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Alan Rosenthal. 2013 .

Rosenthal, Alan, 1932-2013.

The job of governor -- Playing the hands they are dealt -- What governors bring to the table -- How governors put together their policy agendas -- Laying the groundwork for their initiatives -- Strategies and tactics of engagement -- Succeeding as policy leaders…
2. The Book of the States Journal/Newspaper , Print in English
1935 .
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    • v.10:suppl. (1955:Jan.)
    • v.11:suppl. (1957:Jan.)
    • v.12:suppl.1 (1959:Jan.)-v.12:suppl.2 (1959:July)
3. Corruption and reform: lessons from America's economic history Book , Print , Conference in English
edited by Edward L. Glaeser and Claudia Goldin. 2006 .

Corruption and reform : introduction / Edward L. Glaeser and Claudia Goldin -- The concept of systematic corruption in American history / John Joseph Wallis -- Limiting the reach of the grabbing hand : graft and growth in American cities, 1880 to 1930 / Rebecca Menes…
Richard J. Ellis. 2002 .

Ellis, Richard (Richard J.)

A tale of two initiatives -- The initiative revolution -- The business of signatures -- In the name of the people -- Majority rules -- The initiative goes to court -- The myth of a golden age.
Alan Rosenthal. 2009 .

Rosenthal, Alan, 1932-2013.

"Rosenthal brings together a lifetime of research and experience on state legislative politics into one eminently readable volume--a dynamic, inside view of the people involved, the politics that prevail, and the interest groups and lobbyists who advocate their causes. Building…
Peverill Squire. 2014 .

Squire, Peverill,

"Peverill Squire draws upon a wealth of primary sources to document both continuity and change in the institutional development of American legislatures. Beginning with the first colonial assemblies, which followed the precedents of British institutions, Squire traces the…
edited by Margaret R. Ferguson. 2006 .

Presents a historical overview and a discussion of the roles, functions, and powers of governors and the role of the executive branch in state politics.
Christopher R. Berry. 2009 .

Berry, Christopher R.

1. Introduction: American Politics in 3D -- 2. What's Special about Special-Purpose Governments? -- 3. Political Theory of Special-Purpose Government -- 4. Piling On: The Problem of Concurrent Taxation -- 5. Specialization and Quality -- 6. Governing the Fiscal Commons…
10. Judicial elections in the 21st century Book , Print in English
edited by Chris W. Bonneau and Melinda Gann Hall. 2017 .

"Starting with recent transformations in the electoral landscape, including those brought about by U.S. Supreme Court rulings, this volume provides...analyses of partisan, nonpartisan, and retention elections to state supreme courts, intermediate appellate courts, and trial…
Louise Nelson Dyble. 2009 .

Dyble, Louise Nelson.

1. Bridge to Prosperity -- 2. District Divided -- 3. District and Its Enemies -- 4. Defeat of the Golden Gate Authority -- 5. Rapid Transit Versus the Golden Gate Bridge -- 6. James Adam, Boss of the Golden Gate Bridge -- 7. Regionalism, Transportation, and Perpetual Tolls…
Malcolm E. Jewell, Sarah M. Morehouse. 2001 .

Jewell, Malcolm E., 1928-2010.

This text explains how and why parties vary from state to state in how they operate and compete. The authors examine, among other topics, differences in political cultures, levels of two-party competition, and the rules and practices that affect party nominations and other…
Virginia Gray, University of North Carolina, Russell L. Hanson, Indiana University… 2018 .

Politics in the American States, Eleventh Edition, brings together the high-caliber research you expect from this trusted text, with comprehensive and comparative analysis of the 50 states. Fully updated for all major developments in the study of state-level politics, including…
14. Public opinion in state politics Book , Print in English
edited by Jeffrey E. Cohen. 2006 .

Introduction: studying public opinion in the American states / Jeffrey E. Cohen -- Does familiarity breed contempt? examining the correlates of state-level confidence in the federal government / Paul Brace and Martin Johnson…
15. State and local government Book , Print in English
Ann O'M. Bowman, Richard C. Kearney. 2017 .

Bowman, Ann O'M., 1948-

note: 1. State and Local Governments: New Directions -- Studying State and Local Governments in the Twenty-First Century -- Capacity of States and Localities -- People: Designers and Consumers of Government -- Linking Capacity to Results -- Chapter Recap…
Peverill Squire and Gary Moncrief. 2015 .

Squire, Peverill.

A concise and provocative introduction to state legislative politics, State Legislatures Today examines legislatures and lawmakers, placing them in historical context, showing how they have evolved over the years, and differentiating them from Congress. This books covers state…
18. Understanding state constitutions Book , Print in English
G. Alan Tarr. 1998 .

Tarr, G. Alan (George Alan)

"For many Americans, the word "constitution" means just one thing: the national Constitution. According to a recent survey, almost half do not know that individual states also have constitutions. G. Alan Tarr seeks to change that in this landmark book. A leading authority on…
19. What the Anti-Federalists were for Book , Print in English
Herbert J. Storing ; with the editorial assistance of Murray Dry. 1981 .

Storing, Herbert J., 1928-

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