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100.193.01, Fall 2018

Furstenberg, Francois, Fall 2018
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Jonathan Fetter-Vorm, Ari Kelman. 2015 .

Kelman, Ari, 1968-

"A graphic history of the Civil War, told through everyday objects"--
Martha S. Jones. 2018 .

Jones, Martha S.,

Before the Civil War, colonization schemes and black laws threatened to deport former slaves born in the United States. Birthright Citizens recovers the story of how African American activists remade national belonging through battles in legislatures, conventions, and…
I. The craft of history -- The past -- Story -- History -- Metahistory -- Antihistory -- The present -- The future -- II. The tools of history -- Doing history : an overview -- Choosing a good paper topic -- Reading history -- Taking notes -- How to write a good history paper…
pt. I Craft of History -- 1. Past -- 2. Story -- 3. History -- 4. Metahistory -- 5. Antihistory -- 6. Present -- 7. Future -- pt. II Tools of History -- 8. Doing History: An Overview -- 8.1. Choosing a Good Paper Topic -- 8.2. Reading History -- 8.3. Taking Notes…
David Brion Davis. 2006 .

Davis, David Brion.

"Inhuman Bondage offers a compelling narrative that links together the profits of slavery, the pain of the enslaved, and the legacy of racism. It is the portrait of the dark side of the American dream. Yet it offers an inspiring example as well - the story of how abolitionists,…
Cover; Half-title; Title; Copyright; Contents; Prologue; Introduction: The Atlantic World in a Portrait; PART ONE. "OUR INCOMPARABLE COUNTRYWOMAN": ANNA MARIA GARTHWAITE, SILK DESIGNER; 1. Anna Maria Garthwaite, 1688-1763; 2. The Clergyman's Daughter with a Designer'…
Zara Anishanslin. 2016 .


note: pt. ONE "OUR INCOMPARABLE COUNTRYWOMAN": ANNA MARIA GARTHWAITE, SILK DESIGNER -- 1. Anna Maria Garthwaite, 1688--1763 -- 2. Clergyman's Daughter with a Designer's Imagination: British Landscapes, Natural History Networks, and the Artistry of Anna Maria Garthwaite…
Drew Gilpin Faust. 2008 .

Faust, Drew Gilpin.

An illuminating study of the American struggle to comprehend the meaning and practicalities of death in the face of the unprecedented carnage of the Civil War. During the war, approximately 620,000 soldiers lost their lives. An equivalent proportion of today's population would be…
9. What is history? Book , Print in English
by E.H. Carr with a new introduction by Richard J. Evans. 2001 .

Carr, Edward Hallett, 1892-1982.

10. Who is the historian? Book , Print in English
Nigel A. Raab. 2016 .

Raab, Nigel A., 1968-

"Who is the historian? What do historians do? Where do their explorations take them? What is the impact of the digital age on historical research? In an affable style, Nigel A. Raab answers these questions for those intrigued by the past. Each chapter describes a specific aspect…
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