of a "backward" region…
Owen White. 1999 .

White, Owen, Dr.

"This book vividly recreates the lives of the children born of relationships between French men and African women from the time France colonized much of West Africa towards the end of the nineteenth century, until independence in 1960." "Set within the context of the history of…
This volume recreates the lives and identities of the children born of relationships between French men and African women in colonial French West Africa. It shows how colonial policies and attitudes influenced this population.
Frederick Cooper. 2014 .

Cooper, Frederick, 1947-,

ch. 1 From French Empire to French Union -- ch. 2 Constitution for an Empire of Citizens -- ch. 3 Defining Citizenship, 1946--1956 -- ch. 4 Claiming Citizenship: French West Africa, 1946--1956 -- ch. 5 Reframing France: The Loi-Cadre and African Federalism, 1956--1957…
Kelly M. Duke Bryant. 2015 .

Duke Bryant, Kelly M.,

note: Part I -- 1. Education and Authority: Avoidance of Colonial Schooling in Senegal -- 2. Claiming the Qur'anic School: Regulation and the Limits of Colonialism, 1857--1913 -- 3. Politics of Protection: French Schools and the Emergence of Colonial Chieftaincy -- Part II…
Eric T. Jennings, University of Toronto. 2015 .

Jennings, Eric T. (Eric Thomas), 1970-

"General de Gaulle's Free French may have been headquartered in London, but their base lay in Brazzaville. This book shows compellingly that the movement drew its strength from 1940 to 1943 from fighting men, resources, and operations in French Equatorial Africa and Cameroon.…
Gregory Mann. 2015 .

Mann, Gregory, 1971-

note: Part I -- 1. Knowing the Postcolony -- 2. New Republic -- Part II -- Introduction to Part II: Sahelian Migrations and State Thought -- 3. "French" Muslims in Sudan -- 4. Well-Known Strangers: How West Africans Became Foreigners in Postimperial France -- Part III…
Sean Hanretta. 2009 .

Hanretta, Sean, 1972-

Note on orthographic conventions -- Pt. 1. "The Suffering of Our Father": Story and Context -- 1. Sufism and Status in the Western Sudan -- 2. Making a Revival: Yacouba Sylla and His Followers -- 3. Making a Community: The "Yacoubists" from 1930 to 2001…
Brian J. Peterson. 2011 .

Peterson, Brian James.

1. Wars of Samori -- 2. Reconstructing a Fragmented World -- 3. Slave Emancipation and the Expansion of Islam, 1905-1914 -- 4. Coping with Colonialism -- 5. Transforming the Village -- 6. Migrants and the Dialectics of Conversion, 1930-1960…
Richard Roberts. 2005 .

Roberts, Richard L., 1949-

"Disputes without significance" : African social history and colonial courts at a time of social transformation -- The foundations of the French colonial legal system in West Africa, 1673-1903 -- Customs and legal authority in the native courts…
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David Robinson. 2000 .

Robinson, David, 1938-

"Between 1880 and 1920, Muslim Sufi orders became pillars of the colonial regimes and economies of Senegal and Mauritania. In Paths of Accommodation, David Robinson examines the ways in which the leaders of the orders negotiated relations with the colonial authorities of French…
Martin A. Klein. 1998 .

Klein, Martin A.

1. Slavery in the Western Sudan -- 2. Abolition and retreat. Senegal 1848-1876 -- 3. Slavery, slave-trading and social revolution -- 4. Senegal after Briere -- 5. Conquest of the Sudan: Desbordes to Archinard -- 6. Senegal in the 1890s -- 7. end of the conquest…
Emily S. Burrill. 2015 .

Burrill, Emily,

Introduction: States of marriage in colonial West Africa -- Locating gendered knowledge and authority in Sikasso at the turn of the century -- Contesting slavery and marriage in early colonial Sikasso…