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100.424, Spring 2019

Meyer-Fong,Tobie, Spring 2019
MSEL Reserves
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1. Bai mao nü: The white haired girl Video/Film , DVD in Chinese
Changchun dian ying zhi pian chang she zhi ; dao yan Wang Bin, Shui Hua. 2004 .

  • 白毛女:The white haired girl
  • 长春电影制片厂摄制 ; 导演王滨, 水华
In the 1930s' there lives a poor peasant called Yang Bailao in a remote village of South China. He has a daughter called Xi'er, who falls in love with a young peasant. But Huang Shiren, a local landlord, attracted by the beauty of Xi'er, forces Yang Bailao to set off his debt…
Christina Kelley Gilmartin. 1995 .

Gilmartin, Christina K.

Pt. I. Gender in the Formation of a Communist Body Politic, 1920-1925. 1. In a Different Voice: Male Communist Rhetoric on Women's Emancipation. 2. Tentative Programmatic Beginnings: Wang Huiwu's Leadership. 3. Xiang Jingyu's Dilemma. 4. Inside the Party…
Xiao Hong ; translated by Howard Goldblatt. 2002 .

Xiao, Hong, 1911-1942

Gail Hershatter. 2011 .

Hershatter, Gail.

1. Frames -- 2. No One Is Home -- 3. Widow (or, the Virtue of Leadership) -- 4. Activist -- 5. Farmer -- 6. Midwife -- 7. Mother -- 8. Model. -- 9. Laborer -- 10. Narrator.
6. Huang tu di: Yellow land Video/Film , VHS in Chinese
The Guangxi Film Studio ; director, Chen Kaige ; screenplay, Zhang Ziliang. 1984 .

The year is 1939. The life of a young peasant girl in Northern Shaanxi province is changed forever by a Communist soldier sent out to collect folk songs for the use of revolutionary armies.
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    Video A1540 c. 1
edited by Tani E. Barlow with Gary J. Bjorge ; introduction by Tani E. Barlow. 1989 .

Ding, Ling, 1904-1986.

8. Jottings under lamplight Book , Print in English
Lu Xun ; edited by Eileen J. Cheng and Kirk A. Denton. 2017 .

Lu, Xun, 1881-1936,

Lu Xun (1881-1936) was arguably the greatest writer of twentieth-century China. While most well known for his two slim volumes of short fiction, he was a prolific and inventive essayist. Jottings under Lamplight showcases Lu Xun's versatility as a master of prose forms and his…
edited and translated by Susan Glosser. 2005 .

10. Personal voices: Chinese women in the 1980's Book , Print in English
Emily Honig & Gail Hershatter. 1988 .

Honig, Emily.

11. The search for modern China Book , Print in English
Jonathan D. Spence. 2013 .

Spence, Jonathan D.

This text, the classic introduction to modern China for students and general readers, emerged from the author's introductory course at Yale, in which he traced the beginnings of modern China to internal developments beginning in the early 17th century. Strong on social and…
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12. Shen nü: Goddess Video/Film , DVD in Chinese
Lian hua ying ye you xian gong si chu pin ; Shanghai di yi zhi pian chang she zhi ; bian… 1934 .

  • 神女:Goddess
  • 聯華影業有限公司出品 ; 上海第一製片厰摄製 ; 編劇, 導演吳永剛
A sad story of a woman, as a mother and a prostitute in Shanghai in the early 1930s.
edited by Sheldon Hsiao-peng Lu. 1997 .

Historical Introduction Chinese Cinemas (1896-1996) and Transnational Film Studies / Sheldon Hsiao-peng Lu -- Pt. I. Nation-Building, National Cinema, Transnational Cinema -- 1. Anti-Imperialism and Film Censorship During the Nanjing Decade, 1927-1937 / Zhiwei Xiao…
Wang Zheng. 1999 .

Wang, Zheng, 1952-

Pt. 1. Setting -- 1. Creating a Feminist Discourse -- 2. Case of Circulating Feminism: The Ladies' Journal -- Pt. 2. Portraits -- 3. Forgotten Heroines: An Introduction to the Narrators -- 4. Lu Lihua (1900-1997): School Principal -- 5. Zhu Su'e (1901-): Attorney…
16. Xiao xi: Small happiness Video/Film , DVD in English
produced and directed by Carma Hinton, Richard Gordon. 1984 .

  • 小喜:Small happiness
  • produced and directed by Carma Hinton, Richard Gordon
In rural China, a newborn son is called a 'great happiness' but a newborn daughter is often called a 'small happiness.' This film explores sexual politics and its myriad implications for women in rural China today. Chinese women speak frankly on many subjects, including…