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150.401, Spring 2018

Bett, Richard, Spring 2019
MSEL Reserves
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1. Aiming at virtue in Plato Book , Print in English
Iakovos Vasiliou. 2008 .

Vasiliou, Iakovos, 1966-

"This innovative study of Plato's ethics focuses on the concept of virtue. Based on detailed readings of the most prominent Platonic dialogues on virtue, it argues that there is a central yet previously unnoticed conceptual distinction in Plato between the idea of virtue as the…
2. The Cambridge companion to Plato's Republic Book , Print in English
edited by G.R.F. Ferrari. 2007 .

1. protreptic rhetoric of the Republic / Harvey Yunis -- 2. place of the Republic in Plato's political thought / Christopher Rowe -- 3. Rewriting the poets in Plato's characters / David K. O'Connor -- 4. Wise guys and smart alecks in Republic 1 and 2 / Roslyn Weiss…
3. The Cambridge companion to Socrates Book , Print in English
edited by Donald R. Morrison. 2011 .

"The Cambridge Companion to Socrates is a collection of essays providing a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher. Because Socrates himself wrote nothing, our evidence comes from the writings of his friends (above all Plato), his enemies, and later…
4. A companion to Socrates Book , Print in English
edited by Sara Ahbel-Rappe and Rachana Kamtekar. 2006 .

5. Complete works Book , Print in English
Plato ; edited, with introduction and notes, by John M. Cooper ; associate editor, D.S.… 1997 .


"Outstanding translations by leading contemporary scholars - many commissioned especially for this volume - are presented here in the first single edition to include the entire surviving corpus of works attributed to Plato in antiquity. In his introductory essay, John Cooper…
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6. Early Greek philosophy Book , Print in English
Jonathan Barnes. 2001 .

Barnes, Jonathan, 1942-

1. Precursors -- 2. Thales -- 3. Anaximander -- 4. Anaximenes -- 5. Pythagoras -- 6. Alcmaeon -- 7. Xenophanes -- 8. Heraclitus -- 9. Parmenides -- 10. Melissus -- 11. Zeno -- 12. Empedocles -- 13. Fifth-century Pythagoreanism -- 14. Hippasus -- 15. Philolaus -- 16. Ion of Chios…
Andrea Wilson Nightingale. 1995 .

Nightingale, Andrea Wilson.

1. Plato, Isocrates, and the property of philosophy -- 2. Use and abuse of Athenian tragedy -- 3. Eulogy, irony, parody -- 4. Alien and authentic discourse -- 5. Philosophy and comedy.
8. An introduction to Plato's Republic Book , Print in English
by Julia Annas. 1981 .

Annas, Julia.

Catherine Rowett. 2018 .

Rowett, Catherine,

"Several myths about Plato's work are decisively challenged by Catherine Rowett: the idea that Plato agreed with Socrates about the need for a definition of what we know; the idea that he set out to define justice in the Republic; the idea that knowledge is a kind of true belief,…
David Sedley. 2004 .

Sedley, D. N.

12. Plato Book , Print in English
edited by Gail Fine. 1999 .

1. Metaphysics and epistemology -- 2. Ethics, politics, religion & the soul.
13. Plato and the divided self Book , Print in English
[edited by] Rachel Barney, Tad Brennan, Charles Brittain. 2012 .

"Plato's account of the tripartite soul is a memorable feature of dialogues like the Republic, Phaedrus and Timaeus: it is one of his most famous and influential yet least understood theories. It presents human nature as both essentially multiple and diverse - and yet somehow…
14. Plato's Cratylus Book , Print in English
David Sedley. 2003 .

Sedley, D. N.

15. Plato's Republic: a critical guide Book , Print in English
edited by Mark L. McPherran. 2010 .

1. Socrates in the Republic / G. R. F. Ferrari -- 2. Platonic ring-composition and Republic / Rachel Barney -- 3. Atlantis story: the Republic and the Timaeus / Julia Annas -- 4. Ethics and politics in Socrates' defense of justice / Rachana Kamtekar…
Andrea Wilson Nightingale. 2004 .

Nightingale, Andrea Wilson.

In an effort to conceptualize and legitimize theoretical philosophy, the Greek philosophers turned to a venerable cultural practice: theoria (state pilgrimage). In this traditional practice, an individual journeyed abroad to officially witness sacralized spectacles. This book…
17. The Theaetetus of Plato Book , Print in English
Myles Burnyeat ; with a translation of Plato's Theaetetus by M.J. Levett, revised by… 1990 .

Burnyeat, Myles.

Alexander Nehamas. 1999 .

Nehamas, Alexander, 1946-

"The eminent philosopher and classical scholar Alexander Nehamas presents here a collection of his most important essays on Plato and Socrates. The papers are unified in theme by the idea that Plato's central philosophical concern in metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics was to…