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Laura Kendrick. 1999 .

Kendrick, Laura.

"Animating the Letter explores developments in writing in the Middle Ages. Laura Kendrick's subject is the ways in which images - the beautifully designed and decorated letters in illuminated manuscripts - empowered writing." "Kendrick's clear and accessible writing is enhanced…
2. The Apocalypse in the Middle Ages Book , Print in English
edited by Richard K. Emmerson and Bernard McGinn. 1992 .

Otto Pächt ; with a preface by J.J.G. Alexander ; [translated from the German by Kay… 1986 .

Pächt, Otto, 1902-1988-

Katrin Kogman-Appel. 2006 .

Kogman-Appel, Katrin.

"Emerging in Spain after 1250, Jewish narrative figurative painting became a central feature in a group of illuminated Passover Haggadot in the early decades of the fourteenth century. Illuminated Haggadot from Medieval Spain describes how the Sephardic Haggadot reflect different…
8. Introduction to manuscript studies Book , Print in English
Raymond Clemens and Timothy Graham. 2007 .

Clemens, Raymond, 1966-

"This book provides an orientation to the field of medieval manuscript studies. It will be of help to students in history, art history, literature, and religious studies who are encountering medieval manuscripts for the first time, while also appealing to advanced scholars and…
Peter Parshall and Rainer Schoch, with David S. Areford, Richard S. Field, and Peter… 2005 .

Parshall, Peter W.

Early woodcuts and the reception of the primitive / Peter Parshall and Rainer Schoch -- The early woodcut: the known and the unknown / Richard S. Field -- The multiple image: the beginnings of printmaking, between old theories and new approaches / Peter Schmidt…
Elizabeth L. Eisenstein. 1979 .

Eisenstein, Elizabeth L.

  • Eisenhower C Level
    Z124.E37 1979 c. 1
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    686.2 E48 c. 1
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    • v.1-2
Jessica Brantley. 2007 .

Brantley, Jessica.

"The devotional reading experience in the Middle Ages was not merely a private act of contemplation and introspection, but a more public enterprise dependent upon an oscillation between the solitary and the communal. In Reading in the Wilderness, Jessica Brantley uses tools from…
15. Scivias Book , Print in English
Hildegard of Bingen ; translated by Columba Hart and Jane Bishop ; introduced by Barbara… 1990 .

Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179.

  • Libraries Service Center
    BR75.H5 A72 1990 c. 1
  • Eisenhower M Level Reserves
    BR75.H5 A72 1990 c. 1
edited by Jonathan Wilcox. 2013 .

"Materially engaged readings of medieval manuscripts that build up such concepts as the philology of smell and touching the past through sensitivity to the handling of books. This collection of essays makes an original contribution to medieval manuscript studies through deep…
17. A short guide to writing about art Book , Print in English
Sylvan Barnet. 2011 .

Barnet, Sylvan.

This book is intended for art courses where there is a writing component. Would you like your students to have the tools to write confidently about art? This best-selling text has guided tens of thousands of art students through the writing process. Students are shown how to…
Herbert L. Kessler. 2000 .

Kessler, Herbert L., 1941-

"In Spiritual Seeing, Kessler explores ways in which the medieval debate about the functions and limits of images influenced the production of sacred art. Offering a new interpretation of Christian images as mediators between the human and the sacred, Kessler considers how the…
  • Eisenhower B Level
    BR115.A8 K47 2000 c. 1
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    BR115.A8 K47 2000 c. 2
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    BR115.A8 K47 2000 c. 3
Aden Kumler. 2011 .

Kumler, Aden.

1. From Necessary Truths to Spiritual Ambitions -- 2. Translating the Modus Confitendi -- 3. Translating the Eucharist -- 4. Translating the Cloister.
Michelle P. Brown. 1994 .

Brown, Michelle (Michelle P.)

Adam S. Cohen. 2000 .

Cohen, Adam S.

"The Uta Codex is a Gospel lectionary made in the early eleventh century for the Niedermunster convent in Regensburg (Bavaria). Created at the behest of the abbess Uta, it is not only one of the most beautiful Ottonian manuscripts but also one of the most complex. The collection…
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    ND3359.U82 C65 2000 QUARTO c. 1
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edited by Elina Gertsman. 2008 .

"Taking a fresh look at the interconnections between medieval images, texts, theater, and practices of viewing, reading and listening, this explicitly interdisciplinary volume explores various manifestations of performance and meanings of performativity in the Middle Ages. The…
edited by Barbara Newman. 1998 .

1. "Sibyl of the Rhine": Hildegard's Life and Times / Barbara Newman -- 2. Abbess: "Mother and Teacher" / John Van Engen -- 3. Religious Thinker: "A Frail Human Being" on Fiery Life / Constant Mews -- 4. Prophet and Reformer: "Smoke in the Vineyard" / Kathryn Kerby-Fulton…